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  1. Islamic social financing through efficient zakat distribution
  2. Managing risk is part of life long business and this research helpful.
  3. Description of management practices in Islamic financial institutions
  4. Conclusion and suggestions
  5. Teaching notes and pedagogy
  6. AlRajh is an international Islamic bank operating locally to be called as "Glocal Bank"
  7. Risk Management through Takaful-An Islamic alternative of Insurance Business
  8. Vision remains but mission revisited by Bank Rakyat for the members and by the members
  9. Islamic Banking-Case Study of Bank Muamalat Malaysia
  10. Methods of data collection and discussion
  11. Islamic banking practices in pilgrimage management and case study of religious tourism.
  12. This is a case study of Akademi Pengurusan YPEIM (APY).
  13. This is a case study of Bank Islam Malaysia (BIMB) to share the Islamic management Practices
  14. Cross Cultural Management Practices
  15. Mobile banking for financial inclusion in a developing economy
  16. This is a Case Study on Air Asia-Malaysia's No Frills Airline
  17. Crowdfunding is a new form of both investment opportunities and source of raising capital.
  18. Comapring Ethical approaches to business and management
  19. Openness to Change vs Imposed Change Behaviour in Islamic banking in Libya
  20. Identifying the effect of employees’ engagement, physical fitness and lifestyle on job performance
  21. This book chapter discusses past, present and future of the Islamic banking in Libya
  22. It helps to enhance quality & business excellence in the hotel industry of Bangladesh
  23. The article is explaining alternative currency instead of fiat money prevalent in modern banking
  24. Gold dinar from an Islamic standpoint as currency is deliberated in this paper
  25. Islamic Economies
  26. It discusses the Islamic bank retail financing, its instruments and operations.
  27. This is Case Study in Islamic management
  28. This is a case study in international Islamic management
  29. Quality of MBA Education in Malaysia
  30. This book is an alternative to current books on strategic management-Theories and cases
  31. Leadership Style from an Islamic Perspective is empirically tested
  32. The brand matters: Islamic banks need to focus on their brand image and the services they offer.
  33. Bank Muamalat is one of the Islamic Banks and the article studies its advertising pattern.
  34. Leadership in Compliance with the Culture
  35. The tensions between the Islamic ideal and business practices in the Middle East
  36. Innovation management and focus on higher education through research
  37. Choice of allocation norms and perceived fairness of malaysia corporate management
  38. Leadership and motivation plays a significant role in Management