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    Exploring the Path of Indonesian Nurses Abroad: A Comprehensive Overview
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing COVID-19 Transmission in Indonesia: Insights from the First Wave
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Indonesian Teens
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    CGOL Diet's Impact on COVID-19 in Pregnant Women
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Resilience and Empowerment in Indonesian Nurses Recovering from COVID-19
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Psychosocial Challenges in Young Children with Thalassemia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing School Performance through Nutrition in Jayapura Students
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing Iron Supplement Use in Pregnant Women in Indonesia
    Professor Lisa McKennaMr Ferry Efendi
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    Smartphone Apps Boost Diabetes Self-Care
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Empowering Women's Work Boosts Contraceptive Use
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Improving Diabetes Self-Care with Educational Apps
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Improving Erectile Function in Men with Type 2 Diabetes: Non-Medical Interventions
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Affecting COVID-19 Mortality in Indonesia's 18-59 Age Group
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing Child Birth Registration in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing Safety Culture in Nursing Homes: Strategies for Quality Care
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Innovations in Elderly Care: Tech & Non-Tech Solutions
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Child Healthcare Seeking in Indonesia: Trends and Insights (2002-2017)
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Factors Influencing Child COVID-19 Mortality"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Boosting Child Nutrition with Family Interventions
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Reducing Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia: Identifying Key Factors
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing Nurse Commitment: Reducing Turnover
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Improving Elderly Health: Chair Exercises with Bands
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Success Factors for Indonesian Nurses in the Japanese Nursing Licensure Exam
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Cadre Training: Preventing Stunting through Nutrition
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Understanding the Health Challenges of Migrant Domestic Workers
    Mr Ferry EfendiProfessor Lisa McKenna
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    Factors Influencing Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccination
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Empowering Women for Optimal Child Feeding
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Affecting HIV Knowledge and Attitudes in Indonesian Women
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Nursing Workforce Challenges in Indonesian COVID-19 Response
    Mr Ferry EfendiProfessor Lisa McKenna
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    Unraveling COVID-19 Risks for Adults: Who Faces Higher Mortality?
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Pandemic Heroes: Recognizing the Role of Nurses
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Unlocking Maternal Healthcare: Factors Influencing Utilization
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Experiences of Indonesian Nurse Migrants in Japanese Care Work
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Understanding the Needs of COVID-19 Self-Isolators
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Nursing Labor Market in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    COVID-19 Survivors' Mental Health and Stigma
    Mr Ferry EfendiProf. Inbar Levkovich
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    Supporting Mental Health After Disasters for Older Adults
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Empowering Women for Better Postnatal Care in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing Maternal Health Care Use in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Managing Nurse Migration from Indonesia: Insights from Policymakers
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Birthplace Choice Among Indonesian Women
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Young Mothers' Maternal Healthcare in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Nursing Perspectives on Fairness in Health Insurance
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Nurse Phone Coaching for Heart Failure: Benefits Found
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Understanding Children's Respiratory Infections in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing Post-Birth Care in Indonesia: Regional Disparities
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Child Mortality Trends and Targets: GBD 2019 Findings
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    Health Worker Returnees: Challenges, Experiences, and Policies
    Mr Ferry EfendiProfessor Lisa McKenna
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    Improving Hospital TB Control: Accreditation Integration
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction: Indonesian Men's Experiences
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing Postnatal Care Access in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing Foot Health in Diabetes: Audiovisual Group Exercises
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Elevating Diabetes Care: Community Support for Better Health
