The Structure of Diaqua (15-Crown-5) Copper (II) Dinitrate Described in (3+1)-Dimensional Superspace

  • Ferroelectrics, January 2004, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00150190490462487

Modulated Structure of Diaqua (15-Crown-5) Copper (II) Dinitrate

What is it about?

Diaqua (15-crown-5) copper (II) dinitrate is an organic salt presenting an one-dimensional commensurate modulation. The diffraction pattern is characterized by strong Bragg reflections and weaker superstructure reflections (satellites).

Why is it important?

The structure is described in the superspace formalism as a modulated structure in (3+ 1) dimensions with occupational and displacive modulation functions.

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