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    Reducing carbon footprint through virtual events
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    Deforestation in Mexico: Identifying the causes and practices to curb it
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    Effect of droughts on the population and survival of large carnivores in Africa
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    Mitigating the risk of disasters through urban planning
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    How bedding materials used in dairy farms impact greenhouse gas emissions
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    How ranchers dealt with California’s historic drought through proactive management practices
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    Teaching students about scientific inquiry through lessons on ocean acidification
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    Cost effective restoration of watersheds in dry forest areas
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    How climate change affects winters in northeastern North America
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    “Managed relocation” to save vulnerable plant species from climate change
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    Addressing global warming and eutrophication with wastewater-based algal photobioreactor
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    New guidelines for building climate resilience in Indian coasts
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    Imminent tipping points of neotropical forests
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    Changes in land use and climate threaten the distribution of the African Elephant
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    How can we buffer honey bees against extreme weather events caused by climate change ?
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    How improved cookstoves can help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
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    Practices to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture sector
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    Carbon storing capacity of Masson pine forests is influenced by type and location
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    Carbon storing capacity of North Pacific Eelgrass
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    Predicting future amphibian habitats under climate change
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    Pen culture as a climate adaptive strategy to enhance fish production in wetlands
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    How are bats in Ireland affected by climate change ?
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    Harnessing local knowledge to manage extreme climate risks
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    Will India lose sight of the Malayan giant squirrel due to climate change ?
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    Indigenous peoples are the key to sustainably restoring forest ecosystems
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    How efficient adaptation strategies can tackle climate change in Utah’s ski resorts
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    How will climate change affect life in the oceans ?
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    Local communities’ climate change adaptation strategies
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    Can shade coffee plantations provide a safe habitat for migratory birds?
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    Using scientific evidence to aid conservation of bumble bees