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  1. Modeling of the COVID-19 impact on air passenger traffic in the US, European countries, and China
  2. Artificial intelligence in drug discovery: A bibliometric analysis and literature review
  3. Intention to use green energy among Chinese adults
  4. Exploring the Metaverse: Insights from a Comprehensive Bibliometric Study
  5. Effect of Responsible Gaming Policy and Practice on Casino Gaming Behavior
  6. Training orientation, organizational support and training satisfaction
  7. Noise dynamics in city nightlife: Impact and potential solutions for residents near pubs and bars
  8. Carbon-Neutrality Research in China—Trends and Emerging Themes
  9. A bibliometric study of carbon neutrality: 2001-2022
  10. The effects of diningscape on customer satisfaction and word of mouth - 餐景
  11. mHealth and COVID-19: A Bibliometric Study
  12. Impact of difficult coworkers on employees' turnover intention: the mediating roles of POS and AC
  13. The COVID-19 impacts on air transport - a case study of Hong Kong
  14. Noise dynamics in city nightlife
  15. Smart building management system (SBMS) for commercial buildings
  16. A Bibliometric Analysis of World Issues—Social, Political, Economic, and Environmental Dimensions
  17. Profiling of Gamblers and Problem Gamblers Among Casino Patrons in Macao SAR
  18. Effects of equity, POS and job satisfaction on organizational commitment in Macao's gaming industry
  19. What influences people to click ‘like’ on posts of branded content?
  20. Economic Growth, Energy Use, and Greenhouse Gases Emission in Macao SAR, China
  21. Effects of Difficult Coworkers on Employees’ Responses in Macao’s Public Organizations
  22. Effect of customer involvement on co-creation of services
  23. Economic and Environmental Changes in Shenzhen—A Technology Hub in Southern China
  24. Green project management from employees’ perspective in HK engineering and construction sectors
  25. The economic impact of a global pandemic on the tourism economy - Macao
  26. The Effects of Difficult Co-Workers on Employee Attitudinal Responses and Intention to Leave
  27. The Effects of Job Insecurity on Employees’ Financial Well-Being and Work Satisfaction
  28. Casino employees' intention to participate in corporate community involvement activities
  29. The effects of customer involvement on co-creation, service performance and word of mouth
  30. Factors influencing internship satisfaction among Chinese students
  31. The Effect of Consumer Perceptions of the Ethics of Retailers on Purchase Behavior and Word-of-Mouth
  32. Rise in higher education researchers and academic publications
  33. Rise in higher education researchers and academic publications
  34. E-Entrepreneurial intention among young Chinese adults
  35. Sustainability assessment of an urban rail system – the case of Hong Kong
  36. What motivates Chinese young adults to use mHealth?
  37. An extended model of value-attitude-behavior to explain Chinese consumers’ green purchase behavior
  38. TAM for the intention to use advanced business application software among Chinese students
  39. An innovative approach in data collection for restaurant soundscape study
  40. Soundscape for smart tourism in Macao
  41. Soundscape for smart tourism in Macao, China
  42. An innovative approach in data collection for restaurant soundscape study
  43. China’s Maritime Economic Development (中国海洋经济 : 回顾、展望与可持续发展)
  44. Perceived importance of smart and sustainable building features from the users' perspective
  45. How quality management system components lead to improvement in service organizations
  46. Importance-performance ratings of casinos' corporate social responsibility practices
  47. Acoustics comfort in buildings in Hong Kong, Macao, and the Greater Bay Area of China
  48. Smart and sustainable building technologies
  49. Classroom soundscape—Virtual and real
  50. Computer-based course evaluation: an extended technology acceptance model
  51. GHG emissions from China's international sea freight transport
  52. Acoustic comfort in buildings in the Greater Bay Area
  53. Energy Consumption and Economic Development in Hong Kong, China
  54. The influence of the propensity to trust on mobile users' attitudes toward in-app advertisements: An extension of the theory of planned behavior
