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  1. Bitcoin price forecasting
  2. Social franchising: A bibliometric and theoretical review
  3. Corruption, political discretion and entrepreneurship
  4. A Review of Born globals
  5. Credit Risk Research: Review and Agenda
  6. Final Reflections
  7. Bibliometric analysis of absorptive capacity
  8. More than makeup: How Atsoko overcame the challenges of entrepreneurship in Tanzania
  9. An Institutional Perspective on Religious Freedom and Economic Growth
  10. Push and pull factors in international franchising
  11. Cross-national cultural values and nascent entrepreneurship: Factual versus normative values
  12. Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient: A Five-Country Study
  13. Master International Franchising in China: The Case of the Athlete’s Foot
  14. Tchibo Goes Global: Implementing a Hybrid Franchising Strategy at Germany's Leading Coffee Retailer
  15. Outward Foreign Direct Investment by Chinese National Oil Companies
  16. Chinese Acquisitions in Europe - Case analysis
  17. China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investments and Impact on the World Economy , by Shujie Yao and Pan Wang. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. xx + 268 pp. £70.00 (hardcover), also available as an eBook.
  18. Dialogue in the Dark: Shedding Light on the Development of Social Enterprises in China
  19. Franchise Success
  20. Financial marketization and corporate venturing in China
  21. Chinese state-owned enterprises go global
  22. Are Chinese CEOs Stewards or Agents? Revisiting the Agency–Stewardship Debate
  23. Hereditary Arrhythmias
  24. Franchising for Social Innovation
  25. Franchising Growth and Value Signaling
  26. Does Chinese investment affect Sub-Saharan African growth?
  27. Teaching International Business via Social Media Projects
  28. China's Economic Dynamics
  29. Internationalization of Chinese Entrepreneurial Firms
  30. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: New Insights and Directions for Future Research
  31. When should organizational change be implemented? The moderating effect of environmental dynamism between dynamic capabilities and new venture performance
  32. Indian consumer and producer behavior
  33. Innovation in Business Education in Emerging Markets
  34. Chinese overseas M&A: overcoming cultural and organisational divides
  35. Introduction
  36. Is China's outward investment in oil a global security concern?
  37. Regional differences in managerial leader behaviour preferences in China
  38. Examining the determinants of hotel chain expansion through international franchising
  39. Export competitiveness patterns in Indian industries
  40. A Review of “Global Marketing: Contemporary Theory, Practice, and Cases”
  41. The globalization of Chinese enterprises
  42. The importance of historical Tang dynasty for place branding the contemporary city Xi'an
  43. Chinese International Investments
  44. Benelli and QJ Compete in the International Motorbike Arena
  45. Introduction
  46. Final Reflections
  47. Home Country Macroeconomic Determinants of Chinese OFDI
  48. Ilan Alon, Julian Chang, Marc Fetscherin, Christoph Lattemann, and John R. McIntyre, eds., China Rules: Globalization and Political Transformation
  49. Changes in services trade barriers in banking and their impact: the case of the ASEAN+3
  50. Ilan Alon and John R. McIntyre, eds. Globalization of Chinese Enterprises
  51. Consumption behavior of Chinese urban residents during economic transition
  52. Globalization of Chinese Firms Theoretical Universalism or Particularism
  53. BOOK REVIEW: "Biographical Dictionary of New Chinese Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders", Edited by Wenxian Zhang and Ilan Alon
