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  1. Recovery by food and exercise with antithrombotic activity
  2. Bedside blood test, Global Thrombosis Test, for stroke and heart disease
  3. Global Thrombosis Test: Occlusion Is Attributable to Shear-Induced Platelet Thrombus Formation
  4. Are red winces prevent stroke and heart attack?
  5. A new best bed side blood test to assess thrombotic status
  6. Tests using non-anticoagulated blood can contribute to many fields.
  7. Prevention of heart attack and stroke by diet and exercise
  8. Overwork accelerates heart attack and/or stroke
  9. The exercise paradox may be solved by measuring the overall thrombotic state using native blood
  10. Quality of fruits and vegetables.
  11. Global Thrombosis Test using non-anticoagulated blood (GTT)
  12. Free radical scavenger accelerates thrombolysis
  13. Trans-fatty acid and thrombosis
  14. A bedside test for thrombotic status
  15. Folic acid suppresses thrombosis
  16. Crocetin, a Carotenoid fromGardenia jasminoidesEllis, Protects against Hypertension and Cerebral Thrombogenesis in Stroke-prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
  17. Intestinal flora and thrombosis
  18. Deep venous thrombosis after knee arthroplasty
  19. Smoking and thrombosis
  20. Nitric oxide and thrombosis
  21. Leukocyte and thrombosis
  22. Antithrombotic tomato varieties
  23. Some apple varieties have antithrombotic activity.
  24. Thrombosis and metabolic syndrome
  25. Antithrombotic potato variety harvested in autumn
  26. Orange and stroke
  27. Astaxanthin may prevent stroke, demonstrated in animal experiment
  28. Antithrombotic sesame seed varieties
  29. Onion varieties with antithrombotic activity and with enhancing activity.
  30. The effect of the long term aspirin administration on the progress of atherosclerosis in apoE-/- LDLR-/- double knockout mouse
  31. Some traditional kampo medicine prevent thrombosis
  32. Impaired endothelial function may be due to decreased aortic tetrahydrobiopterin, assessed by a new flow-mediated vasodilation in vivo in hypercholesterolemic/atherogenic mice
  33. Peptide from pork could prevent heart attack and stroke
  34. Preventive Effect of Morinda citrifolia Fruit Juice on Neuronal Damage Induced by Focal Ischemia
  35. Prevention of stroke
  36. Antithrombotic and prothrombotic carrot varieties.
  37. Rosemary and common thyme herbs may prevent stroke and heart attack.
  38. Helium-neon laser-induced thrombosis model
  39. The paradox of exercise
  40. 112 Numerical analysis on the flow in GTT tube
  41. The Anti-thrombotic Active Constituents from Centella asiatica
  42. Specified rice varieties prevent thrombosis
  43. Spontaneous Thrombolysis: A Forgotten Determinant of Life or Death
  44. Which protein is better to prevent thrombosis, animal or vegetable?
  45. Enhanced spontaneous thrombolysis: A new therapeutic challenge
  46. Dietary diacylglycerol extenuates arterial thrombosis in apoE and LDLR deficient mice
  47. First change in atherosclerosis
  48. Intake of specified strawberry variety prevents stroke and heart attack in humans.
  49. Antithrombotic mulberry
  50. The free-radical scavenger, edaravone, augments NO release from vascular cells and platelets after laser-induced, acute endothelial injuryin vivo
