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  1. Consumers’ willingness to disclose their personal data in e-commerce: A reciprocity-based social exchange perspective
  2. Customer value, customer engagement, and customer-based brand equity in the context of a digital payment app
  3. Proactive Service Recovery Performance in Emerging (vs. Developed) Market-Based Firms: The Role of Clients’ Cultural Orientation
  4. Exploring a customer engagement spillover effect on social media: the moderating role of customer conscientiousness
  5. Exploring Tourists’ Virtual Reality-Based Brand Engagement: A Uses-and-Gratifications Perspective
  6. Consumer engagement, stress, and conservation of resources theory: A review, conceptual development, and future research agenda
  7. Hallmarks and potential pitfalls of customer‐ and consumer engagement scales: A systematic review
  8. Shaping customer brand loyalty during the pandemic: The role of brand credibility, value congruence, experience, identification, and engagement
  9. Moving the stakeholder journey forward
  10. The role of recommender systems in fostering consumers' long-term platform engagement
  11. Hedonic consumption experience in videogaming: A multidimensional perspective
  12. Beyond the Big Five: The effect of machiavellian, narcissistic, and psychopathic personality traits on stakeholder engagement
  13. Stakeholder engagement and business model innovation value
  14. Game on! How gamified loyalty programs boost customer engagement value
  15. Videogames-as-a-service: converting freemium- to paying-users through pop-up advertisement value
  16. Social influence and stakeholder engagement behavior conformity, compliance, and reactance
  17. Ethnicity's effect on social media‐based comment intention: Comparing minority and majority consumers
  18. Fifteen years of customer engagement research: a bibliometric and network analysis
  19. Consumer behavior is changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  20. Consumers’ technology-facilitated brand engagement and wellbeing: Positivist TAM/PERMA- vs. Consumer Culture Theory perspectives
  21. Exploring customer engagement in the product vs. service context
  22. Customers’ service-related engagement, experience, and behavioral intent: Moderating role of age
  23. Cocreated brand value: theoretical model and propositions
  24. First-Time versus Repeat Tourism Customer Engagement, Experience, and Value Cocreation: An Empirical Investigation
  25. Rise of the Machines? Customer Engagement in Automated Service Interactions
  26. From Customer-, to Actor-, to Stakeholder Engagement: Taking Stock, Conceptualization, and Future Directions
  27. The effects of consumer esports videogame engagement on consumption behaviors
  28. Friend or foe? Customer engagement’s value-based effects on fellow customers and the firm
  29. Demystifying consumer digital cocreated value: Social presence theory-informed framework and propositions
  30. Customer experience and commitment in retailing: Does customer age matter?
  31. Customer brand engagement during service lockdown
  32. Virtual reality through the customer journey: Framework and propositions
  33. When gamification backfires: the impact of perceived justice on online community contributions
  34. The role of brand community identification and reward on consumer brand engagement and brand loyalty in virtual brand communities
  35. Brand engagement and experience in online services
  36. Customer engagement in evolving technological environments: synopsis and guiding propositions
  37. Guest editorial
  38. Customer engagement in the service context: An empirical investigation of the construct, its antecedents and consequences
  39. Sustainable Crowdfunding for Subsistence Entrepreneurship
  40. Service innovativeness and tourism customer outcomes
  41. Developing business customer engagement through social media engagement-platforms: An integrative S-D logic/RBV-informed model
  42. Exploring and validating social identification and social exchange-based drivers of hospitality customer loyalty
  43. Tourism-based customer engagement: the construct, antecedents, and consequences
  44. Digital Content Marketing's Role in Fostering Consumer Engagement, Trust, and Value: Framework, Fundamental Propositions, and Implications
  45. Beyond the dyadic: customer engagement in increasingly networked environments
  46. User experience sharing
  47. The S-D logic-informed “hamburger” model of service innovation and its implications for engagement and value
  48. Epilogue – service innovation actor engagement: an integrative model
  49. Individual-level cultural consumer engagement styles
  50. Consumer engagement in online brand communities: a solicitation of congruity theory
  51. Zooming out: actor engagement beyond the dyadic
  52. Engagement valence duality and spillover effects in online brand communities
  53. Personality factors as predictors of online consumer engagement: an empirical investigation
  54. Virtual brand community engagement practices: a refined typology and model
  55. The Dynamics of Consumer Engagement with Mobile Technologies
  56. Sounds of music: exploring consumers’ musical engagement
  57. S-D logic–informed customer engagement: integrative framework, revised fundamental propositions, and application to CRM
  58. Higher education brand alliances: Investigating consumers' dual-degree purchase intentions
  59. Dynamics of customer interaction on social media platforms
  60. Strategic drivers, anticipated and unanticipated outcomes of customer engagement
  61. Epilogue to the Special Issue and reflections on the future of engagement research
  62. Non-monetary social and network value: understanding the effects of non-paying customers in new media
  63. Capturing value from non-paying consumers’ engagement behaviours: field evidence and development of a theoretical model
  64. Customer Engagement
  65. Beyond virtuality: from engagement platforms to engagement ecosystems
  66. Theorizing about resource integration through service-dominant logic
  67. Consumer Brand Engagement in Social Media: Conceptualization, Scale Development and Validation
  68. Exploring positively- versus negatively-valenced brand engagement: a conceptual model
  69. The Customer Engagement/Value Interface: An Exploratory Investigation
  70. Consumer engagement in a virtual brand community: An exploratory analysis
  71. Exploring customer brand engagement: definition and themes
  72. Response: Advancing and Consolidating Knowledge About Customer Engagement
  73. Customer Engagement
  74. Demystifying customer brand engagement: Exploring the loyalty nexus
  75. Wine service marketing, value co‐creation and involvement: research issues
  76. The influence of involvement on purchase intention for new world wine
  77. Marketing in an Interactive World
  78. Marketing in an Interactive World
  79. Marketing in an Interactive World