  54. Environmental dynamism, innovation, and dynamic capabilities: the case of China
  55. Internationalization, market forces and domestic sectoral institutionalization
  56. Wealth impact of cross-border US acquisitions of Chinese firms
  57. An integrated framework for export competitiveness: evidence from the global alcoholic beverages industry
  58. Framework for female entrepreneurship in China
  59. Comparing domestic and returnee female entrepreneurs in China: is there an internationalisation effect?
  60. Social burden, social venture or social responsibility? A reflection on CSR in China and CSR strategy suggestions for multinational companies in China
  61. Determining the RMB Exchange Regime
  62. U.S.-Based Fast-Food Restaurants: Factors Influencing the International Expansion of Franchise Systems
  63. Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Markets
  64. Is Hong Kong Democratizing?
  65. The importance of meeting price expectations: linking price to service quality
  66. Globalization of Chinese Enterprisesby Ilan Alon and John R. McIntyre (eds.)
  67. Assessing the export competitiveness of Chinese industries
  68. China Rules: Globalization and Political Transformation20101Edited by Ilan Alon, Julian Chang, Marc Fetscherin, Christoph Lattemann and John R. Mclntyre. China Rules: Globalization and Political Transformation. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan 2009.
  69. A Guide to the Top 100 Companies in China
  70. Dimensionality of business ethics in China
  71. Usage of public corporate communications of social responsibility in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)
  72. Biographical Dictionary of New Chinese Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders201022Edited by Wenxian Zhang and Ilan Alon. Biographical Dictionary of New Chinese Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. Cheltenham and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing 200...
  73. Franchising Globally
  74. Determining the RMB Exchange Regime
  75. A Guide to the Top 100 Companies in China
  76. Chinese outward direct investment: a study on macroeconomic determinants
  77. Changing cultural clusters: a research note
  78. An exploratory comparison of US and international academically based entrepreneurship centres
  79. Tao of downfall: the failures of high-profile entrepreneurs in the Chinese economic reform
  80. Final Reflections
  81. Microfranchising in Less Developed Countries
  82. International Franchising at Best Western
  83. Introduction
  84. An Athlete’s Foot Master Franchisee in China
  85. Clustering for International Market Selection
  86. Franchising as an Entrepreneurial Form
  87. Franchising in Croatia
  88. Internationalization of Franchising
  89. Franchising in Italy
  90. Ruth’s Chris Franchises Expand Internationally
  91. Franchising in Morocco
  92. Franchising in Emerging Markets
  93. San Francisco Coffee House Opens in Croatia
  94. Branding in China: Global Product Strategy Alternatives
  95. Examining the returns of American depository receipts: Evidence from emerging and developed markets
  96. Executive perks: Compensation and corporate performance in China
  97. CSR Communication Intensity in Chinese and Indian Multinational Companies
  98. Globalization with Chinese characteristics
  99. A stranger in a strange land: Micro political risk and the multinational firm
  100. MOR Special Issue: The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Environment, Strategy and Performance
  101. China Rules
  102. Understanding Chinese management needs through ancient Chinese philosophy
  103. Blending pragmatic liberal education with an international business programme: the Rollins College experience
  104. Final Reflections
  105. Introduction
  106. Management and Organization Review Special issue on ‘The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Environment, Strategy and Performance’
  107. Globalization of Chinese Enterprises20081Globalization of Chinese Enterprises. Basingsloke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. (Hardback, xxxi +240pp), ISBN: ‐13: 978‐0‐230‐51562‐8; ‐13: 0‐230‐51562‐2 Price: Not given Edited by Ilan Alon and J.R. McIntyre
  108. Management and Organization Review Special issue on ‘The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Environment, Strategy and Performance’
  109. Measuring the Global Footprint of an MBA
  110. Management and Organization Review Special Issue on ‘The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Environment, Strategy and Performance’
