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  1. Measuring the Sounds that Bilingual Speakers of Jamaican Creole and English Use When They Speak
  2. Examining speech acoustic to understand bilingual children’s speech productions in Jamaica
  3. Telepractice and COVID-19 in Iceland
  4. Interventions for Multilingual Children with Speech and Language Difficulties
  5. Using the Culturally Responsive Teamwork Framework to make your work more diverse
  6. When do children learn to say consonant sounds in American English
  7. Which interventions for deaf and/or multilingual learners have good evidence
  8. Which assessments are used to examine multilingual children's language abilities
  9. How do older adults with vision and hearing loss communicate
  10. How can we measure how clear a person's use of a signed language is
  11. How can we assess grammatical skills in children who speak Jamaican Creole and English
  12. When do children learn to say consonant sounds in different languages?
  13. Innovations change how speech-language pathologists work
  14. Communication disorders can prevent you from having human rights
  15. Speech Assessment for Multilingual Children
  16. Using the Intelligibility in Context Scale with children who speak Jamaican Creole
  17. Can a computer intervention help children with speech sound disorders
  18. What do teachers think about using computer program to support children with speech disorders
  19. Validation of the Intelligibility in Context Scale in English
  20. Parents' decisions about speech, sign and multilingualism for their children with hearing loss
  21. Parent decision making about how their child with hearing loss will communicate