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Online Gaming Before Sleep and Insomnia in Indonesian Teens
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Affecting Children's Diets in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Empowering Moms for Early Breastfeeding: A Review
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing Sedentary Behavior in School-Aged Children
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Nurse Training Needs at Hospital
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Peer Support & Resilience in Conflicted Adolescents
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Determinants of Safe Delivery in Eastern Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Associations between Health and Depression in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing Infant Bottle Feeding
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Indonesian Nursing Students' Intentions to Work in Japan
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Empowering Women for Child Health
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Safe Delivery Determinants in Eastern Indonesia
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    Women's HIV Knowledge in Indonesia: Gaps and Determinants
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Empowering Youth in Disaster Response: Andragogic Pre-Disaster Training
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    Factors Influencing Diarrhea in Indonesian Children
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Indonesian Nurses' Experiences in Taiwan's Care Facilities
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Determinants of Birth Control Among Married Women in Indonesia
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    Staffing and Maternal Outcomes in Tertiary Hospitals
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Understanding HIV Stigma Among Nurses
    Mr I Gede JuanamastaMr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Affecting Childhood Immunizations in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Factors Influencing Child Neglect in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Understanding PTSD in Elderly After Disasters
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Enhancing Child Feeding in Indonesia: Insights
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Smoking Among Rural Indonesian Youth: Key Determinants"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Bullying Among Indonesian Adolescents: Factors and Implications"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Nurse Retention: Factors and Impact in Global Healthcare
    Mr Ferry EfendiDr. Joko Gunawan
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    Factors Affecting Indonesian Nursing Students' Rural Work Intentions
  81. Article
    "Factors Influencing Facility-Based Births in Indonesia"
  82. Article
    "Household Drought Survey in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (2018)"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Influence of Madurese Cultural Factors on Toddler Feeding Patterns: A Coastal Area Study"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Peer Support Boosts TB Treatment Adherence"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Steeped Date Seeds Improve Immunity and Reduce Inflammation in Rats"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Why Indonesian Students Choose Nursing: Insights for Retention Strategies"
    Mr Ferry EfendiDr. Joko Gunawan
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    Empowered Women in Southeast Asian Countries utilized antenatal care service better
    Mr Ferry EfendiSusy Sebayang
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    "Date Seed Extract Reduces Inflammation in Rats"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Predicting Airway Obstruction Risk in Bus Terminal Officers: Traffic Workers at Higher Risk"
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    "Building Customer Loyalty in Hospitals: A Model for Quality Nursing Services"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Enhancing Nurses' Support for Fardhu Prayer in Hospitals"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Career Outcomes of Returning Indonesian Nurses: A Comprehensive Study"
    Mr Ferry EfendiRista Fauziningtyas
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    "Understanding Condom Use for HIV Prevention in Married Women"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    "Parental Confidence Linked to Fewer Tantrums in Young Kids"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  95. Article
    "Urban Preschoolers' Healthy Eating Habits: A Descriptive Study"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  96. Article
    Social Support Boosts Dengue Prevention: A Surabaya Study
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Maternity Staffing and Maternal Outcomes in Java's Referral Hospitals: An Indonesian Study
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  98. Article
    Grandparenting in Java: Balancing Tradition and Well-being
  99. Article
    Social Media, Academic Stress, and Insomnia in Adolescents: A Study on Factors Impacting Sleep
    Rr Dian TristianaMr Ferry Efendi
  100. Article
    Indonesian nurses’ perception of disaster management preparedness
  101. Article
    Factors Influencing Early Marriage Among Indonesian Adolescent Girls
  102. Article
    Smartphone Use at Night Linked to Teen Sleep & Mood Issues
    Mr Ferry EfendiDr. Joko Gunawan
  103. Article
    Enhancing Self-Care and Quality of Life in Lupus Patients with a Self-Care Model
    Mr Ferry EfendiDr. Joko Gunawan
  104. Article
    Date Seed Steeping: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Liver Protection
