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  1. Statistical issues in a study of the effect of milk on growth of schoolchildren
  2. Conditions for success and margins of error: Estimation in clinical trials
  3. Heterogeneity in meta-analysis
  4. On the relevance of prognostic information for clinical trials: A theoretical quantification
  5. 1000 Patients are not Necessary for Balance in a Randomised Trial
  6. The design and analysis of COVID vaccine trials.
  7. Problems with the two-stage analysis of cross-over trials
  8. Using Historical Controls in Oncology
  9. Cluster trials are a closer analogue to studies using historical controls than parallel group trials
  10. A scientific biography of John Nelder
  11. Modelling treatment main effects as random in network meta-analyses with many similar treatments
  12. Naive statistics lead to misunderstandings about personalised medicine
  13. Childhood asthma exacerbations and ADRB2 polymorphism: Caution is needed
  14. Evidence against precision medicine?
  15. The origin of the data that Student used to illustrate his t-test in his famous paper of 1908.
  16. Sample sizes needed to attain chosen power when planning groups of n-of-1 trials
  17. A partial if not impartial defence of P-values
  18. Statistical issues in first-in-human studies on BIA 10-2474: Neglected comparison of protocol against practice
  19. Variation in N-of-1 Trials
  20. Why the scope for personalizing medicine may be less than you think
  21. Progression-seeking bias and rational optimism in research and development
  22. Individual response to exercise training - a statistical perspective
  23. Pharmaceutical Industry, Statistics in: Including Two Examples
  24. Justice, Rawlsian Theory of
  25. Pharma industry productivity is not so great after all
  26. Meta-analysis of sequential trials
  27. Crossover Designs
  28. Statistics in Medicine
  29. Baseline Adjustment in Longitudinal Studies
  30. Caution needed in using Lee's checks for relative risks.
  31. Designing proof of concept trials for treatment of pain
  32. Paediatric legislation may be bad for children
  33. What does 'random effect' mean?
  34. Sources of variation in observed response in trials in pain
  35. Various varying variances
  36. Review of Bad Pharma
  37. Predicting patient recruitment
  38. Contribution to Bob O'Neil Festschrift
  39. Errors of conditional probability
  40. A reply to Chalmers and Dickersin
  41. A note on randomization
  42. Crossover design
  43. P-values explained
  44. Myths of randomisation
  45. When understood properly the data show that editors have a bias in favour of positive results
  46. Editors are biased against negative studies
  47. Tea for three
  48. It works in practice, but does it work in theory?
  49. Dealing with observations below the limit of quantitation
  50. Lecture at the 2011 clinical trials conference in Bristol
  51. Simplicity versus complexity in modelling
  52. Chapter 3 of the book Simplicity Complexity and Modelling
  53. Chapter 2 of Simplicity, Complexity and Modelling
  54. Model selection and other matters
  55. Chapter 1 of Simplicity, Complexity and Modelling
  56. Review of Fleiss, statistical methods for rates and proportions
  57. Francis Galton and regression to the mean
  58. SAS Macros for meta-analysis
  59. Randomisation does not cure all problems but it is still valuable
  60. Cross-over trials in infertility
  61. RA Fisher and significance
  62. PK modellers and statisticians should collaborate
  63. Design and Analysis of Cross-over Trials
  64. Understanding P-values
  65. Efficiency of two approaches to dynamic balancing in clinical trials
  66. Some remarks concerning meta-analysis
  67. Commentary on Rosemary' Baily's paper on dose escalation
  68. Authors' Rejoinder to Commentaries on ‘Measurement in clinical trials: A neglected issue for statisticians?’
  69. Measurement in Clinical Trials
  70. Comment on Robert et al
  71. Double counting in meta-analysis and related problems
  72. Invited comment on a paper by Ioannidis
  73. Correction
  74. Dawid's selection paradox
  75. Editorial/Letters
  76. Two trials illustrating points about randomisation
  77. A dram of data is worth a pint of pontification
  78. Faculty Opinions recommendation of Are flexible designs sound?
  79. When and how to use the t-test
  80. The history of the t-test
  81. Budesonide and Formoterol in Combination: an Incomplete Blocks Cross-over
  82. Authors' Reply
  83. A comment on an article by Andrew Gelman
  84. Statistical Issues
  85. The propensity score is problematic
  86. Multiple endpoints plus Bonferroni may gain power
  87. Safety first?
  88. Drawbacks to Noninteger Scoring for Ordered Categorical Data
