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  1. Effects of facial features and styling elements on perceptions of competence, warmth, and hireability of male professionals
  2. Brand forgiveness
  3. The five types of brand hate: How they affect consumer behavior
  4. Latest research on brand relationships: introduction to the special issue
  5. Trajectories of brand hate
  6. Determinants and outcomes of brand hate
  7. The medical tourism index: Scale development and validation
  8. The CEO branding mix
  9. What Type of Relationship Do We Have With Loved Brands
  10. Consumer brand relationships research: A bibliometric citation meta-analysis
  11. Consumer Brand Relationships
  12. The power of brand love
  13. What type of relationship do we have with loved brands?
  14. Consumer brand relationships: A research landscape
  15. The effect of product category on consumer brand relationships
  16. Corporate branding: an interdisciplinary literature review
  17. Export competitiveness patterns in Indian industries
  18. The globalization of Chinese enterprises
  19. A study of visual puffery in fragrance advertising
  20. The importance of historical Tang dynasty for place branding the contemporary city Xi'an
  21. An integrated framework for export competitiveness: evidence from the global alcoholic beverages industry
  22. The Main Determinants of Bollywood Movie Box Office Sales
  23. The determinants and measurement of a country brand: the country brand strength index
  24. How to Brand Nations, Cities and Destinations: A Planning Book for Place Branding20101Teemu Moilanen and Seppo Rainisto. How to Brand Nations, Cities and Destinations: A Planning Book for Place Branding. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2009. 202 pp. ...
  25. Country image and consumer preference for emerging economy products: the moderating role of consumer materialism
  26. Switzerland's nation branding initiative to foster science and technology, higher education and innovation: A case study
  27. Viewpoint – Visual puffery in advertising
  28. Valuating brand equity and product-related attributes in the context of the German automobile market
  29. Chinese brands: the build or buy considerations
  30. Digital Rights Management: What the Consumer Wants
  31. Movie piracy on peer-to-peer networks—the case of KaZaA
  32. Brand Relationships Rule