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  1. AI-enabled investment advice: Will users buy it?
  2. Brand post popularity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn: the case of start-ups
  3. Understanding Internet users’ lived experiences with YouTube ads
  4. Put on your sunglasses and smile: The secret of Airbnb hosts’ profile photos?
  5. Weeding out low-quality answers from social question & answer sites
  6. Are fake online reviews always exaggerated?
  7. Older People’s Online Information Search During the Pandemic
  8. Exploring the Dynamics of Justification in the Wake of a Rumor Outbreak on Social Media
  9. Social media analytics for end-users' expectation management in information systems development projects
  10. Machine learning techniques and older adults processing of online information and misinformation: A covid 19 study
  11. Human eyes are actually able to spot fake online reviews
  12. Skipping Skippable Ads on YouTube: How, When, Why and Why Not?
  13. Do rumor correction videos on YouTube work?
  14. What do we know about research on lecture capture in higher education?
  15. Understanding digital temptations: An analysis of Internet users' urge to click clickbaits
  16. Internet users follow online health rumors more than facts!!!
  17. Come tour with me: The effects of online profile of tour guides on Internet users
  18. Impact of online scarcity messages on luxury hotel booking intention
  19. Deep learning for mobile spam detection
  20. How do social media users talk about terrorism online?
  21. Impact of brands' content strategy on Facebook Fan Pages
  22. How can we encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle? A case study of Singapore
  23. The relation between online reviews and hotel bookings on Expedia, Agoda and
  24. This review looks expected: Let's trust it
  25. Authentic vs. Fake Online Reviews
  26. Online Falsehood as a Social Problem
  27. Second screening: Watching cricket on TV, & posting comments on social media!
  28. The holy grail of ground truth
  29. Using Google to search about the Internet, anxiety and happiness
  30. Dread health rumors on social media shared more than wish: Even you, medical experts?
  31. How to ensure your Facebook photos are 'Liked'
  32. Let's try to distinguish between rumors and their rebuttals
  33. How reviewers grow from novices to experts?
  34. Who spreads rumors on the Internet? And who stops them?
  35. Are reviews submitted by reputed reviewers more effective than those contributed by novices?
  36. How your action on Facebook can possibly curb online rumors?
  37. Let's learn how to identify fake reviews among authentic ones
  38. Theory to understand the cat-and-mouse game between online review spammers and researchers
  39. Is Lee Kuan Yew really dead?
  40. Do different categories of hotels attract similar types of fake reviews?
  41. Beware! Long textual rumors on the Internet can deceive us
  42. Business, couple, family, friend and solo travelers: Do you rate hotels around the globe similarly?
  43. Found a highly helpful review in Amazon: How good is its quality?
  44. Let's have some fun in learning humanities: Playing SingaRacer
  45. Voting against fake hotel reviews
  46. Want to read reviews before booking a hotel? Be careful about fake reviews!
  47. I can't fix the bug in my code: Seeking help from Stack Overflow
  48. Reputed and novice answerers in Yahoo! Answers: Here lies the difference!
  49. Let's see how authentic reviews differ from fake ones!
  50. Health rumors on the Internet: Do we really trust them?
  51. Strategies used to write fake reviews convincingly
  52. Not all applauses in reviews are genuine
  53. How to get the most out of question answering sites?
  54. Learning to identify authentic online reviews
  55. Write long lambasting reviews in Amazon to increase helpfulness
  56. Not all criticisms in reviews are authentic
  57. Not all kudos in reviews are genuine
  58. Are the fastest fingers also the best fingers?
  59. Microsoft, HP: Going green
  60. Starbucks’ use of Social Media for Customer Knowledge Management
  61. Removing spam through gameplay
  62. How going green can bolster business sustainability?