  51. Antithrombotic strawberry varieties out of seventeen varieties assessed by animal experiments.
  52. Antithrombotic herbs
  53. Anti-thrombotic effect of proanthocyanidin, a purified ingredient of grape seed
  54. Synergistic antithrombotic effect of a combination of NO donor and plasma kallikrein inhibitor
  55. Effect of exercise on stroke
  56. Antithrombotic onion varieties
  57. Shear-induced in-vitro haemostasis/thrombosis tests
  58. Antithrombic and anti-atherogenic effects of partially defatted flaxseed meal using a laser-induced thrombosis test in apolipoprotein E and low-density lipoprotein receptor deficient mice
  59. Impaired spontaneous thrombolytic activity in elderly and in habitual smokers, as measured by a new global thrombosis test
  60. Antithrombotic tomato varieties
  61. Tomatoes have natural anti-thrombotic effects
  62. Suppression of argatroban-induced endogenous thrombolysis by PKSI-527, and antibodies to TPA and UPA, evaluated in a rat arterial thrombolysis model
  63. High Intensity Exercise Enhances Platelet Reactivity to Shear Stress and Coagulation during and after Exercise
  64. The Effect of Dietary Bacillus Natto Productive Protein on in vivo Endogenous Thrombolysis
  65. Ginkgo biloba extract might prevent stroke and hypertesion
  66. Effects of estrogen on the microcirculation and thrombus formation in pial vessels of the rat
  67. Platelet reactivity in spontaneously diabetic rats is independent from blood glucose and insulin levels
  68. Impaired Flow-Mediated Vasodilation in vivo and Reduced Shear-Induced Platelet Reactivity in vitro in Response to Nitric Oxide in Prothrombotic, Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
  69. Shear-Induced Platelet Reactivity in Middle-Aged Women After Low-Intensity Exercise
  70. Inhibitory effect of various thrombin inhibitors on shear-induced platelet function and dynamic coagulation
  71. Adjuvant Effect of Antibodies against von Willebrand Factor, Fibrinogen, and Fibronectin on Staphylokinase-Induced Thrombolysis as Measured Using Mural Thrombi Formed in Rat Mesenteric Venules
  72. The effect of blood flow on brain thrombosis assessed in rat model
  73. Protective Effects of Imidapril on He-Ne Laser-Induced Thrombosis in Cerebral Blood Vessels of Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
  74. A shear-induced in vitro platelet function test can assess clinically relevant anti-thrombotic effects
  75. A shear-inducedin vitroplatelet function test can assess clinically relevant anti-thrombotic effects
  76. A Shear-induced Platelet-rich Haemostatic Plug Formation Method, Haemostatometry, Using Non-anticoagulated Blood.
  77. Effects of Chronic Ingestion of L-arginine and Voluntary Exercise on Thrombotic Tendency and Hemodynamics in Pial Vessels of Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
  79. Enhanced Thrombogenicity and Altered Hemodynamics in the Cerebral Mïcrovasculature of Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
  80. Thrombotic Tendency of Pial Vessels in SHRSP/Izm, Studies with He-Ne Laser-induced Thrombus Formation Technique
  81. Antithrombotic drugs
  83. Preventive Effect of Long-Term Aerobic Exercise on Thrombus Formation in Rat Cerebral Vessels
  84. Antithrombotic Effect of Thromboxane Synthetase Inhibitor, DP-1904, on Laser-Induced Thrombogenesis in Rat Mesenteric Microvessels
  85. The Inhibitory Effect of Sulfated Schizophyllans and Related Oligosaccharides on Coagulation and Fibrinolysis.
  86. Effects of Poly-L-lysine on Activities of Leukocyte Proteinases and on Release of Proteinases from Leukocytes
  87. Application of Poly-L-lysine to Purification of Leukocyte Cathepsin G by Affinity Chromatography.
  88. Synthesis of a trihexacontapeptide corresponding to the sequence 8-70 of eglin c and studies on the relationship between the structure and the inhibitory activity against human leukocyte elastase, cathepsin G and α-chymotrypsin
  89. Synthesis of a heptacontapeptide corresponding to the entire amino acid sequence of eglin C.
  90. Thrombotic Tendency of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Measured by the He-Ne Laser-induced Thrombus Formation Method
  91. Enhancement of spleen plasminogenolytic activity with carrageenan-induced inflammation.
  92. Diabetes and non-pancreas organs
  93. Two types of plasminogen activators in human milk.
  94. Production of the modified form of human plasminogen by .ALPHA.2-macroglobulin-plasmin complexes.
  95. Production of the modified form of human plasminogen in the plasma activated by urokinase.
  96. The assessing method for multimolecular forms of plasminogen in an individual human blood