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  1. Heritage Preservation as Strategy for Recomposing Conflict Territories
  2. The Impact of Transit-Oriented Development on Fast-Urbanizing Cities: Applied analytical study on Greater Cairo Region
  3. Developing Design Criteria for Sustainable Urban Parks
  4. Investigating Built Environment Indicators to Develop a Local Walkability Index
  5. The Role of “Scale” on the Acceleration of Social Interaction in Urban Spaces
  6. Sustainable construction for affordable housing program in Kabul
  7. Mathematical Model Applied to Green Building Concept for Sustainable Cities Under Climate Change
  8. Liveability Dimensions in New Town Developments: An Overview of Senri New Town and Purbachal New Town
  9. Sustainability of Tourism Development in the city of Ain-Sukhna, Egypt
  10. Living Space Needs of Small Housing in the Post-Pandemic Era: Malaga as a case study
  11. Monitoring and Landscape Quantification of Uncontrolled Urbanisation in Oasis Regions: The Case of Adrar City in Algeria
  12. Proclaiming Colonial Urban Heritage: Towards an Inclusive Heritage-interpretation for Colombo’s Past
  13. Enhancing Security in Affordable Housing: The Case of Prince Fawaz Project
  14. Towards the Egyptian Charter for Conservation of Cultural Heritages
  15. Book Review: Smart City Citizenship
  16. Urban Acupuncture in Large Cities: Filtering Framework to Select Sensitive Urban Spots in Riyadh for Effective Urban Renewal
  17. Mediterranean Morphologies in Hot Summer Conditions: Learning from France’s “Glorious Thirty” Holiday Housing
  18. Urbanization, Housing Quality and Health: Towards a Redirection for Housing Provision in Nigeria
  19. Model Cities for Resilience: Climate-led Initiatives
  20. SIMURG_CITIES: Meta-Analysis for KPI's of Layer-Based Approach in Sustainability Assessment
  21. Urban Land-use and Traffic Congestion: Mapping the Interaction
  22. Roles of Drop-in Centers in Street Children Interventions: Design Guidelines and Humanitarian Emergency Architecture Adaptations
  23. E-participatory Approaches in Urban Design
  24. Community Participation in Decision Making Processes in Urban Planning: The Case of Kaunas
  25. The Impacts of Urban Morphology on Housing Indoor Thermal Condition in Hoi An City, Vietnam
  26. Urban Transformation, The Right to the City, Neoliberal Urbanization, Urban Rights.
  27. Landscape Architecture; Street Furniture; Visual Perception; Quality of the Open Spaces.
  28. A Research on Urban Identity: Sample of Kadıköy District
  29. Mitigating Environmental Sustainability Challenges and Enhancing Health in Urban Communities
  30. Why isn’t urban development sustainable?
  31. Towards A Post-Traumatic Urban Design That Heals Cities’ Inhabitants Suffering From PTSD
  32. Urban; Transportation; Location; Safety; Planning.
  33. Socio-Psychological Effects of Urban Green Areas: Case of Kirklareli City Center
  34. The Identification of The City on The Legibility and Wayfinding Concepts: A Case of Trabzon
  35. Understanding Aesthetic Experiences of Architectural Students in Vertical and Horizontal Campuses
  36. The Spatial Transformation of the River Waterfront through Three Historical Periods
  37. Revitalization and Adaptive Re-use in Cappadocia
  38. Housing Affordability and Accessibility
  39. Improvement of Community Life Quality in Bustaman Village
  40. Evaluation of Aesthetic, Functional, and Environmental Effects on the Design of Urban Open Spaces
  41. Industrialization and Urbanization in Turkey at the beginning of the 20th Century
  42. Compliance with Planning Standards Related to the Setbacks around Domestic Buildings: Empirical Evidence from Kenya
  43. Researching the Efficacy of Studio Education and the Profession’s Futurity
  44. An Experiential Study on Empathic Design in Interior Architecture Education
  45. An Experiential Study on Empathic Design in Interior Architecture Education
  46. The Cognitive Use of Prior Knowledge in Design Cognition
  47. Regent Street and Painting
  48. The causal relationship between urbanization and economic growth in US
  49. Adaptive Use of Passive Shading Devices in Public Buildings: A Case of Famagusta
