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  1. The Impact of Earnings variability and Regulatory Measures on Income Smoothing: Evidence from Panel Regression
  2. Banks' environmental policy and business outcomes: The role of competition
  3. Impact of climate change mitigation policies on corporate financial performance
  4. Comparative analysis between global sukuk and bond indices: value-at-risk approach
  5. The Role of Cash-Waqf in Societal Responsibility
  6. Eliminating Trust Issues in Islamic Interbank Monetary System by Blockchain Technology
  7. The diversification benefit of Islamic investment to Chinese conventional equity investors
  8. Co-movement dynamics between global sukuk and bond markets
  9. The impact of oil prices and the financial market on cost efficiency in the insurance and Takaful sectors: Evidence from a stochastic frontier analysis
  10. The contracts, structures and pricing mechanisms of sukuk: A critical assessment
  11. Why non-Muslims subscribe to Islamic banking?
  12. The impact of competition on cost efficiency of insurance and takaful sectors: Evidence from GCC markets based on the Stochastic Frontier Analysis
  13. Does the Malaysian Sovereign sukuk market offer portfolio diversification opportunities for global fixed-income investors? Evidence from wavelet coherence and multivariate-GARCH analyses
  14. Financial integration between sukuk and bond indices of emerging markets: Insights from wavelet coherence and multivariate-GARCH analysis
  15. Financing agricultural activities in Afghanistan: a proposedsalam-based crowdfunding structure
  16. Unveiling the diversification benefits of Islamic equities and commodities
  17. A comparative study of the historical and current development of the GCC insurance and takaful industry
  18. Is gold a hedge or a safe haven? An application of ARDL approach
  19. Does Islamic equity investment provide diversification benefits to conventional investors? Evidence from the multivariate GARCH analysis
  20. A three-way analysis of the relationship between the USD value and the prices of oil and gold: A wavelet analysis
  21. Diversification benefits in energy, metal and agricultural commodities for Islamic investors: evidence from multivariate GARCH approach
  22. The mitigation of liquidity risk in Islamic banking operations
  23. Capital structure of Islamic banks: a critical review of theoretical and empirical research
  24. Does intense monitoring matter? A quantile regression approach
  25. The problems facing agricultural sector in Zanzibar and the prospects of Waqf-Muzar’ah-supply chain model
  26. An analysis of financial speculation: from theMaqasid Al-Shari’ahperspective
  27. The Lead-Lag Relationship among East Asian Economies: A Wavelet Analysis
  28. The article is explaining alternative currency instead of fiat money prevalent in modern banking
  29. Islamic Financial Planning Towards Sustainable Eco-Growth
  30. The impact of crude oil price on Islamic stock indices of South East Asian countries: Evidence from MGARCH-DCC and wavelet approaches
  31. Musharakah Tijarah Cross - Border Financing : Concept, Structure and Salient Features
  32. It discusses the Islamic bank retail financing, its instruments and operations.
  33. Risk-Taking Behavior and Capital Adequacy in a Mixed Banking System: New Evidence from Malaysia Using Dynamic OLS and Two-Step Dynamic System GMM Estimators
  34. The effects of monetary policy on the Islamic financial services industry
  35. Islamic Interbank Money Market: Contracts, Instruments and Their Pricing
  36. The Legal Maxims of Islamic Law (Excluding Five Leading Legal Maxims) and Their Applications in Islamic Finance ( )
  37. The impact of efficiency on discretionary loans/finance loss provision: A comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks
  38. Testing the Conventional and Islamic Financial Market Contagion: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis
  39. The Awareness and Attitude towards Islamic Banking: A Study in Malaysia
  40. The diversification benefits from Islamic investment during the financial turmoil: The case for the US-based equity investors
  41. Consumer behavior dynamics of Chinese minorities
  42. Testing the Contagion between Conventional and Shari’Ah-Compliant Stock Indices: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis