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  1. How consumer opinions are affected by marketers: an empirical examination by deep learning approach
  2. How quality management system components lead to improvement in service organizations
  3. Urban temperature trend in Hong Kong
  4. Management commitment to internal marketing
  5. The effect of internal information generation and dissemination on casino employee work related behaviors
  6. Team attributes and performance of operational service teams: An empirical taxonomy development
  7. Quality management framework
  8. Benefits of implementing management system standards
  9. Recruitment and training are critical to service performance
  10. ISO 9001:2000 implementation in the public sector: A survey in Macao SAR
  11. Online product review on manufacturer sites
  12. The implementation and performance outcomes of ISO 9000 in service organizations
  13. The role of information quality in TAM for product review on bulletin board
  14. Effects of control mechanisms on positive organizational change