  50. Vernacular Architectural Preservation of Material and Spiritual Interconnected Cultural Heritage
  51. Multifunctionality of the oasis ecosystem. Case study: Biskra Oasis, Algeria
  52. Catching Up With BIM: A Curriculum Re-Design Strategy
  53. Architectural Facade Design Proposal for Water Production via Air Content
  54. Exploring Design Principles of Bioclimatic Architecture and Double Skin Facades as A Convincing Tool
  55. Investigating the Synergy of Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling
  56. Analyzing the Energy Usage and Carbon Emission in Office Administrative Block
  57. The Role of Advance Composite material In Contemporary Buildings
  58. A Comparative Analysis on User Satisfaction in Closed and Open Office Buildings
  59. Embracing today’s Economic and Technological Reality: What It Means for Design Professionals
  60. Optimization of Urban Street Lighting Conditions Focusing On Energy Saving, Safety and Users’ Needs
  61. Evaluation of the Thermal Comfort in the Design of the Museum Routes: The Thermal Topology
  62. An Industrial Heritage Case Study in Ayvalık: Ertem Olive Oil Factory
  63. The Use of Textile-Based Materials in Shell System Design in Architecture and an Evaluation
  64. A Discussion on Affordable Housing Projects; Case Study Mehr Housing, Iran
  65. Evaluation of Çanakkale Kilitbahir Castle in the Context of Refunctioning
  66. Urban Sprawl Negative Impact: Enkomi Return Phase
  67. Environmental Regulations and Rules: United Nations Perspective and the Nigeria Experience
  68. Evaluation of the Sustainable Aspects In Housing Sector To Overcome Housing Stress In Northern Iraq
  69. Access to Land Influencing the Urban Development of Egypt
  70. Learning from Resilience: Cities towards a Self-Organizing System
  71. Impact of A Community Place in Regards to Sustainable Design towards Decreasing Social Crime
  72. Effects of Architectural and Urban Design Project Competitions on Built Environment
  73. Cultural Landscape Devastation because of Poor Sustainable Urban Development
  74. Urban Rights and Sustainability in Latin-America: First Steps towards Urban Justice
  75. Evaluating Gender Based Behavior in Historical Urban Public Place Case study
  76. Establishment of Space syntax to read and analyze urban network; the case of study
  77. Concomitant Recital of a Prolonged Reign: Dilation of the Dutch Empire and Enticement
  78. Visual pollution phenomena and sensitivity of residences in heritage city centers Case
  79. The Effects of Built Environment Landscaping on Site Security: Reviews on Selected Shopping Centers
  80. The Substrate and Urban Transformation.Rome: The Formative Process of the Pompeo Theater Area
  81. Study of Light Pollution in Urban Lighting in Nisantasi Example
  82. Shaping the City that Decreases Overweight and Obesity through Healthy Built Environment
  83. Transformation of Berber Traditional Planning and Living Spaces
  84. Towards Reviving the Missing Noble Characteristics of Traditional Habitual Social Life
  85. Empowering The Urban Poor Through Participatory Planning Process: A Case From Jhenaidah, Bangladesh
  86. Representing Iranian-Islamic Identity in Iranian Contemporary Cities Structure
  87. Keeping the Pulse of Heritage Awareness in Ankara: Two Historic Sites, Two Interventions
  88. A Short Glimpse to the Urban Development of Tabriz during the History
  89. Re-visiting the Park: Reviving the “Cultural Park for Children” in Sayyeda Zeinab
  90. Reformation of Slums
  91. Tafilelt, the Neo Traditional Model of Ksour in Algeria: Assessment of the Multi-functionality
  92. The Impact of Globalization on Cities
  93. The Coordination of Actors in Urban Regeneration Projects: Fikirtepe, Istanbul, Turkey
  94. The Rise of Crimein Affordable Housing in Suburbs, Case of Iran
  95. The phenomenon of mobility, a development challenge for the city of Algiers
  96. Understanding the Negative Impacts of Rigid Instituional Framework on Community Development Projects
  97. Urban Planning as an Extension of War Planning: The Case of Shenyang, China, 1898-1966
  98. Evaluating Staff Perceptions of Supportive Healing Environment in Healthcare Facilities
  99. From Zoning Based Area To A Hybrid Space; The Transformation Strategies
