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  1. TEXS: in-vacuum tender X-ray emission spectrometer with 11 Johansson crystal analyzers
  2. Solid and Aqueous Speciation of Yttrium in Passive Remediation Systems of Acid Mine Drainage
  3. Resilience of Cuprous Oxide under Oxidizing Thermal Treatments via Magnesium Doping
  4. Divalent Mercury in Dissolved Organic Matter Is Bioavailable to Fish and Accumulates as Dithiolate and Tetrathiolate Complexes
  5. Mercury(II) Binding to Metallothionein in Mytilus edulis revealed by High Energy-Resolution XANES Spectroscopy
  6. Drastic Change in Zinc Speciation during Anaerobic Digestion and Composting: Instability of Nanosized Zinc Sulfide
  7. Biogenesis of Mercury–Sulfur Nanoparticles in Plant Leaves from Atmospheric Gaseous Mercury
  8. High-Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detected X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy: A Powerful New Structural Tool in Environmental Biogeochemistry Sciences
  9. Nanoscale Distribution of Magnetic Anisotropies in Bimagnetic Soft Core-Hard Shell MnFe2 O4 @CoFe2 O4 Nanoparticles
  10. High energy-resolution x-ray spectroscopy at ultra-high dilution with spherically bent crystal analyzers of 0.5 m radius
  11. X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy study of Mn and Co valence and spin states inTbMn1−xCoxO3
  12. Chemical Forms of Mercury in Human Hair Reveal Sources of Exposure
  13. Back Cover: Molybdenum Speciation and its Impact on Catalytic Activity during Methane Dehydroaromatization in Zeolite ZSM-5 as Revealed by Operando X-Ray Methods (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 17/2016)
  14. Molybdenum Speciation and its Impact on Catalytic Activity during Methane Dehydroaromatization in Zeolite ZSM-5 as Revealed by Operando X-Ray Methods
  15. Intramolecular Hg⋯π interactions of d-character with non-bridging atoms in mercury–aryl complexes
  16. Structure, Bonding, and Stability of Mercury Complexes with Thiolate and Thioether Ligands from High-Resolution XANES Spectroscopy and First-Principles Calculations
  17. Incorporation of Mn inAlxGa1−xNprobed by x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy, high-resolution microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and first-principles calculations
  18. Detailed Characterization of a Nanosecond-Lived Excited State: X-ray and Theoretical Investigation of the Quintet State in Photoexcited [Fe(terpy)2]2+
  19. Electronic structure and local distortions in epitaxial ScGaN films
  20. Hard x-ray emission spectroscopy: a powerful tool for the characterization of magnetic semiconductors
  21. Spin-state studies with XES and RIXS: From static to ultrafast
  22. Toward Highlighting the Ultrafast Electron Transfer Dynamics at the Optically Dark Sites of Photocatalysts
  23. Spin-polarized electronic structure of the core–shell ZnO/ZnO:Mn nanowires probed by X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy
  24. Manipulating Mn–Mgk cation complexes to control the charge- and spin-state of Mn in GaN
  25. The Mn site in Mn-doped GaAs nanowires: an EXAFS study
  26. Interface-driven phase separation in multifunctional materials: The case of the ferromagnetic semiconductor GeMn
  27. Fe-Mg interplay and the effect of deposition mode in (Ga,Fe)N doped with Mg
  28. Experimental probing of exchange interactions between localized spins in the dilute magnetic insulator (Ga,Mn)N
  29. Strain and correlation of self-organized Ge 1 − x Mn x nanocolumns embedded in Ge (001)
  30. Structural and paramagnetic properties of diluteGa1−xMnxN
  31. Embedded magnetic phases in (Ga,Fe)N: Key role of growth temperature
  32. Mn-induced growth of InAs nanowires
  33. Setup for optimized grazing incidence x-ray absorption experiments on thin films on substrates
  34. Local structure of (Ga,Fe)N and (Ga,Fe)N:Si investigated by x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy
  35. A new procedure for the quantitative analysis of extended x-ray absorption fine structure data in total reflection geometry
  36. Controlled Aggregation of Magnetic Ions in a Semiconductor: An Experimental Demonstration
  37. UV-photopolymerisation of poly(methyl methacrylate)-based inorganic–organic hybrid coatings and bulk samples reinforced with methacrylate-modified zirconium oxocluster
  38. Atomic structure of Mn-rich nanocolumns probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  39. Characterization of thermally treated Mo/Si multilayer mirrors with standing wave-assisted EXAFS