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  1. Controlling the magnetoelectric coupling in Ni/BiFe0.95Mn0.05O3 with a dielectric spacer
  2. Shedding light on non-Ising polar domain walls: Insight from second harmonic generation microscopy and polarimetry analysis
  3. Polarization Control of the Interface Ferromagnetic to Antiferromagnetic Phase Transition in Co/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3
  4. Non-Ising and chiral ferroelectric domain walls revealed by nonlinear optical microscopy
  5. Modulating the Ferromagnet/Molecule Spin Hybridization Using an Artificial Magnetoelectric
  6. Bismuth iron garnet Bi3Fe5O12: A room temperature magnetoelectric material
  7. Bismuth iron garnet Bi3Fe5O12: A room temperature magnetoelectric material
  8. Interface Magnetoelectric Coupling in Co/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3
  9. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism in (Ge,Mn) compounds: Experiments and modeling
  10. Room temperature multiferroicity in Ga0.6Fe1.4O3:Mg thin films
  11. Exchange bias in GeMn nanocolumns: The role of surface oxidation
  12. Magnetic properties of FeCo alloys measured by energy-loss magnetic chiral dichroism
  13. (Ge,Mn): A ferromagnetic semiconductor for spin injection in silicon
  14. Imaging ferroelectric domains in multiferroics using a low-energy electron microscope in the mirror operation mode
  15. From diluted magnetic semiconductors to self-organized nanocolumns of GeMn in germanium
  16. Magnetic properties of coupled ultrathinNiO∕Fe3O4(001) films
  17. Structure and magnetism of self-organizedGe1−xMnxnanocolumns onGe(001)
  18. Layer-resolved imaging of domain wall interactions in magnetic tunnel junction-like trilayers
  19. Tuning the domain wall orientation in thin magnetic strips using induced anisotropy
  20. Ferromagnetic nanorings
  21. Magnetostructure of MnAs on GaAs revisited
  22. Tunnel magnetoresistance and robust room temperature exchange bias with multiferroic BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films
  23. The nature of charged zig-zag domains in MnAs thin films
  24. Current-induced vortex nucleation and annihilation in vortex domain walls
  25. Investigation of magnetically coupled ferromagnetic stripe arrays
  26. Quantitative determination of domain wall coupling energetics
  27. Magnetic states in wide annular structures
  28. Orientation and interface effects on the structural and magnetic properties of MnAs-on-GaAs hybrid structures
  29. Observation of thermally activated domain wall transformations
  30. Microscopy of mesoscopic ferromagnetic systems with slow electrons
  31. Three-dimensional magnetic-flux-closure patterns in mesoscopic Fe islands
  32. Virgin domain structures in mesoscopic Co patterns: Comparison between simulation and experiment
  33. Imaging low-dimensional magnetism with slow electrons
  34. GaAs Oxide Desorption under Extreme Ultraviolet Photon Flux
  35. Composition of Ge(Si) islands in the growth of Ge on Si(111) by x-ray spectromicroscopy
  36. Nanomagnetism studies with spin-polarized low-energy electron microscopy and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism photoemission electron microscopy
  37. Tailoring of the structural and magnetic properties of MnAs films grown on GaAs—Strain and annealing effects
  38. Head-to-head domain-wall phase diagram in mesoscopic ring magnets
  39. Spectromicroscopy of ultrathin Pd films on W(110):
  40. Composition of Ge(Si) islands in the growth of Ge on Si(111)
  41. Spin configurations and classification of switching processes in ferromagnetic rings down to sub- dimensions
  42. Domain wall behaviour at constrictions in ferromagnetic ring structures
  43. Selective Activation and Passivation of Nanoparticle Catalysts through Substrate Mediation
  44. Direct observation of spin configurations and classification of switching processes in mesoscopic ferromagnetic rings
  45. Tails of near-edges x-ray absorption spectra as a fingerprint of magnetic and structural phase transitions. Application to metallic 3d ultra thin films
  46. High lateral resolution spectroscopic imaging of surfaces: The undulator beamline “nanospectroscopy” at Elettra
  47. High dipolar magnetic moment observed on Ni/Cu() nanostructures by magnetic circular X-ray dichroism
  49. Low-energy electron microscopy/x-ray magnetic circular dichroism photoemission electron microscopy study of epitaxial MnAs on GaAs
  50. Step-induced in-plane orbital anisotropy in FeNi films on Cu(111) probed by magnetic circular x-ray dichroism
  51. In-plane orbital moment anisotropy in fcc Fe0.65Ni0.35 ultrathin films grown on stepped Cu(111) surfaces
  52. Magnetic singularities in self-organized epitaxial cobalt structures