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  1. Towards a full retrieval of the deformation tensor F using convergent beam electron diffraction
  2. XTOP: high-resolution X-ray diffraction and imaging
  3. Ordered domain lateral location, symmetry, and thermal stability in Ge:Si islands
  4. Growth of Ge islands on SrTiO3 (001) 2×1 reconstructed surface: Epitaxial relationship and effect of the temperature
  5. Investigations of segregation phenomena in highly strained Mn-doped Ge wetting layers and Ge quantum dots embedded in silicon
  6. Time-Dependent Relaxation of Strained Silicon-on-Insulator Lines Using a Partially Coherent X-Ray Nanobeam
  7. Interface accommodation mechanism for weakly interacting epitaxial systems
  8. Concentration and Strain Fields inside a Ag/Au Core–Shell Nanowire Studied by Coherent X-ray Diffraction
  9. In situ coherent X-ray diffraction of isolated core–shell nanowires
  10. Nanostructures Observed by Surface Sensitive X-Ray Scattering and Highly Focused Beams
  11. Contributors
  12. Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure study and atomistic simulation of Ge/Si nanoislands
  13. Multiwavelength anomalous diffraction and diffraction anomalous fine structure to study composition and strain of semiconductor nanostructures
  14. Interface-driven phase separation in multifunctional materials: The case of the ferromagnetic semiconductor GeMn
  15. Coherent x-ray wavefront reconstruction of a partially illuminated Fresnel zone plate
  16. Crystallography on-a-chip: using GPU for fast scattering computing
  17. Coherent Bragg imaging of strained semi-conductor nanostructures
  18. Tracking defect type and strain relaxation in patterned Ge/Si(001) islands by x-ray forbidden reflection analysis
  19. Fast computation of scattering maps of nanostructures using graphical processing units
  20. Composition and strain of Ge domes on Si(001) close to the dome/susbtrate interface
  21. Structure and magnetism of Ge3Mn5 clusters
  22. Strain and correlation of self-organized Ge 1 − x Mn x nanocolumns embedded in Ge (001)
  23. Nanostructures in the light of coherent and resonant X-ray scattering
  24. ChemInform Abstract: Resonant Diffraction
  25. ChemInform Abstract: A Tetragonal Polymorph of Caesium Hydroxide Monohydrate, CsOH×H2O, from X-Ray Powder Data.
  26. Elastic strain relaxation in GaN/AlN nanowire superlattice
  27. Analysis of strain and stacking faults in single nanowires using Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
  28. (Ge,Mn): A ferromagnetic semiconductor for spin injection in silicon
  29. Structural properties of Ge/Si(001) nano-islands and AlGaN nanowires by Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure and Multiwavelength Anomalous Diffraction
  30. Coherent-diffraction imaging of single nanowires of diameter 95 nanometers
  31. X-ray measurements of the strain and shape of dielectric/metallic wrap-gated InAs nanowires
  32. Structural properties of Ge/Si(001) nano-islands by diffraction anomalous fine structure and multiwavelength anomalous diffraction
  33. Multiple scattering effects in strain and composition analysis of nanoislands by grazing incidence x rays
  34. Anisotropic strain state of the [11¯00] GaN quantum dots and quantum wires
  35. Spontaneous compliance of the InP∕SrTiO3 heterointerface
  36. Metergoline II: structure solution from powder diffraction data with preferred orientation and from microcrystal
  37. Strain and Shape of Epitaxial InAs/InP Nanowire Superlattice Measured by Grazing Incidence X-ray Techniques
  38. Multiwavelength anomalous diffraction (MAD) and diffraction anomalous fine structure (DAFS) in the study of structural properties of nanostructures
  39. Strain relaxation and critical thickness for epitaxial LaAlO3 thin films grown on SrTiO3(001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
  40. Growth of crystalline γ‐Al2O3 on Si by molecular beam epitaxy: Influence of the substrate orientation
