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    Impact of sea level rise on coastal flooding in the Chesapeake Bay
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    Tackling the effects of climate change on wetlands
  3. Article
    Can local extreme events be attributed to global warming ?
  4. Article
    Effects of climate change on flexible pavements in Canada
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    Why should we care about what's happening in the Arctic?
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    Global co-operation for effective climate change mitigation
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    New guidelines for building climate resilience in Indian coasts
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    Sulfate aerosols: tricking us by masking the short-term effects of carbon dioxide
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    Resilient approaches to managing the impact of climate change
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    The arctic climate crisis and its ‘chilling’ implications
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    Using sound to measure the thickness of sea ice
  12. Article
    In deep water: Predicting the future of Arctic sea ice levels
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    Changes in land use and climate threaten the distribution of the African Elephant
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    How are bats in Ireland affected by climate change ?
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    Effect of doubling CO₂ concentration on the climate: A prophetic prediction
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    The Status of renewable energy utilization for sustainable development in sub-saharan Africa
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    Climate impacts of green roofs and cool roofs in urban areas
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    ‘Warming up’ to sustainable energy production with PER cells
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    Implications of climate change on the growth and survival of divergent tree species
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    Harnessing breakwaters for renewable energy: Technologies and challenges
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    Suite of Google Earth tools allow scientists track how land use is impacting our planet
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    Seascape topography can improve accuracy of species distribution models
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    What can we do to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? One option – get the ocean to soak it up.
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    Meeting the global water demand amidst climate crises
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    Feasibility of solar systems in industrial processes
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    Securing food resources by unlocking plant microbiome manipulation strategies
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    Effects of increasing temperatures on ozone related health problems
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    Impacts of a warming climate on Atlantic salmon mortalities in recreational fisheries
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    The sustainability haul: Are we really going green?
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    Climate Change Politics: Heading towards a dynamic crisis?
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    Considering climate change in a new framework to evaluate structural aging
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    How 'water hyacinths' float about quietly and trap plastics
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    Underwater life under climate change: Sensing seagrasses with sound
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    Preparing for extreme temperatures under global warming
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    Analyzing infrastructure resilience using a high-level methodology
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    Ensuring equal rights to a safe climate at the global level
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    Forests have unique local level growth responses to anthropogenic climate change
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    How global warming in industrial areas spreads to developing countries
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    Cost effective restoration of watersheds in dry forest areas
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    Unique features of tropical cyclones in Southeast China can help examine wind profile
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    Better warning systems for people and places at risk of extreme rainfall
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    Are Climate Change Laws Fair? How China Views Fair Climate Responsibility
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    The average American’s diet is as bad for the environment as taking a 2-hr flight every month
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    Observing diffusion between oil and CO₂ when CO₂ is stored in oil reservoirs
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    Incorporating climate change strategies in Canadian fisheries management
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    Local communities’ climate change adaptation strategies
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    Into the woods: Studying the natural durability of amazon rainforest wood species
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    The balloon that can monitor climate change
  49. Article
    International law requires multilateral cooperation to tackle climate change
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    Aquatic Food Systems: Easy game for perils of climate change
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    Further evidence that human activity is responsible for climate change
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    Assessing storage potential and leakage risks of geological carbon dioxide reservoirs
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    Determining rainfall estimates to plan better in the face of climate change.
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    Mitigating the risk of disasters through urban planning
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    Incorporating climate-change related risks in transport asset management
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    Exploring the use of copper zeolites to reduce levels of atmospheric methane
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    What are the challenges in meeting the massive demand for solar energy?
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    Role of sustainability assessment tools in creating low carbon cities and district
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    Global public perception about climate change policies
  60. Article
    Implications of ambition in international climate protection laws
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    Assessment of the impact of human activities on the environment
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    Open dialogue and governmental policy for a sustainable Africa
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    Visualising climate change : An effort in community participation
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    Climate Change and Individual Moral Duties


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