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  1. Sales team value co-creation in turbulent markets: the role of team learning and agility
  2. Sustainability and professional sales: a review and future research agenda
  3. Exploring the roles of resources in determining the outcomes of salesperson social media
  4. Turning role conflict into performance: self‐monitoring, manager trust &
  5. Can salespeople use social media to enhance brand awareness and sales performance
  6. Consumer engagement with self driving cars
  7. Engaging with omnichannel brands
  8. sales crises: Implications and a future research agenda
  9. salespeople’s social media use on value co-creation and cross/up-selling
  10. Activating Corporate Environmental Ethics on the Frontline
  11. B2B eWOM on Alibaba: Signaling through online reviews in platform-based social exchange
  12. Complementary effects of CRM and social media on customer co-creation
  13. Salesperson moral identity and value co-creation
  14. Inside sales social media use ... salesperson-customer digital engagement
  15. Transhumanism & Engagement-Facilitating Technologies in Society
  16. Role of Salespeople in Value Co-Creation and Impact on Sales Performance
  17. Assessing the effects of salesperson social media the moderating of moral identity and gender
  18. Consumer behavior is changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  19. The Consequences of Salesperson Moral Identity
  20. Brand identification, Value co-creation, Brand hate, Customer & peer identification, Individualism
  21. Social media and customer relationship management technologies
  22. Which type of evidence is more persuasive statistical or anecdotal information?
  23. The effect of thought self-leadership strategies and self-monitoring on adaptive selling behavior
  24. Customer demandingness employees Post-transaction Service behaviors Customer value Satisfaction
  25. Customer engagement Extraversion Personality Utilitarian Hedonic value Relationship duration
  26. Listening and salesperson performance: meta-analysis
  27. Relationships among perceived value, relationship quality, customer engagement, and value conscious
  28. sales-based CRM technology and social media use - post-sale service
  29. Satisfaction - salespeople -B2b - guilt - emotions - prosocial
  30. Social media - B2b sales - competitive intelligence collection and adaptive selling
  31. Performance - Sales - Ethics
  32. sales-service ambidexterity, adaptive selling behavior, role conflict, customer satisfaction
  33. Salesperson, Empathy, Bank, Relationship quality, Listening, Felt stress
  34. Factors effecting Green Purchasing Behavior: Gender as Moderator
  35. Factors influencing green purchasing behavior