  55. A comparative study of sound environment of restaurants in Singapore, Macao, and Hong Kong
  56. Describing sonic environment of Chinese restaurants using a mathematical model
  57. Impact and control practices of bar and pub sound in densely populated cities
  58. e-Appraisal of soundscape for public squares in China
  59. Is haze a localized problem?
  60. GHG emissions from electricity consumption in Hong Kong
  61. Modeling of Monthly Residential and Commercial Electricity Consumption Using Nonlinear Seasonal Models—The Case of Hong Kong
  62. Soundscape design of an open-air concert venue using virtual reality technologies
  63. A triple bottom line analysis of Hong Kong's logistics sector
  64. Describing sonic environment of Chinese Restaurants
  65. Impact and control practices of bar and pub sound in densely populated cities
  66. Soundscape design of an open-air concert venue using virtual reality technologies
  67. Appraisal of soundscape for public squares in Hong Kong
  68. A comparative study of restaurant sonic environments in Singapore, Macao SAR, and Hong Kong SAR
  69. Effect of organizational responses to service failures on customer satisfaction
  70. Service co-creation in social media
  71. A customer-dominat logic on service recovery
  72. Urban temperature trend in Hong Kong
  73. Soundscape design using virtual reality technologies
  74. Tree MIS
  75. The growth of the tourism industry and its effect on resource consumption in Macao SAR, China
  76. Macao's tourism industry and its impact on resource consumption
  77. IT-enabled comprehensive building environmental assessment
  78. Next generation soundscape design using virtual reality technologies
  79. IT-enabled comprehensive building environmental assessment
  80. Importance-performance ratings for environmental practices
  81. Centrality of a rail system
  82. GHG from the logistics sector
  83. Dental anxiety provoking scale
  84. Restaurant noise
  85. Data analytics in China
  86. Crowdsourcing in China
  87. Customer-dominant logic - an empirical study
  88. Management commitment to internal marketing
  89. Are noise levels acceptable in Hong Kong?
  90. Cinema Cloud: An Enabling Technology for the Movie Industry
  91. Triple bottom line analysis of commercial water heating systems
  92. Mobile Banking and Payment in China
  93. Electricity consumption in Hong Kong - trend and GHG emission
  94. Association between energy use and poor visibility in Hong Kong
  95. The adoption of ISO 14001 environmental management systems in Macao SAR, China
  96. Diffusion of ISO 14001
  97. Public Engagement in EIA in Hong Kong
  98. Intent to pursue further studies
  99. Noise in restaurants
  100. Sustainable noise control system design for building ventilation systems
  101. Destination choice of cross-border Chinese students
  102. Effect of Internal Market Orientation on Organizational Performance: The Case of Macao's Gaming Industry
  103. The effect of internal information generation and dissemination on casino employee work related behaviors
  104. Cloud computing in China
  105. Team attributes and performance of operational service teams: An empirical taxonomy development
  106. Creating Green Awareness Using IT: The Case of Hong Kong
  107. Internet Diffusion in China: Economic and Social Implications
  108. The application of dynamic modelling techniques to the grid-connected PV (photovoltaic) systems
  109. How does customer motivational orientation affect satisfaction?
  110. Explore how Chinese consumers evaluate retail service quality and satisfaction
  111. The growth pattern and fuel life cycle analysis of the electricity consumption of Hong Kong
  112. RMS percent of wavelet transform for the detection of stochastic high impedance faults
  113. Quality management framework
  114. Benefits of implementing management system standards
  115. Electricity consumption and its environmental implications in two special administration regions: Hong Kong and Macao
  116. The Emergence of China in the Internet Market
  117. An influence of affluence on electricity consumption in an urban environment
  118. Effect of Fuels on Cooking Fume Emissions
  119. Fuel life cycle emissions for electricity consumption in the world’s gaming center–Macao SAR, China
  120. Recruitment and training are critical to service performance
  121. Customer involvement and perceptions
  122. Perceived value of higher education
  123. The causal relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in a Gaming and Tourism Center: The case of Macao SAR, the People’s Republic of China
  124. ISO 9001:2000 implementation in the public sector: A survey in Macao SAR
  125. Management commitment to service quality and organizational outcomes
  126. Importance‐performance analysis for public management decision making
  127. The implementation and performance outcomes of ISO 9000 in service organizations
  128. Size distributions of the aerosols emitted from commercial cooking processes (气溶胶)
  129. Effects of control mechanisms on positive organizational change
  130. Modeling of electricity consumption in the Asian gaming and tourism center—Macao SAR, People's Republic of China
  131. Characterization of commercial clothes dryers based on energy‐efficiency analysis
  132. Emission of Carcinogenic Components from Commercial Kitchens in Hong Kong
  133. An FTIR study of the effects of artificial saliva on the physical characteristics of the glass ionomer cements used for art
  134. How balcony fronts give additional warmth to music
  135. Acoustic Barriers: Analytical Methods, Boundary Element Method and Experimental Verification
  136. A multiple regression model for urban traffic noise in Hong Kong
  138. Acoustic properties of rigid-frame porous materials — an engineering perspective
  139. Acoustical model updating
  140. Characterisation of Gas Phase Organic Emissions from Hot Cooking Oil in Commercial Kitchens
  141. The noise emitted from vehicles at roundabouts
  142. Characterisation of Gas Phase Organic Emissions from Hot Cooking Oil in Commercial Kitchens
  143. Power estimation of sound sources on low-speed electric trains using a deconvolution approach
  144. Characterization of vehicle noise in Hong Kong
  145. Eigenparameter perturbation method for structural damage detection
  146. The role of the generalized inverse in structural dynamics
  147. Application of singular value decomposition to direct matrix update method
  148. A closed-loop model for single/multi-shaker modal testing
  149. Non-Linear Sensitivity Analysis of Mechanical Structures Using Modal Data
  150. Structural modification analysis using Rayleigh quotient iteration
  151. Structural Modification Analysis using Rayleigh Quotient Iteration