Structure and microstructure of the high pressure synthesised misfit layer compound [Sr2O2][CrO2]1.85

E. Castillo-Martínez, A. Schönleber, S. van Smaalen, A.M. Arévalo-López, M.A. Alario-Franco
  • Journal of Solid State Chemistry, August 2008, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc.2008.03.033

High pressure structure of [Sr2O2] [CrO2]1.85

What is it about?

The misfit character of the different layers composing the structure with a supercell along the incommensurate parameter b≈7b1≈13b2 has been described within the (3+1)-dimensional superspace formalism against single-crystal X-ray diffraction data.

Why is it important?

The layer stacking is similar to that of orthorhombic PbS(TiS2)1.18, but with a much stronger intersubsytem bonding in the case of the oxide. The intersubsystem lattice mismatch is mainly handled by displacement modulations of the Sr atoms, correlated with modulations of the valence, the coordination and the anisotropic displacement parameters.

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