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  1. Towards simulation at picometer-scale resolution: Revisiting inversion domain boundaries in GaN
  2. Thermal Evolution of Implantation Damages in Mg-Implanted GaN Layers Grown on Si
  3. InGaN/GaN nanowire flexible light emitting diodes and photodetectors
  4. Nitride-nanowire-based flexible LEDs
  5. Thin-wall GaN/InAlN multiple quantum well tubes
  6. Picometre-precision atomic structure of inversion domain boundaries in GaN
  7. Flexible White Light Emitting Diodes Based on Nitride Nanowires and Nanophosphors
  8. Dependence of the photovoltaic performance of pseudomorphic InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well solar cells on the active region thickness
  9. InGaN/GaN core/shell nanowires for visible to ultraviolet range photodetection
  10. Substrate-Free InGaN/GaN Nanowire Light-Emitting Diodes
  11. Flexible Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Vertical Nitride Nanowires
  12. Inversion Domain Boundaries in GaN Wires Revealed by Coherent Bragg Imaging
  13. Nitride nanowire light emitting diodes
  14. Effect of the barrier thickness on the performance of multiple-quantum-well InGaN photovoltaic cells
  15. XTOP: high-resolution X-ray diffraction and imaging
  16. Growth of GaN-based nanorod heterostructures (core-shell) for optoelectronics and their nanocharacterization
  17. Composition of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures Measured by Atom Probe Tomography and Its Dependence on the Surface Electric Field
  18. Effect of the quantum well thickness on the performance of InGaN photovoltaic cells
  19. GaN wire-based Langmuir–Blodgett films for self-powered flexible strain sensors
  20. Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Growth of GaN Nanorods
  21. Integrated Photonic Platform Based on InGaN/GaN Nanowire Emitters and Detectors
  22. Experimental and theoretical analysis of transport properties of core–shell wire light emitting diodes probed by electron beam induced current microscopy
  23. Exploring Single Semiconductor Nanowires with a Multimodal Hard X‐ray Nanoprobe
  24. Improved conversion efficiency of as-grown InGaN/GaN quantum-well solar cells for hybrid integration
  25. M -Plane GaN/InAlN Multiple Quantum Wells in Core–Shell Wire Structure for UV Emission
  26. Correlation of Microphotoluminescence Spectroscopy, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, and Atom Probe Tomography on a Single Nano-object Containing an InGaN/GaN Multiquantum Well System
  27. Time-Dependent Relaxation of Strained Silicon-on-Insulator Lines Using a Partially Coherent X-Ray Nanobeam
  28. Determination of the biaxial stress in strained silicon nano-stripes through polarized oblique incidence Raman spectroscopy
  29. Photovoltaic Response of InGaN/GaN Multiple-Quantum Well Solar Cells
  30. Self-organized and self-catalyst growth of semiconductor and metal wires by vapour phase epitaxy: GaN rods versus Cu whiskers
  31. Metal organic vapour-phase epitaxy growth of GaN wires on Si (111) for light-emitting diode applications
  32. InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum well heterostructures for solar cells grown by MOVPE: case studies
  33. MOVPE catalyst-free growth of GaN wires
  34. Single-Wire Light-Emitting Diodes Based on GaN Wires Containing Both Polar and Nonpolar InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells
  35. Semiconductor Templates for the Fabrication of Nano-Objects
  36. M-Plane Core–Shell InGaN/GaN Multiple-Quantum-Wells on GaN Wires for Electroluminescent Devices
  37. Coherent x-ray wavefront reconstruction of a partially illuminated Fresnel zone plate
  38. Coherent Bragg imaging of strained semi-conductor nanostructures
  39. Light emitting diodes based on GaN core/shell wires grown by MOVPE on n-type Si substrate
  40. Single-wire photodetectors based on InGaN/GaN radial quantum wells in GaN wires grown by catalyst-free metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
  41. Wafer-scale selective area growth of GaN hexagonal prismatic nanostructures on c-sapphire substrate
  42. Metal positioning on silicon surfaces using the etching of buried dislocation arrays
  43. Enhanced Sb incorporation in InAsSb nanowires grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
  44. Homoepitaxial growth of catalyst-free GaN wires on N-polar substrates
  45. Fully Depleted Strained Silicon-on-Insulator p-MOSFETs With Recessed and Embedded Silicon–Germanium Source/Drain
  46. Electrical and diffraction characterization of short and narrow MOSFETs on fully depleted strained silicon-on-insulator (sSOI)
  47. Fully depleted Silicon-On-Insulator with back bias and strain for low power and high performance applications
  48. Analysis of strain and stacking faults in single nanowires using Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
  49. Self-assembled growth of catalyst-free GaN wires by metal–organic vapour phase epitaxy
  50. From silicon direct wafer bonding to surface nano-patterning: a way to innovative substrate elaboration
  51. Width and orientation effects in strained FDSOI MOSFETs: strain and device characterization
  52. Elastic relaxation in patterned and implanted strained silicon on insulator
  53. Coherent-diffraction imaging of single nanowires of diameter 95 nanometers
  54. X-ray measurements of the strain and shape of dielectric/metallic wrap-gated InAs nanowires
  55. Growth and characterization of ZnO nanowires on p-type GaN
  56. Simulation and Characterization of the Strain Induced by an Original "Embedded Buried Nitride" Technique
  57. Strain and Shape of Epitaxial InAs/InP Nanowire Superlattice Measured by Grazing Incidence X-ray Techniques