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  105. Article
    Empowerment's Impact on Nurse Well-being & Quality: Indonesian Hospital Study
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  106. Article
    Premarital Sex in Indonesia: Factors and Marriage Timing
    Mr Ferry EfendiSarni Berliana
  107. Article
    Factors Affecting Infant Mortality in Indonesia: Insights for Targeted Interventions
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  108. Article
    Early Introduction of Weaning Foods to Infants in Madura Culture: A Transcultural Nursing Analysis
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  109. Article
    Enhancing Maternal Health: Factors Influencing Husband's Role in Pregnancy Care"
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  110. Article
    Harmonizing Nursing Standards for ASEAN Healthcare
    Mr Ferry EfendiDr. Joko Gunawan
  111. Article
    Nursing Self-Image in Indonesia: Insights for Professional Development
    Mr Ferry EfendiDr. Joko Gunawan
  112. Article
    Islamic Caring Model Enhances Psychospiritual Comfort in Coronary Disease Patients
    Siti Nur QomariahMr Ferry Efendi
  113. Article
    Managing Menstrual Pain: How Stress and Coping Strategies Impact Young Women
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  114. Article
    Early Marriage Linked to Child Development Delays in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  115. Article
    Understanding Nurse Return Migration: Factors and Impacts
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Support Groups Improve Breast Cancer Patients' Chemo Adaptation
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  117. Article
    The Impact of Education and Quality of Nurse Work Life on Job Performance
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  118. Article
    Bibliotherapy Enhances Self-Concept in Children with Mental Retardation
    Mr Ferry Efendi
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    Improving Nurse Performance for Safer Patient Care
    Mr Ferry EfendiRr Dian Tristiana
  120. Article
    Improving Child Nutrition in Coastal Indonesia: Understanding Mother's Role
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  121. Article
    Improving Elderly Comfort & Sleep: Sleep Hygiene & Brain Gym
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  122. Article
    Education, Age, and Awareness Impact Maternal Healthcare Use in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  123. Article
    Improving Nursing Student Competency in Clinical Studies: Key Factors
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  124. Article
    Understanding Family Stress & Adaptation in Breast Cancer Care
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  125. Article
    Comparative Study of Nursing Education in Indonesia and Japan
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  126. Article
    Involving Husbands in Maternal Health: Impact of Suami SIAGA in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  127. Article
    Coping and Quality of Life in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  128. Article
    Challenges Faced by Indonesian Nurse Returnees from Japan: Implications for Policy
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  129. Article
    Reducing HIV Risk in Construction Workers: Assessing BCC Approach
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  130. Article
    Factors Affecting ANC Use Among Young Mothers in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  131. Article
    Indonesian Nurses in Japan: Challenges and Opportunities
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  132. Article
    Local Agar Alternatives for DNA Electrophoresis Match Imported Agarose
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  133. Article
    Factors Influencing Caring Behavior in Nursing Students During Internship
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  134. Article
    Balancing Indonesia's Nurse Export Policy: Challenges and Solutions
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  135. Article
    Influence of Factors on Caring Behavior in Nursing Student Interns
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  136. Article
    Attracting Health Students to Remote Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  137. Article
    Text Messages Help TB Patients Stick to Treatment
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  138. Article
    Eating Behavior Control Factors for Obese Indonesian Teens
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  139. Article
    Enhancing HIV Prevention Among Construction Workers Through BCC
    Mr Ferry EfendiNuzul Quraniati
  140. Article
    Factors Influencing Nurse Retention in Rural Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  141. Article
    Enhancing PHN Performance: A New Model for Ponkesdes Nurses
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  142. Article
    Enhancing Nurse Migration Policy in Indonesia: The Impact of the Global Code of Practice
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  143. Article
    Adolescent Sleep Hygiene in Bali: Assessing Behaviors and Implications
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  144. Article
    Challenges & Opportunities in Nurse Return Migration: Insights from Indonesia to Japan
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  145. Article
    Innovative Incentives for Remote Healthcare Workers in Indonesia
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  146. Article
    Boosting Healthcare in Remote Indonesia: Innovative Incentives
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  147. Article
    Improving Healthcare Access in Remote Indonesia: Lessons and Strategies
    Mr Ferry Efendi
  148. Article
    Boosting Healthcare in Remote Indonesia: Innovative Incentives
    Mr Ferry Efendi