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  1. Reduced annealing temperature for ferroelectric HZO on InAs with enhanced polarization
  2. Transition to the quantum hall regime in InAs nanowire cross-junctions
  3. Facet-selective group-III incorporation in InGaAs template assisted selective epitaxy
  4. Observation of Twin-free GaAs Nanowire Growth Using Template-Assisted Selective Epitaxy
  5. Ballistic One-Dimensional InAs Nanowire Cross-Junction Interconnects
  6. High-Mobility GaSb Nanostructures Cointegrated with InAs on Si
  7. Template-assisted selective epitaxy of III–V nanoscale devices for co-planar heterogeneous integration with Si
  8. Mechanisms of template-assisted selective epitaxy of InAs nanowires on Si
  9. Vertical III–V Nanowire Device Integration on Si(100)
  10. Control of composition and morphology in InGaAs nanowires grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
  11. GaSb nanowire pFETs for III-V CMOS
  12. Frequency modulation in mm-wave InGaAs MOSFET/RTD wavelet generators
  13. Synthesis and properties of antimonide nanowires
  14. Diameter Limitation in Growth of III-Sb-Containing Nanowire Heterostructures
  15. Diameter-Dependent Photocurrent in InAsSb Nanowire Infrared Photodetectors
  16. Geometric model for metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy of dense nanowire arrays
  17. High-Current GaSb/InAs(Sb) Nanowire Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors
  18. Single InAs/GaSb Nanowire Low-Power CMOS Inverter
  19. Carrier control and transport modulation in GaSb/InAsSb core/shell nanowires
  20. Thin InAs membranes and GaSb buffer layers on GaAs(001) substrates
  21. Influence of doping on the electronic transport in GaSb/InAs(Sb) nanowire tunnel devices
  22. $\hbox{In}_{0.53}\hbox{Ga}_{0.47}\hbox{As}$ RTD–MOSFET Millimeter-Wave Wavelet Generator
  23. 1/f Noise Sources in Dual-Gated Indium Arsenide Nanowire Transistors
  24. Controlling the Abruptness of Axial Heterojunctions in III–V Nanowires: Beyond the Reservoir Effect
  25. High current density InAsSb/GaSb tunnel field effect transistors
  26. High-Performance InAs Nanowire MOSFETs
  27. Vertical InAs nanowire MOSFETs with IDS = 1.34 mA/µm and gm = 1.19 mS/µm at VDS = 0.5 V
  28. High-Frequency Performance of Self-Aligned Gate-Last Surface Channel $\hbox{In}_{0.53}\hbox{Ga}_{0.47}\hbox{As}$ MOSFET
  29. GaSb nanowire single-hole transistor
  30. High frequency vertical InAs nanowire MOSFETs integrated on Si substrates
  31. Uniform and position-controlled InAs nanowires on 2′′Si substrates for transistor applications
  32. Interface composition of InAs nanowires with Al2O3 and HfO2 thin films
  33. Highly controlled InAs nanowires on Si(111) wafers by MOVPE
  34. Diameter reduction of nanowire tunnel heterojunctions using in situ annealing
  35. High Current Density Esaki Tunnel Diodes Based on GaSb-InAsSb Heterostructure Nanowires
  36. Formation of the Axial Heterojunction in GaSb/InAs(Sb) Nanowires with High Crystal Quality
  37. RF Characterization of Vertical InAs Nanowire Wrap-Gate Transistors Integrated on Si Substrates
  38. Temperature and annealing effects on InAs nanowire MOSFETs
  39. Self-aligned gate-last surface channel In0.53Ga0.47As MOSFET with selectively regrown source and drain contact layers
  40. 15 nm diameter InAs nanowire MOSFETs
  41. Enhanced Sb incorporation in InAsSb nanowires grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
  42. InAs/GaSb Heterostructure Nanowires for Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors
  43. Analysis of strain and stacking faults in single nanowires using Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
  44. Vertical InAs Nanowire Wrap Gate Transistors withft> 7 GHz andfmax> 20 GHz
  45. InSb heterostructure nanowires: MOVPE growth under extreme lattice mismatch
  46. High‐Quality InAs/InSb Nanowire Heterostructures Grown by Metal–Organic Vapor‐Phase Epitaxy
  47. InAs film grown on Si(111) by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy