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  1. Integrating DMAIC approach of Lean Six Sigma and theory of constraints toward quality improvement in healthcare
  2. Assessing top management commitment, workforce management, and quality performance of Malaysian hospitals
  3. Effects of Six Sigma initiatives in Malaysian private hospitals
  4. Effect of Lean Six Sigma on quality performance in Malaysian hospitals
  5. Measuring Lean Six Sigma and quality performance for healthcare organizations
  6. Measuring quality performance between public and private hospitals in Malaysia
  7. Service quality, patient satisfaction and loyalty in the Bangladesh healthcare sector
  8. Micro-entrepreneurs’ intention to use Islamic micro-investment model (IMIM) in Bangladesh
  9. Climate change issue and theory of planned behaviour: relationship by empirical evidence
  10. Prioritisation of service quality dimensions for healthcare sector
  11. Identifying the gaps between customer expectations and perceptions on service quality dimensions of Islamic banks in Malaysia
  12. Do managers and employees perceive motivating factors differently in Malaysia?
  13. Quality of MBA Education in Malaysia
  14. Effects of Lean Six Sigma application in healthcare services: a literature review