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  1. Pressure-dependent distortions in quasi-two-dimensional magnetic CrOCl at low temperatures
  2. Experimental and Computational Study of Solid Solutions Formed between Substituted Nitrobenzoic Acids
  3. Comment on the article Symmetry and chirality in crystals
  4. Fine-Tuning Solid State Luminescence Properties of Organic Crystals via Solid Solution Formation: The Example of 4-Iodothioxanthone–4-Chlorothioxanthone System
  5. Orthorhombic charge density wave on the tetragonal lattice of EuAl4
  6. Une étude cristallographique: superspace description of a commensurate composite cocrystal of 4,4′-dinitrobiphenyl and biphenyl
  7. Modulated crystal structure of the atypical charge density wave state of single-crystal Lu2Ir3Si5
  8. Toward Understanding High-Z′ Organic Molecular Crystals through the Superspace Method: The Example of Glycyl-l-valine
  9. Single-crystal-to-single-crystal phase transitions of commensurately modulated sodium saccharinate 1.875-hydrate
  10. Solid Solutions in the Xanthone–Thioxanthone Binary System: How Well Are Similar Molecules Discriminated in the Solid State?
  11. Crystallization of chiral molecular compounds: what can be learned from the Cambridge Structural Database?
  12. Unusual charge density wave transition and absence of magnetic ordering in Er2Ir3Si5
  13. On the puzzling case of sodium saccharinate 1.875-hydrate: structure description in (3+1)-dimensional superspace
  14. Polymorphism of R-Encenicline Hydrochloride: Access to the Highest Number of Structurally Characterized Polymorphs Using Desolvation of Various Solvates
  15. Charge density wave, structure and phase transitions of CuV2S4
  16. Disorder in molecular crystals justified with the help of statistical mechanics: a case of two enantiomer solid solutions
  17. Formation and Transformations of Organic Salt Hydrates: Four Encenicline Hydrochloride Monohydrates and Respective Isostructural Desolvates
  18. On the structural aspects of solid solutions of enantiomers: an intriguing case study of enantiomer recognition in the solid state
  19. A Maze of Solid Solutions of Pimobendan Enantiomers: An Extraordinary Case of Polymorph and Solvate Diversity
  20. Designing Solid Solutions of Enantiomers: Lack of Enantioselectivity of Chiral Naphthalimide Derivatives in the Solid State
  21. Structure and Stability of Racemic and Enantiopure Pimobendan Monohydrates: On the Phenomenon of Unusually High Stability
  22. Single Enantiomer’s Urge to Crystallize in Centrosymmetric Space Groups: Solid Solutions of Phenylpiracetam
  23. Solvates of Dasatinib: Diversity and Isostructurality
  24. Comparison and Rationalization of Droperidol Isostructural Solvate Stability: An Experimental and Computational Study
  25. On the Formation of Droperidol Solvates: Characterization of Structure and Properties