  89. Faculty Opinions recommendation of Semiparametric analysis of case series data.
  90. Cross-over trials in Statistics in Medicine : the first ‘25’ years
  91. Sharp tongues and bitter pills
  92. Lord's paradox and ANCOVA
  93. Prior distributions for random effect meta-analysis
  94. Epigenetic analysis must allow for dependence of observations
  95. An Early “Atkins' Diet”: RA Fisher Analyses a Medical “Experiment”
  96. Faculty Opinions recommendation of Surrogate endpoints in clinical trials: definition and operational criteria.
  97. Faculty Opinions recommendation of A likelihood approach to meta-analysis with random effects.
  98. Medicine, Statistics in
  99. Rawlsian
  100. Statistics in Medicine
  101. Errors in understanding cross-over trials
  102. Bitter Pills and Puffed Trials
  103. Bernoulli Family
  104. Comment
  105. Sizing up the world
  106. Crossover designs
  107. Pharmaceutical Industry, Statistics In
  108. Baseline Adjustment in Longitudinal Studies
  109. Some comments on therapeutic equivalence
  110. Authors' Reply
  111. Modelling may save lives and money
  112. Controversies concerning randomization and additivity in clinical trials
  113. Bioequivalence for beginners
  114. Medicine, Statistics in
  115. Justice, Rawlsian Theory of
  116. Tribute to John Nelder on his 80th birthday
  117. The analysis of the AB/BA cross‐over trial in the medical literature
  118. Carry‐over in cross‐over trials in bioequivalence: theoretical concerns and empirical evidence
  119. Preface
  120. Chance, risk and health
  121. Circling the square
  122. Chapter 2 of Dicing with Death
  123. Trials of life
  124. Of dice and men
  125. Time's tables
  126. Sex and the single patient
  127. A hale view of pills
  128. Meta-analysis and related matters
  129. The things that bug us
  130. The empire of the sum
  131. The law is a ass
  132. Preface
  133. Permissions
  134. Dichotomising continuous outcomes is bad
  135. Patents, pharmaceuticals & statistics
  136. P-Values
  137. Crossover Design
  138. Examples of option values in drug development
  139. John Nelder: life and work
  140. Lost opportunities for statistics
  141. Caution is needed in applying nonparametric ANCOVA
  142. Replication probabilities of P-values are irrelevant
  143. A practical text on designing and analysing cross-over trials
  144. Pharma scientists should appear more often on publications
  145. The Unpleasant Placebo?
  146. Screening for breast cancer with mammography
  147. Problems in personalising medicine
  148. Controversies in bioequivalance
  149. The p-value and its critics
  150. Letters to the Editor
  151. Statistical Issues in Clinical Trials in Neurology
  152. Linear models versus meta-analysis in analysing multi-centre trials
  153. Consensus and Controversy in Pharmaceutical Statistics
  154. Letters to the editor
  155. The summary measures approach for clinical trials
  156. Screening mammography re-evaluated
  157. A Comment on Optimal Allocations for Bioequivalence Studies
  158. Preface
  159. Realistic models for carry-over
  160. Robust and realistic approaches to carry‐over
  161. Correspondence
  162. Some controversies in planning and analysing multi‐centre trials
  163. Individual bioequivalance is unnecessary
  164. Bayesian and frequentist approaches to the cross-over trial
  165. Uncertainty can be valuable in drug development
  166. Why you should not use the two-stage analysis of AB/BA cross-overs
  167. On wisdom after the event
  168. P100 Individualizing patient therapy
  169. 35 How to perform the two-stage analysis of cross-over trials if you can't be persuaded not to
  170. A violation of informed consent
  171. Pharmaceutical Project Prioritization
  172. How to rank drug development projects
  173. A Comment on Interim Analyses in Crossover Trials
  174. Controversies in clinical trials
  175. In defence of analysis of covariance: A reply to Chambless and Roeback
  176. Use baseline covariates rather than testing them
  177. Cushny, Peebles & Student
  178. Randomisation in clinical trials
  179. A Bayesian paradox of confirmation
  180. Regression toward the mean in 2 × 2 crossover designs with baseline measurements
  181. Suspended judgment n-of-1 trials
  182. Baseline distribution and conditional size
  183. Letters to the editor
  184. A Popperian view of clinical trials
  185. Competence, control, confirmation and refutation
  186. Review of Howson and Urbach
  187. Regression is not always to the mode
  188. Covariance analysis in generalized linear measurement error models
  189. Combining Outcome Measures: Statistical Power Is Irrelevant
  190. Testing for covariate imbalance does not deal with it
  191. Analysis of an epidemic of Q Fever
  192. Sober view of AIDS
  193. Estimating regression to the mean