Single-wire photodetectors based on InGaN/GaN radial quantum wells in GaN wires grown by catalyst-free metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy

A. De Luna Bugallo, L. Rigutti, G. Jacopin, F. H. Julien, C. Durand, X. J. Chen, D. Salomon, J. Eymery, M. Tchernycheva
  • Applied Physics Letters, June 2011, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.3596446

What is it about?

Single-wire light-emitting diodes based on radial multi quantum well (QW) junctions are realized from GaN wires grown by catalyst free method. metal organic vapor phase epitaxy. The InxGa1xN/GaN undoped QW system is coated over both the nonpolar lateral sidewalls and on the polar upper surface. Cathodo- and electroluminescence (EL) experiments provide evidence that the polar QWs emit in the visible spectral range at systematically lower energy than the nonpolar QWs. The EL of the polar or no

Why is it important?

Study of new wire materials that are presently used in LED devices.

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