  58. Direct Wafer Bonding for Nanostructure Preparations
  59. Quantum communication with quantum dot spins
  60. Direct Wafer Bonding for Nanostructure Preparations
  61. Surface Evolution of Strained Thin Solid Films: Stability Analysis and Time Evolution of Local Surface Perturbations
  62. Controlled Ge quantum dots positioning with nano-patterned Si(001) substrates
  63. Nanowire-based one-dimensional electronics
  64. Ge quantum dots growth on nanopatterned Si(001) surface: Morphology and stress relaxation study
  65. Optical properties of single non-polar GaN quantum dots
  66. X-ray scattering study of hydrogen implantation in silicon
  67. Surface diffusion dewetting of thin solid films: Numerical method and application to Si ∕ SiO 2
  68. Controlled Silicon (001) Surface Periodic Nanopatterning by Direct Wafer Bonding
  69. Nanoscaled MOSFET Transistors on Strained Si, SiGe, Ge Layers: Some Integration and Electrical Properties Features
  70. Electronic and optical properties of Si ∕ Si O 2 nanostructures. I. Electron-hole collective processes in single Si ∕ Si O 2 quantum wells
  71. Electronic and optical properties of Si ∕ Si O 2 nanostructures. II. Electron-hole recombination at the Si ∕ Si O 2 quantum-well–quantum-dot transition
  72. (001) silicon surfacial grain boundaries obtained by direct wafer bonding process: accurate control of the structure before bonding
  73. Photoluminescence of nanometric single silicon quantum wells
  74. Electron hole liquid in silicon single quantum wells
  75. Germanium growth on nanopatterned surface studied by STM
  76. Growth of Ge on Si(001) studied in situ by grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering
  77. Nanometric artificial structuring of semiconductor surfaces for crystalline growth
  78. Controlled surface nanopatterning with buried dislocation arrays
  79. STM study of ultra-thin (<2 nm) silicon oxide
  80. Buried hydrophobic silicon bonding studied by high-energy x-ray reflectivity
  81. Grazing incidence x-ray scattering investigation of Si surface patterned with buried dislocation networks
  82. GIXRD of nanoscale strain patterning in wafer bonding
  83. Toward two-dimensional self-organization of nanostructures using wafer bonding and nanopatterned silicon surfaces
  84. Ordering of Ge quantum dots with buried Si dislocation networks
  85. Dislocation strain field in ultrathin bonded silicon wafers studied by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction
  86. Large and small angle x-ray scattering studies of Si/SiGe superlattices grown by gas-source molecular beam epitaxy
  87. Accurate control of the misorientation angles in direct wafer bonding
  88. Stress measurements in thin zirconia films at 300°C using synchrotron radiation
  89. High-energy x-ray reflectivity of buried interfaces created by wafer bonding
  90. X-ray reflectivity of silicon on insulator wafers
  91. Investigations of Buried Interfaces Using High Energy X-Ray Reflectivity
  92. Dislocation Networks Strain Fields Induced By Si Wafer Bonding.
  93. Nanometric patterning with ultrathin twist bonded silicon wafers
  94. Détermination de contraintes résiduelles en incidence rasante. Apport du rayonnement synchrotron
  95. Strain and Morphology in Nano-Patterned Semiconductors
  96. Grazing incidence X-ray studies of twist-bonded Si/Si and Si/SiO2 interfaces
  97. Interface dilution and morphology of CdTe/MnTe superlattices studied by small- and large-angle x-ray scattering
  98. Ultra thin silicon films directly bonded onto silicon wafers
  99. X-ray reflectivity of ultrathin twist-bonded silicon wafers
  100. Localized destructive interference in X-ray specular reflectivity
  101. Equilibrium Shape of Steps and Islands on Polar II-VI Semiconductors Surfaces
  102. Large and small angle x-ray scattering studies of CdTe/MgTe superlattices
  103. UTSI/CFFF MHD program completion and related activity
  104. Interface roughness correlation in CdTe/CdZnTe strained quantum wells
  105. Interface dilution and morphology of CdTe/MnTe superlattices studied by small angle X-ray scattering
  106. Epitaxial growth of CdTe(0 0 1) studied by scanning tunnelling microscopy
  107. X-ray-diffraction study of the lattice distortions induced by a fractional monolayer:ZnTe embedded in vicinal CdTe(001)
  108. Anisotropic relaxation during the first stages of the growth of ZnTe/(001) CdTe strained layers studied by reflection high energy electron diffraction
  109. Extended synchrotron X-ray reflectivity study of a Sm-based layer buried into CdTe(001)
  110. Investigation of the epitaxial growth mechanism of ZnTe on (001) CdTe
  111. In situ characterization of rare earth-CdTe heterostructures by ion beam analysis
  112. Study of the first‐stage relaxation in ZnTe/(001)CdTe strained layers
  113. A first-principles phase stability study on the Au-Ni system
  114. Molecular beam epitaxial growth of Au(110) layers on MgO(110) substrates
  115. Au-Ni solid solutions studied by numerical relaxation
  116. MBE growth of Fe(211)/Au(110) multilayers on MgO(110) substrates
  117. Structure of a Ni-Au Multilayer: A HREM Study
  118. Structural and magnetic characterization of Co/Au(100) epitaxial multilayers
  119. An Auger depth profile analysis of a sputtered Fe-Ti multilayer structure
  120. The Growth of Ni Overlayers on Au(100) Buffers Deposited on GaAs(100) and MgO(100) Substrates.
  121. Surface segregation in binary Cu-Ni and Pt-Ni alloys using Monte Carlo simulation
  122. Growth of Organised Nano-Objects on Prepatterned Surfaces
  123. Stress and Strain Measurement in Stressed Silicon Lines
  124. Optical properties of ultra thin single Si/SiO/sub 2/ quantum wells