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  1. A roadmap for driving customer word-of-mouth
  2. Customer engagement in a Big Data world
  3. Linking satisfaction to credit card decisions: an application of the Wallet Allocation Rule
  4. Customer Satisfaction and Double Jeopardy
  5. Relative Value and Customer Choice in Loan Decisions: An Application of the Wallet Allocation Rule
  6. Modeling Heterogeneity in the Satisfaction, Loyalty Intention, and Shareholder Value Linkage: A Cross-Industry Analysis at the Customer and Firm Levels
  7. Conducting service research that matters
  8. Relative measures in service research
  9. Perceptions are relative
  10. The cumulative effect of satisfaction with discrete transactions on share of wallet
  11. How do you measure what you can't define?
  12. Utilizing customer metrics in the digital age