  41. Grazing-incidence diffraction anomalous fine structure: Application to the structural investigation of group-III nitride quantum dots
  42. Epitaxial growth and relaxation of γ-Al2O3 on silicon
  43. Evaluation of strain in GaN/AlN quantum dots by means of resonant Raman scattering: the effect of capping
  44. Quantitative structural characterization of GaN quantum dot ripening using reflection high-energy electron diffraction
  45. Direct space methods of structure determination from powder diffraction: principles, guidelines and perspectives
  46. Mechanism of GaN quantum dots capped with AlN : An AFM, electron microscopy, and x-ray anomalous diffraction study
  47. Growth mechanism of Si nanowhiskers and SiGe heterostructures in Si nanowhiskers: X-ray scattering and electron microscopy investigations
  48. In situ investigation of the island nucleation of Ge on Si(001) using x-ray scattering methods
  49. Complex intermetallic compounds in the Mg-Ir system solved by powder diffraction
  50. In situ andex situ grazing incidence diffraction anomalous fine structure study of GaN/AlN quantum dots
  51. Step-by-step capping and strain state of GaN ∕ AlN quantum dots studied by grazing-incidence diffraction anomalous fine structure
  52. Grazing incidence diffraction anomalous fine structure study of GaN/AlN quantum dots
  53. In situ resonant x-ray study of vertical correlation and capping effects during GaN∕AlN quantum dot growth
  54. FOX: A friendly tool to solve nonmolecular structures from powder diffraction
  55. Solving organic structures from powder diffraction: news from the FOX
  56. Structural properties of semiconductor nanostructures determined via X-ray anomalous diffraction (DAFS) and absorption (EXAFS)
  57. Strain, size and composition of buried GaN quantum dots in AlN using grazing incidence anomalous diffraction
  58. Strain, size and composition of InAs quantum sticks, embedded in InP, determined via X-ray anomalous diffraction and diffraction anomalous fine structure in grazing incidence
  59. MgIr, a new intermetallic compound with 25-atoms crystal structure solved from powder diffraction
  60. Mg1 + x Ir1 − x (x = 0, 0.037 and 0.054), a binary intermetallic compound with a new orthorhombic structure type determined from powder and single-crystal X-ray diffraction
  61. Strain, Size, and Composition of InAs Quantum Sticks Embedded in InP Determined via Grazing Incidence X-Ray Anomalous Diffraction
  62. FOX: Modular Approach to Crystal Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction
  63. A better FOX: using flexible modelling and maximum likelihood to improve direct-space ab initio structure determination from powder diffraction
  64. Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Hydrogenation Properties of the Ternary Compounds LaNi4Mg and NdNi4Mg.
  65. Synthesis, crystal structure and hydrogenation properties of the ternary compounds LaNi4Mg and NdNi4Mg
  66. FOX, `free objects for crystallography': a modular approach toab initiostructure determination from powder diffraction
  67. Phasing in the presence of radiation damage
  68. FOX: modular approach to structure solution using powder data
  69. On the importance of the 'smooth' energy variation in resonant diffraction spectra
  70. Structure solution of a novel aluminium methylphosphonate using a new simulated annealing program and powder X-ray diffraction data
  71. A tetragonal polymorph of caesium hydroxide monohydrate, CsOH·H2O, from X-ray powder data
  72. Structural Evidence for Ta-Tetramerization Displacements in the Charge-Density-Wave Compound ( TaSe 4 ) 2 I from X-Ray Anomalous Diffraction
  73. Resonant Diffraction
  74. Anomalous diffraction study of quasi-1D compound (TaSe4)2I
  75. Investigations into the use of Dispersive-Mode Anomalous Scattering in Macromolecular Crystallography
  76. Application of D.A.N.E.S. studies to highly Absorbing Powdered Samples
  77. Integration procedure for the quantitative analysis of dispersive anomalous diffraction