  111. Business education in emerging economies
  112. Geely motors: a Chinese automaker enters international markets
  113. Human resources challenges and opportunities in China: a case from the hospitality industry
  114. Religious freedom, religious diversity, and Japanese foreign direct investment
  115. Exploring the differences between franchisee entrepreneurs and nascent entrepreneurs
  116. Master international franchising in China: the case of The Athlete's Foot
  117. Chinese RMB exchange rate and local currency price stability in ASEAN trade
  118. The globalising Chinese business enterprise: the role of strategic fit
  119. Efficient Testing of Bipartite Graphs for Forbidden Induced Subgraphs
  120. Filipino ethnic entrepreneurship: An integrated review and propositions
  121. Market Conditions Favoring Master International Franchising
  122. How Do Franchisors Evaluate Foreign Markets?
  123. Forming International Business Alliances: A Case Study of the Global Packaging Industry
  124. An Examination of International Retail Franchising in Emerging Markets
  125. Managing micropolitical risk: A cross-sector examination
  126. Executive insight: evaluating the market size for service franchising in emerging markets
  127. Global leadership success through emotional and cultural intelligences
  128. Business and Management Education in China
  129. Distance Learning Education in China
  131. Book notes
  132. Real estate franchising: The case of Coldwell Banker expansion into China
  133. Business and Management Education in China - Transition, Pedagogy and Training
  134. Malay entrepreneurship: historical, governmental, and cultural antecedents
  135. Forming International Business Alliances: A Case Study of the Global Packaging Industry
  136. Global Franchising and Development in Emerging and Transitioning Markets
  137. Internet-mediated distance-learning education in China as an alternative to traditional paradigms of market entry
  138. Business Education and Emerging Market Economies
  139. Introduction
  140. Final Reflections: The Business Education-Economic Development Nexus in Emerging Economies
  141. Affiliated networks: the case of best western internationalisation
  142. Book notes
  143. Experiential Learning in International Business via the World Wide Web
  144. International Franchising in Emerging Markets: Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America20021Edited by Dianne H.B. Welsh and Ilan Alon. International Franchising in Emerging Markets: Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Chicago: CCH Incorpo...
  145. Evaluating the Economic Impact of Cruise Tourism: A Case Study of Barbados
  146. Assessing the Movement Toward, and Identifying the Impediments to, Standardized Print Advertising
  147. Book notes
  148. International franchising in China with Kodak
  149. Forecasting aggregate retail sales:
  150. The Use of Franchising by U.S.-Based Retailers
  151. International franchising in China with Kodak
  152. Internet‐based experiential learning in international marketing: the case of
  153. Franchising Opportunities and Threats in Russia
  154. The internationalization of professional business service franchises
  155. Augmentation of low power hydrazine thrusters
  156. Fuel Regression Mechanism in a Solid Fuel Ramjet
  157. Introduction
  158. Concluding Remarks
  159. Doing Business in Asia
  160. Entrepreneurship Among Filipino Immigrants
  161. Introduction
  162. Franchising in Russia
  163. The Internationalization of Marks & Spencer
  164. Franchising with Kodak in China
  165. Final Reflections
  166. The Internationalization of Franchising Systems into Industrialized Economies
  167. What is the Economic Impact of Service Franchising Investment?
  168. Why Do Companies Use Franchising?
  169. How Do International Franchisors Cluster?
  170. Conversion Franchising in Slovenia
  171. Franchising in the Philippines
  172. Introduction
  173. Does Franchising Provide Superior Financial Returns?
  174. What are the Social and Economic Benefits and Costs of Global Franchising?
  175. When is Master International Franchising a Preferred Mode of Entry?
  176. Home Country Macroeconomic Determinants of Chinese OFDI
  177. Benelli and Q J Compete in the International Motorbike Arena
  178. Micro-franchising Strategies: Drawing Lessons from Franchise Literature
  179. Impacts of China's Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa
  180. Women Entrepreneurs and China's Economy: Returnees and Non-Returnees, a Comparative Study
  181. Can Signaling Theory Help Agency and Resource Scarcity Theories Explain Franchisee Failure? Predicting SBA-Backed Loan Defaults
  182. US-Based Fast Food Restaurants: Factors Influencing International Expansion of Franchise Systems
  183. The Internationalization of Franchise Systems into Emerging and Transitional Economies
  184. Corporate Governance Mechanisms for Monitoring or Empowering CEOS? A Study of Chinese Listed Firms
  185. How cultural factors led to risky antecedent market conditions and the 1997 Asian economic crisis
  186. Country Risk Spillovers in the Middle East: A Prelude to the Road Map for Peace and the War on Terror
  187. Determinants of master international franchising