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    Meeting the global water demand amidst climate crises
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    Better warning systems for people and places at risk of extreme rainfall
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    Predicting worsening heatwaves under climate change
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    Predicting climate change using wireless sensor networks and machine learning
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    How can we improve the simultaneous production of crops and solar energy?
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    Sustainable microbial fuel cells and supercapacitors derived from agricultural waste
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    Feasibility of solar systems in industrial processes
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    What is the impact of climate change on food security in the US ?
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    Preparing for extreme temperatures under global warming
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    How climate change may affect health risk alerts in the UK
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    Dynamic Bayesian networks: A new decision support tool for managing saltwater intrusion
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    Seascape topography can improve accuracy of species distribution models
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    Climate change and nutrient loading: recipe for harmful algal blooms in lakes
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    Can current agricultural practices guarantee appropriate levels of soil organic carbon ?
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    Anxious Children and Even More Anxious Adults—How Parents React to Climate Anxiety
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    Helping the earth heal itself: Nature-based solutions to tackle climate change
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    Eight ways in which the United States can realistically become carbon neutral
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    Long term project shows insect numbers dropped by 82%
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    Environmental disasters cause mental health problems
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    Can countries still prosper while cutting carbon emissions?