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  1. Structural peculiarities? Aperiodic crystals, modulated phases, composite structures
  2. Realization of Z 2 Topological Metal in Single‐Crystalline Nickel Deficient NiV 2 Se 4
  3. Coupling between Charge Density Wave Ordering and Magnetism in Ho2Ir3Si5
  4. Incommensurate Phase in Λ‐cobalt (III) Sepulchrate Trinitrate Governed by Highly Competitive N−H⋅⋅⋅O and C−H⋅⋅⋅O Hydrogen Bond Networks**
  5. Une étude cristallographique: superspace description of a commensurate composite cocrystal of 4,4′-dinitrobiphenyl and biphenyl
  6. Modulated crystal structure of the atypical charge density wave state of single-crystal Lu2Ir3Si5
  7. Toward Understanding High-Z′ Organic Molecular Crystals through the Superspace Method: The Example of Glycyl-l-valine
  8. Single-crystal-to-single-crystal phase transitions of commensurately modulated sodium saccharinate 1.875-hydrate
  9. Unusual charge density wave transition and absence of magnetic ordering in Er2Ir3Si5
  10. On the puzzling case of sodium saccharinate 1.875-hydrate: structure description in (3+1)-dimensional superspace
  11. Second-order charge-density-wave transition in single crystals of La3Co4Sn13
  12. Structure of Ferroic Iron Formates at Low Temperature and High Pressure
  13. The role of magnetic order in VOCl
  14. Charge density wave, structure and phase transitions of CuV2S4
  15. Cyanobacterial promoted enrichment of rare earth elements europium, samarium and neodymium and intracellular europium particle formation
  16. Structure and electronic properties of a low-temperature phase of Ag4SSe
  17. Modulated structure of trimethyltin hydroxide
  18. The role of PbI2 in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite stability, solar cell parameters and device degradation
  19. Impact of PbI2 on the structure and optical properties of methylammonium lead iodide perovskites
  20. Growth of gold nanoparticles from mixed Au, Ir, and Rh solution by Anabaena cylindrica
  21. Modulated structure of morpholinium tetrafluoroborate and its phase transitions
  22. Modulated structure of Λ-cobalt(III) sepulchrate trinitrate controled by hydrogen bonds
  23. Growth of gold nanoparticles in cyanobacteria Anabaena cylindrica
  24. Modulated structure of trimethyltin hydroxide at T = 100 K
  25. Incommensurately modulated structure of phenazine-chloranil acid at T = 139 K
  26. Modulated structure of adamantan-1-ammonium 4-fluorobenzoate at low temperature
  27. Phase transformation in Sc-doped TiOCl at low temperature
  28. H-bond scheme in superstructure of Phenazine-chloranilic acid at low temperature
  29. Growth of gold nanoparticles in cyanobacteria Anabaena spec.
  30. Spin-Peierls distortions in TiPO4
  31. New (theoretical) R values
  32. 1-adamantanammonium 4-fluorobenzoate and 1,4-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)butane-1,4-dione
  33. Crystal structure and charge density analysis of the high-pressure boron phase γ-B28
  34. Incommensurate Rb2ZnCl4 with modulated anharmonic ADPs
  35. Low and high temperature crystal structures of TiI3
  36. Modulated structure of nepheline
  37. Modulated crystal structures of molecular organic compounds
  38. High pressure phase transitions in TiOCl
  39. Structure of modulated chromium pyrophosphate by MEM
  40. Modulation functions of Cr2P2O7 studied by MEM
  41. Λ-cobalt(III) sepulchrate trinitrate
  42. High pressure phase transition in TiOCl and TiOBr
  43. Strong magnetoelastic coupling in CrOCl
  44. VOCl at low temperature
  45. Introduction to the superspace approach for beginners
  46. Temperature dependent crystal structures of TiI3
  47. High pressure structure of [Sr2O2] [CrO2]1.85
  48. Phase transition in the oxyhalides TiOBr and TiOCl under pressure
  49. Phase transition in the spin-Peierls compound TiOCl towards an incommensurate phase
  50. High pressure structural phase transition of TiOBr
  51. Superspace description of the crystal structures of Ca[n] (Nb,Ti)[n]O[3n+2] ( n = 5 and 6)
  52. Electrodeposition of tantalum products in CsCl melt
  53. Incommensurate structure of TiOCl
  54. Ba[1+x]Ni[x]Rh[1−x]O[3] in superspace: modulated composite versus modulated-layer structure
  55. Incommensurability and spin-Peierls transition in TiOBr
  56. Twofold superstructure of TiOBr at T = 17.5 K
  57. Incommensurately modulated structure of quininium (R)-mandelate
  58. Symmetry and Structure of Modulated Lazurites
  59. Modulated Structure of Diaqua (15-Crown-5) Copper (II) Dinitrate
  60. Incommensurate structure of lazurite as a product of twinning of modulated domains
  61. The incommensurate structure of K[3]In(PO[4])[2]
  62. The commensurately modulated structure and temperature dependent phase relation of p-chlorobenzamide
  63. Modulated incommensurate crystal structure of lazurite
  64. Structures of conjugated aminodienes
  65. Average structure of modulated cubic lazurite
  66. Computer program for least-squares refinement of lattice parameters and modulation vector components
  67. The lock-in phase in the urotropine-sebacic acid system
  68. Crystallography of Modulated Structures in Superspace
  69. Incommensurately modulated structure of quininium (R)-mandelate