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    Human rights under the climate legislation: “Protect Rights” the right way
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    Can international environmental laws get us out of harm’s way ?
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    Climate change consequences now a human rights violation: Will more countries ‘follow suit’ ?
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    Implications of climate change on the growth and survival of divergent tree species
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    The average American’s diet is as bad for the environment as taking a 2-hr flight every month
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    Predicting climate change using wireless sensor networks and machine learning
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    Fighting Climate Change: The New Corporate Social Responsibility
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    Protecting the earth’s atmosphere with dedicated climate laws
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    Including climate change in the law of armed conflict
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    International law requires multilateral cooperation to tackle climate change
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    The polluter pays principle in the world’s largest economies
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    Considering climate change in a new framework to evaluate structural aging
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    Role of sustainability assessment tools in creating low carbon cities and district
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    Resilient approaches to managing the impact of climate change
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    Why climate change can cause new diseases, and what we need to do about it
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    Blue-green roofs can help with stormwater management
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    Legal experts unite to take a pledge against climate change
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    Bridging the gap between successful trade and climate protection
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    Tackling the effects of climate change on wetlands
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    Reparative justice for migration caused by climate disruption
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    New guidelines for building climate resilience in Indian coasts
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    Imminent tipping points of neotropical forests
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    Assessment of the impact of human activities on the environment
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    Open dialogue and governmental policy for a sustainable Africa
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    Can geoengineering help balance the burden of climate change mitigation?
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    Air pollution in Mainland China reduced during the Covid-19 lockdown
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    Upcycling atmospheric carbon dioxide for a cleaner future
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    Porous Liquids: ‘Filling the gaps’ in gaseous capture and separation
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    Power Play: A democratic approach for effective management of renewable energy resources
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    Chasing the Clouds: New remote sensing data based method for predicting cloud properties
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    Negative emissions technologies for climate goals: How far successful?
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    Incorporating climate change strategies in Canadian fisheries management
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    Anxious Children and Even More Anxious Adults—How Parents React to Climate Anxiety
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    Can shade coffee plantations provide a safe habitat for migratory birds?
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    Cross-border Cooperation: Gearing up against climate change
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    Climate Change Litigation: Making corporations pull up their socks and pull down their emissions
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    It’s Easy Being Green—Boosting sustainability in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
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    The environmental crisis siren: Need for an emergency response to mitigate climate change
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    The human cost of climate change adaptation strategies
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    Training our engineers to reduce environmental impact
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    Advancing invasion science in times of rapid environmental change
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    Environmental disasters cause mental health problems
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    Environmental law can help to prevent climate-related conflicts
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    Article Collection: Climate Change and Extreme Events
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    ‘Greening’ silicon production for a future with net zero emissions
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    Ammonia fuel cells – A revolutionary green energy source
  47. Article
    A new method to assess climate feedback models
  48. Article
    Harnessing breakwaters for renewable energy: Technologies and challenges
  49. Article
    Evaluating the challenges of flood prediction and mitigation
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    Addressing global warming and eutrophication with wastewater-based algal photobioreactor
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    Accusations now stronger? Mounting evidence of ExxonMobil’s climate change falsification
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    The costs of biofuel currency minted through deforestation
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    Re-defining climate justice: Legal mandates for the ‘Right to Health’
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    The psychology behind climate change denial
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    Climate change denial: putting personal gains before the future of the planet
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    We are not protecting Antarctica as carefully as we should
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    Feasibility of solar systems in industrial processes
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    Harnessing local knowledge to manage extreme climate risks
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    Underwater life under climate change: Sensing seagrasses with sound
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    How much global warming do landfills cause ?
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    Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions: How responsible is India ?
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    Energizing the next industrial revolution with self-charging power systems
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    How efficient adaptation strategies can tackle climate change in Utah’s ski resorts
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    True solutions to sustainability: Embracing planetary boundaries in energy systems
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    What are the recommendations for governments from the latest climate research?
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    Improving food security with sustainable agriculture
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    Haber-Bosch 2.0: Creating a carbon-free energy landscape with a second ammonia revolution
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    Ethical mining and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  69. Article
    Using scientific evidence to aid conservation of bumble bees
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    Food waste can be processed to make clean fuel.
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    Economic and health benefits of investing in sanitation
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    Membrane fuel cells for alternative green energy solutions
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    Global warming and the ‘polarized’ North–South debate
  74. Article
    Can countries in Africa afford to switch to green energy?
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    How climate change will affect our health and what we can do about it
  76. Article
    Can carbon dioxide injection control the spread of aquatic invasive species ?
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    Solar powered reverse osmosis water desalination to combat fresh water scarcity
  78. Article
    The relationship between climate change and public insecurity
  79. Article
    Turning salt water into fresh water as efficiently as possible
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    Closing the mitigation gap: Empowering individuals to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes
  81. Article
    Why doesn’t climate law protect children’s human rights?
  82. Article
    Environment friendly ways to remove pollutants from water bodies
  83. Article
    Storing renewable thermal energy with nanofibers and phase change materials
  84. Article
    How does the conversion efficiency of solar cells depend on the wavelength of light ?
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    How the Paris Agreement combines tools and actors for better enforcement
  86. Article
    Implications of ambition in international climate protection laws
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    Helping data centers become carbon neutral with novel microchannel heat sinks
  88. Article
    Do scientists agree that human activity is causing global warming? Yes.
  89. Article
    How does indoor pollution affect workplace productivity?
  90. Article
    Are Climate Change Laws Fair? How China Views Fair Climate Responsibility
  91. Article
    The power panning dilemma: How developing Asia is keeping up
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    Climate Change Fanned the Flames in Californian Wildfires, Study Reveals
  93. Article
    Why Breathing in Wildfire Smoke is Bad For Us
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    Estimating the levels of microplastics in our oceans
  95. Article
    Are you using plastics in your garden? You could be causing microplastic pollution
  96. Article
    How 'water hyacinths' float about quietly and trap plastics
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    India, a climate villain or hero? New way to predict carbon emissions in developing economies
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    Citizen weather stations can be a major boon to health monitoring and urban planning
  99. Article
    Examining accountability at the Green Climate Fund
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    Exploring the use of copper zeolites to reduce levels of atmospheric methane


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