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    Climate change and nutrient loading: recipe for harmful algal blooms in lakes
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    The polluter pays principle in the world’s largest economies
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    It’s Easy Being Green—Boosting sustainability in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
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    Addressing global warming and eutrophication with wastewater-based algal photobioreactor
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    How air pollution affects cognitive development
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    How can we make sure economic recovery after COVID-19 does not harm the environment?
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    Evaluating progress and enhancing climate mitigation under the Paris Agreement
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    Promoting Green Innovation Through Climate Change Policies
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    Toward cyclable cities: An alternative urban development strategy
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    Storing renewable thermal energy with nanofibers and phase change materials
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    Tackling the effects of climate change on wetlands
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    How bedding materials used in dairy farms impact greenhouse gas emissions
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    How does indoor pollution affect workplace productivity?
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    Effects of increasing temperatures on ozone related health problems
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    Climate impacts of green roofs and cool roofs in urban areas
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    Use of coal methane in climate change and health safety in China
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    Air pollution in Mainland China reduced during the Covid-19 lockdown
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    Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions: How responsible is India ?
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    Overhauling public transport to ‘spark’ the use of electric and low-emission vehicles
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    Artificial intelligence is helping make wind power more reliable
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    Is capitalism making climate change better or worse?
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    Getting past the fossil fuel hitch: Clean energy alternatives for carbon mitigation
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    Are you using plastics in your garden? You could be causing microplastic pollution
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    Combating climate change through green finances
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    Are microplastics ‘clogging’ sustainable development?
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    Creating climate plans for changing energy and economic landscapes
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    Analyzing natural and human Influences on forest CO2 absorption
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    Solar powered reverse osmosis water desalination to combat fresh water scarcity
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    Environment friendly ways to remove pollutants from water bodies
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    Estimating the levels of microplastics in our oceans
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    Sustainable microbial fuel cells and supercapacitors derived from agricultural waste
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    Capturing carbon dioxide better with water repellent cotton balls
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    Porous Liquids: ‘Filling the gaps’ in gaseous capture and separation
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    Lowering carbon emissions with cerium oxide catalysts
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    Aquatic Food Systems: Easy game for perils of climate change


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