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  1. Education, Employment and Promotion of women for gender equality
  2. Exploring academic dishonesty in the Middle East: a qualitative analysis of students’ perceptions
  3. Emirati culture
  4. Women's organizational success trapped by metaphors
  5. Women in academia
  6. Effect of culture on meeting time
  7. Socio-business responsibility in the Gulf Arab states: the case of the Pearl Initiative
  8. Oman's labour force: an analysis of gender in management
  9. In their own time and space
  10. women's equality in the UAE, progress towards United Nations Sustainability goal 5 continues.
  11. Modern to postmodern management: developments in scientific management
  12. The current state of female leadership in the United Arab Emirates
  13. Introducing blended learning: An experience of uncertainty for students in the United Arab Emirates
  14. Exploring individual, social and organisational effects on Web 2.0-based workplace learning: a research agenda for a systematic approach
  15. Interrelationships between Cultural Intelligence Dimensions and the Role of Intrapersonal Intelligence
  16. Students' inadequate exposure to learning technology: overcoming the pedagogical challenge using wikis
  17. Integrating Web 2.0-based informal learning with workplace training
  18. CSR reporting: a review of the Pakistani aviation industry
  19. The Learning Orientation of Primary Health Care Teams in the English National Health Service: Is This a Myth That Should Be Perpetuated?
  20. Noor Dubai Foundation: managing blindness in developing countries
  21. Implications for recruitment in a multinational organization: a case study of human resource management in the United Arab Emirates
  22. Access to fieldwork: “strange” work in a Middle East setting
  23. El Ridi, Rashika