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  1. The UAE contribution to the SDGs with a focus on global health and climate change.
  2. The power of big data mining to improve the health care system in the United Arab Emirates
  3. Perspective: Telehealth – beyond legislation and regulation
  4. Knowledge of Jordanian women of reproductive age who underwent bariatric surgery and its effect on birth outcomes: A cross-sectional study
  5. Editorial: AI and Healthcare Financial Management (HFM) towards sustainable development
  6. ICT Enabled Disease Diagnosis, Treatment and Management—A Holistic Cost-Effective Approach Through Data Management and Analysis in UAE and India
  7. Cross Country Determinants of Investors' Sentiments Prediction in Emerging Markets Using ANN
  8. Detection of COVID-19 Using Deep Learning Techniques and Cost Effectiveness Evaluation: A Survey
  9. The Power of Big Data Mining to Improve the Health care System in the United Arab Emirates
  10. Agile Government and Healthcare: An Example of Telemedicine during the COVID-19 Crisis
  11. Predicting Universal Healthcare Through Health Financial Management for Sustainable Development in BRICS, GCC, and AUKUS Economic Blocks
  12. Telemedicine in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis: A Case Study in Government and Healthcare Agility
  13. How to ensure UAE health security
  14. The nexus of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Insights on demographics, enablers and barriers
  15. UAE efforts in promoting COVID-19 vaccination and building vaccine confidence
  16. Hospital Accreditation: A Review of Evidence, Regulatory Compliance, and Healthcare Outcome Measures
  17. Gender-based disparities on health indices during COVID-19 crisis: a nationwide cross-sectional study in Jordan
  18. The Sweet and Sour of the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax
  19. UAE Resident Users’ Perceptions of Healthcare Applications from Dubai Health Authority: Preliminary Insights
  20. Artificial Intelligence in Health Policy – A Global Perspective
  21. Is there Evidence to Suggest that Maternal Obesity Impacts Breastfeeding Prevalence? – A Review
  22. A Mixed-Methods Study to Explore the Impact of Hospital Accreditation
  23. How do intergovernmental organizations embed themselves in global value chains: A case study of Gavi
  24. Determinants of Patient Satisfaction in The United Arab Emirates Health Care Industry
  25. Does the timing of government COVID-19 policy interventions matter? Policy analysis of an original database
  26. Advancing the Inclusive Agenda for People of Determination in the UAE Through Sustainable Innovations
  27. Healthcare Professional and User Perceptions of eHealth Data and Record Privacy in Dubai
  28. Policy Review: Dubai Health Authority’s COVID-19 Rapid Response
  29. Public Health Strategies for the Gradual Lifting of the Public Sector Lockdown in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates During the COVID-19 Crisis
  30. Public Health Strategies for the Gradual Lifting of the Public Sector Lockdown in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates During the COVID-19 Crisis (Preprint)
  31. Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates Health Care Industry
  32. Jordan’s Public Health and Surveillance Health Policies: During and After COVID-19 (Preprint)
  33. UAE Economic Diversification: A Medical Tourism Perspective
  35. Diversity Management in United Arab Emirates
  36. Government Innovation and Creativity: A Case of Dubai
  37. Electronic Health Record Management: Dubai Health Authority’s Project ‘SALAMA’
  38. Privacy protection laws and public perception of data privacy in dubai
  39. Cross-cultural Communication and Language Perspective: Moving from Localization to Glocalization
  40. Influence of organizational culture on knowledge transfer: Evidence from the Government of Dubai
  41. Abu Dhabi Healthcare System- Diagnosis Related Group Perspective
  42. How the UAE can reduce the prevalence of obesity among the youth?- a health policy perspective
  43. General Electric: how GE worked to transform oncology healthcare in the Kingdom
  44. Research and development in Dubai – Impression et Enregistrement des Résultats (IER): cross-cultural management
  45. Noor Dubai Foundation: managing blindness in developing countries
  46. Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC): a destination, global champion
  47. Health Care : Current Reviews
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