1. Article
    A model to tell earth’s natural climatic patterns apart from human-caused climate change
  2. Article
    The Status of renewable energy utilization for sustainable development in sub-saharan Africa
  3. Article
    Underwater life under climate change: Sensing seagrasses with sound
  4. Article
    Upcycling atmospheric carbon dioxide for a cleaner future
  5. Article
    Hope for a cleaner future: Using sunlight to convert carbon dioxide to fuel
  6. Article
    How global warming in industrial areas spreads to developing countries
  7. Article
    Climate change effects on Australia’s future renewable energy generation landscape
  8. Article
    Chasing the Clouds: New remote sensing data based method for predicting cloud properties
  9. Article
    The economics of energy storage: Location and sizing of power systems
  10. Article
    ‘Warming up’ to sustainable energy production with PER cells
  11. Article
    What are the challenges in meeting the massive demand for solar energy?
  12. Article
    In deep water: Predicting the future of Arctic sea ice levels
  13. Article
    New Framework to Accurately Predict the Effect of Abrupt Climate Changes
  14. Article
    Using sound to measure the thickness of sea ice
  15. Article
    How global warming puts phytoplankton under threat
  16. Article
    Improving current green energy technology so it is a realistic alternative to fossil fuels
  17. Article
    The balloon that can monitor climate change
  18. Article
    Accounting for climate change: Modeling and forecasting extreme climate events
  19. Article
    Clean fuels: how can we produce them more efficiently?
  20. Article
    The ‘missing source’: nitrous oxide and the greenhouse effect