Normal-to-incommensurate phase transition in the spin-Peierls compound TiOCl: An x-ray diffraction study

Andreas Schönleber, Galina Shcheka, Sander van Smaalen
  • Physical Review B, March 2008, American Physical Society (APS)
  • DOI: 10.1103/physrevb.77.094117

Phase transition in the spin-Peierls compound TiOCl towards an incommensurate phase

What is it about?

A temperature-independent c-axis unique monoclinic distortion of the crystal lattice within the incommensurate phase between Tc1=67 K and Tc2=90 K is discussed. The first-order phase transition at Tc2 driven by the formation of antiferromagnetic order on the Ti-O bilayers is governed by the monoclinic lattice distortion.

Why is it important?

The temperature-dependent incommensurate modulation represents the growth of the number of spin-Peierls-type singlet pairs on cooling. At Tc1 then the crystal transforms into the spin-Peierls state.

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