  100. The Role Of Urban Density And Morphology In The Air Pollution Of Tehran Metropolitan
  101. Economic Diversification and the Urban Image; Changing the Narrative on Street Vending
  102. The Socio-cultural and ecological perspectives on landscape and gardening
  103. Property and Thomas Piketty: Casting the Lens of Thomas Piketty’s Capital
  104. Morphological and GIS-based land use Analysis: A Critical Exploration of a Rural Neighborhood
  105. Urbanization: Planting Forests in Pots
  106. The Impact of Peri-Urbanisation on Housing Development: Environmental Quality
  107. The effect of the binary space and social interaction in creating an actual context
  108. Experimental analysis of a flat plate solar collector with integrated latent heat thermal storage
  109. Analysis of the Extent of Red Light Running in Minna, North-Central Nigeria
  110. Evidence-Based Design of University Zoological Gardens: A Perception Study in South-west Nigeria
  111. Urban Renewal Strategies and Economic Growth in Ondo State, Nigeria: A Case Study
  112. A Lesson from Vernacular Architecture in Nigeria
  113. Opportunities for Practicing Sustainable Building Construction in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  114. The Pedestrianisation and Its Relation with Enhancing Walkability in Urban Spaces
  115. Some Notes about Architecture, Urbanism and Economy
  116. Urban Growth, Liveability and Quality Urban Design: Questions about the efficacy
  117. Residents’ Social Interactions in Market Square and Its Impact on Community Well-Being
  118. Gauging the Relationship between Contextual Growth and Structural Neglect
  119. Interrelationship between nutrients and chlorophyll-a in an urban stormwater lake
  120. Livable city one step towards sustainable development
  121. Feasibility of a Carbon Consumption Tax for sustainable development – A case study of India
  122. Power Quality Improvement by Using Statcom Control Scheme
  123. Global Warming and Climate Change: A Critique on International Law and Policy
  124. Exergy analysis of a flat plate solar collector with latent heat storage
  125. Membrane Permeability Threshold for Osmotic Power Plant Efficiency
  126. A Simple Heliodon System for Horizontal Placed Models
  127. Evaluation Rainfall Regime at the Hydroelectric Power Plant toward Climate Change
  128. Quality Evaluation and Study of Ecological Toxicity of Heavy Metals in Shadegan Wetland
  129. Towards appreciating the importance of windowscapes: Evaluation and suggestion
  130. Classical Chinese Gardens: Landscapes for Self-Cultivation
  131. The Influence of Le Corbusier On the emergence of the Aesthetic Values
  132. The Presence of Modernist Architecture in Government’s educational Buildings at Lefkoşa
  133. Identity in Changing Context: Factors of losing Identity
  134. Evaluating energy consumption in terms of climatic factors:
  135. Aesthetics of Space Organization: Lessons from Traditional European Cities
  136. Courtyard Housing in China: Chinese Quest for Harmony
  137. Profession vs Ethics
  138. Establishment of space syntax to read urban road network; the case of Sari, Iran
  139. An agenda for the Management of contemporary Sustainable houses
  140. Density, Energy and Metabolism of a proposed smart city
  141. Identity in Changing Context: Factors of losing Identity in new developed part of the city of Famagusta, North Cyprus
  142. The inspiration of Bauhaus principles on the modern housing in Cyprus
  143. Oeuvre vs. Abstract Space: Appropriation of Gezi Park in Istanbul
  144. The Scale of Public Space: Taksim Square in Istanbul
  145. The Transformation of Aesthetics in Architecture from Traditional to Modern Architecture
  146. Sustainability in Historic Urban Environments: Effect of gentrification in the process
  147. The influence of Mediterranean modernist movement of architecture in Lefkoşa:
  148. Adaptive Reuse of the Industrial Building: A case of Energy Museum in Sanatistanbul, Turkey
  149. In Pursuit of Sustainable Strategic Long-term Planning Throughout Meta-postmodernism
  150. The Influence of Globalization on Distracting Traditional Aesthetic Values in Old Town of Erbil
  151. Urban Cages and Domesticated Humans