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  1. Financial derivative instruments and their applications in Islamic banking and finance: Fundamentals, structures and pricing mechanisms
  2. Contrast in Ethics, Morality, Justice, and Behavior
  3. The impacts of conventional and Islamic banking sectors on real sector growth: Evidence from time-varying causality analysis for Turkiye
  4. Islamic Perspective on Assets and Property
  5. The Examination of Shariah Compliance of Equity Crowdfunding Companies in Indonesia
  6. The influence of Islamic leadership on work performance in service industry: an empirical analysis
  7. The components of intellectual capital and organisational performance inwaqfinstitutions: evidence from Algeria based on structural equation modelling
  8. Diversification benefits of Turkey-based investors: evidence from top trading partners based on a multivariate-GARCH approach
  9. Islamic mutual funds: contracts, structures, screening and pricing mechanisms
  10. Mapping waqf research: a thirty-year bibliometric analysis
  11. Waqf in Algeria: Its Historical Exploration from Ottoman to Post-Independence Era
  12. A comprehensive empirical and theoretical literature survey of Islamic bonds (sukuk)
  13. The global cash waqf: a tool against poverty in Muslim countries
  14. Does market power explain margins in dual banking? Evidence from panel quantile regression
  15. Comapring Ethical approaches to business and management
  16. The Impact of Earnings variability and Regulatory Measures on Income Smoothing: Evidence from Panel Regression
  17. Banks' environmental policy and business outcomes: The role of competition
  18. Does information disclosure reduce stock price volatility? A comparison of Islamic and conventional banks in Gulf countries
  19. A review of Islamic stock market, growth and real-estate finance literature
  20. Impact of climate change mitigation policies on corporate financial performance
  21. Comparative analysis between global sukuk and bond indices: value-at-risk approach
  22. The Role of Cash-Waqf in Societal Responsibility
  23. Eliminating Trust Issues in Islamic Interbank Monetary System by Blockchain Technology
  24. Challenges and Impacts of Religious Endowments on Global Economics and Finance
  25. Waqf Fundamentals, Principles, and Modern Applications
  26. The diversification benefit of Islamic investment to Chinese conventional equity investors
  27. Co-movement dynamics between global sukuk and bond markets
  28. The impact of oil prices and the financial market on cost efficiency in the insurance and Takaful sectors: Evidence from a stochastic frontier analysis
  29. The contracts, structures and pricing mechanisms of sukuk: A critical assessment
  30. Why non-Muslims subscribe to Islamic banking?
  31. The impact of competition on cost efficiency of insurance and takaful sectors: Evidence from GCC markets based on the Stochastic Frontier Analysis
  32. Does the Malaysian Sovereign sukuk market offer portfolio diversification opportunities for global fixed-income investors? Evidence from wavelet coherence and multivariate-GARCH analyses
  33. Chapter 8 “Reverse Mudarabah” an Alternative of Classical Mudarabah for Financing Small Businesses
  34. Financial integration between sukuk and bond indices of emerging markets: Insights from wavelet coherence and multivariate-GARCH analysis
  35. Financing agricultural activities in Afghanistan: a proposedsalam-based crowdfunding structure
  36. Unveiling the diversification benefits of Islamic equities and commodities
  37. A comparative study of the historical and current development of the GCC insurance and takaful industry
  38. Is gold a hedge or a safe haven? An application of ARDL approach
  39. Does Islamic equity investment provide diversification benefits to conventional investors? Evidence from the multivariate GARCH analysis
  40. A three-way analysis of the relationship between the USD value and the prices of oil and gold: A wavelet analysis
  41. Diversification benefits in energy, metal and agricultural commodities for Islamic investors: evidence from multivariate GARCH approach
  42. The mitigation of liquidity risk in Islamic banking operations
  43. Capital structure of Islamic banks: a critical review of theoretical and empirical research
  44. Does intense monitoring matter? A quantile regression approach
  45. The problems facing agricultural sector in Zanzibar and the prospects of Waqf-Muzar’ah-supply chain model
  46. The Role of Waqf and Trust Commission (WTC) in Zanzibar : Problems and Prospects
  47. An analysis of financial speculation: from theMaqasid Al-Shari’ahperspective
  48. The Lead-Lag Relationship among East Asian Economies: A Wavelet Analysis
  49. The article is explaining alternative currency instead of fiat money prevalent in modern banking
  50. Islamic Financial Planning Towards Sustainable Eco-Growth
  51. The impact of crude oil price on Islamic stock indices of South East Asian countries: Evidence from MGARCH-DCC and wavelet approaches
  52. Musharakah Tijarah Cross - Border Financing : Concept, Structure and Salient Features
  53. It discusses the Islamic bank retail financing, its instruments and operations.
  54. Risk-Taking Behavior and Capital Adequacy in a Mixed Banking System: New Evidence from Malaysia Using Dynamic OLS and Two-Step Dynamic System GMM Estimators
  55. The effects of monetary policy on the Islamic financial services industry
  56. Islamic Interbank Money Market: Contracts, Instruments and Their Pricing
  57. The Legal Maxims of Islamic Law (Excluding Five Leading Legal Maxims) and Their Applications in Islamic Finance ( )
  58. The impact of efficiency on discretionary loans/finance loss provision: A comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks
  59. Testing the Conventional and Islamic Financial Market Contagion: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis
  60. The Awareness and Attitude towards Islamic Banking: A Study in Malaysia
  61. The diversification benefits from Islamic investment during the financial turmoil: The case for the US-based equity investors
  62. Consumer behavior dynamics of Chinese minorities
  63. Testing the Contagion between Conventional and Shari’Ah-Compliant Stock Indices: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis