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  1. Progress in detection of and correction for low-energy contamination
  2. Metrics for crystallographic diffraction- and fit-data: a review of existing ones and the need for new ones
  3. Predicted R-based agreement factors for dynamic crystallography are developed.
  4. An alternative to the goodness of fit
  5. Statistical tests against systematic errors in data sets based on the equality of residual means and variances from control samples: theory and applications
  6. More about systematic errors in charge-density studies
  7. About systematic errors in charge-density studies
  8. New (theoretical) R values
  9. Theoretical AIM and ELI‐D Study of Ammonium Hexahydrohexaborate
  10. Expectation values for integer powers of a Poisson-distributed random number
  11. Schrittweiser Donorbasenaustausch in Anthracenyllithiumverbindungen
  12. Consecutive Donor-Base Exchange in Anthracenyllithium Compounds
  13. Charge Density Distribution in a Metallaphosphane
  14. Elektronendichteverteilung in einem Metallaphosphan
  15. The first asymmetric organolithium tetramers with simple ether donor bases
  16. Synthesis, structure, and theoretical investigation of amidinato supported 1,4-disilabenzene
  17. Residual Density Analysis
  18. Lewis-Base-Stabilized Dichlorosilylene: A Two-Electron σ-Donor Ligand
  19. Solvensgetrennte Ionenpaare und Kontaktionenpaare des Trimethylzinkat-Stammsystems
  20. Lewis Base Stabilized Dichlorosilylene
  21. Electron Densities of Three B12 Vitamins
  22. Carbanion or Amide? First Charge Density Study of Parent 2-Picolyllithium
  23. Carbanion oder Amid? Elektronendichteuntersuchung am 2-Picolyllithium-Stammsystem
  24. Elektronendichteuntersuchung der Metall-Metall-Bindung im zweikernigen “Borylen”-Komplex [{Cp(CO)2Mn}2(μ-BtBu)]
  25. Chemical interpretation of molecular electron density distributions
  26. Di(benzothiazol-2-yl)phosphanide as a Janus-Head Ligand to Caesium
  27. The P(bth)2−anion as a Janus head staple between lithium and manganese (bth = benzothiazol-2-yl, C7H4NS)
  28. Ambiguities in the Scattering Tomography for Central Potentials
  29. On the Accuracy of Theoretically and Experimentally Determined Electron Densities of Polar Bonds
  30. Capital, labor, energy and creativity: modeling innovation diffusion