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  1. Towards Gender Equality through a virtual interactive Center of Women & leadership
  2. Females working in industries - not entering or leaving those careers.
  3. Recuperation travel in China: its operating model and opportunities for tourism entrepreneurship
  4. Women Entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates - think entrepreneur think woman!
  5. Millennials and their career intentions
  6. Women who leave/stay in careers in Science Technology Engineering Math
  7. Education, Employment and Promotion of women for gender equality
  8. Emiratization: Benefits and challenges of strategic and radical change in the United Arab Emirates
  9. How to develop a research agenda in two days
  10. Guest editorial
  12. Representative bureaucracy in the Arab Gulf states
  13. Exploring academic dishonesty in the Middle East: a qualitative analysis of students’ perceptions
  14. The lived experiences of foreign women: Influences on their international working lives
  15. Negotiating Space for Women’s Academic Leadership within the Arab Gulf States
  16. Emirati culture
  17. Women's organizational success trapped by metaphors
  18. Women in academia
  19. Effect of culture on meeting time
  20. women's equality in the UAE, progress towards United Nations Sustainability goal 5 continues.
  21. Modern to postmodern management: developments in scientific management
  22. The current state of female leadership in the United Arab Emirates
  23. Introducing blended learning: An experience of uncertainty for students in the United Arab Emirates
  24. Students' inadequate exposure to learning technology: overcoming the pedagogical challenge using wikis
  25. Integrating Web 2.0-based informal learning with workplace training
  26. CSR reporting: a review of the Pakistani aviation industry
  27. Noor Dubai Foundation: managing blindness in developing countries
  28. Access to fieldwork: “strange” work in a Middle East setting
  29. Teaching & Learning for International Students in a 'Learning Community': Creating, Sharing and Building Knowledge