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  1. Variable coefficient fractional-order PID controller and its application to a SEPIC device
  2. Variable order fractional systems
  3. Fractional-order modeling of a diode
  4. Ranking the scientific output of researchers in fractional calculus
  5. On the fractional Cornu spirals
  6. Local Convergence of a Family of Weighted-Newton Methods
  7. Artistic painting: A fractional calculus perspective
  8. Robust asymptotic stability of interval fractional-order nonlinear systems with time-delay
  9. Power Law Behaviour in Complex Systems
  10. A new glance on the Leibniz rule for fractional derivatives
  11. Complex Systems and Fractional Dynamics
  12. Stability of multidimensional systems using bio-inspired meta-heuristics
  13. Complexity Analysis of Global Temperature Time Series
  14. Synchronization of Chemical Synaptic Coupling of the Chay Neuron System under Time Delay
  15. A critical analysis of the Caputo–Fabrizio operator
  16. Kolmogorov complexity as a data similarity metric: application in mitochondrial DNA
  17. New nonautonomous combined multi-wave solutions for ($$\varvec{2+1}$$2+1)-dimensional variable coefficients KdV equation
  18. The dynamical behavior of mixed-type soliton solutions described by (2+1)-dimensional Bogoyavlensky–Konopelchenko equation with variable coefficients
  19. Stability analysis of a class of nonlinear fractional-order systems under control input saturation
  20. Dynamical analysis of the global business-cycle synchronization
  21. A fractional calculus perspective of distributed propeller design
  22. Corrigendum to “On the computation of the multidimensional Mittag–Leffler function” [Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simulat. 53 (2017) 278–287]
  23. On the computation of the multidimensional Mittag-Leffler function
  24. On the mathematical modeling of soccer dynamics
  25. Milk Characterization Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and Fractional Models
  26. Chaos suppression in fractional systems using adaptive fractional state feedback control
  27. Stability and synchronization of fractional-order memristive neural networks with multiple delays
  28. A new fractional operator of variable order: Application in the description of anomalous diffusion
  29. An integro quadratic spline approach for a class of variable-order fractional initial value problems
  30. Computational comparison and pattern visualization of forest fires
  32. Tidal Analysis Using Time–Frequency Signal Processing and Information Clustering
  33. Which Derivative?
  34. Fractional Definite Integral
  35. Nonlinear phenomena in mechanical robots and multibody mechanical systems
  36. Complex systems in mechanical engineering
  37. Approximation of data using non-integer harmonics series
  38. Dynamic stability analysis of fractional order leaky integrator echo state neural networks
  39. Entropy Analysis of Monetary Unions
  40. Multidimensional scaling analysis of soccer dynamics
  41. Fractional Jensen–Shannon Analysis of the Scientific Output of Researchers in Fractional Calculus
  42. A New Family of the Local Fractional PDEs
  43. SM-Algorithms for Approximating the Variable-Order Fractional Derivative of High Order
  44. Dynamics of Commodities Prices: Integer and Fractional Models
  45. Limit cycle prediction of systems with fractional controllers and backlash
  46. A stable three-level explicit spline finite difference scheme for a class of nonlinear time variable order fractional partial differential equations
  47. Advances in fractional differential equations (IV): Time-fractional PDEs
  48. Computational Complexity
  49. Computational Analysis of the U.S. Forest Fires
  50. The Chronicles of Fractional Calculus
  51. Jacobi Collocation Approximation for Solving Multi-dimensional Volterra Integral Equations
  52. A computational approach for the solution of a class of variable-order fractional integro-differential equations with weakly singular kernels
  53. Generalized two-port elements
  54. Demonstrations and Applications of Fractional-Order Devices
  55. Devices
  56. Fractional-Order Models of Vegetable Tissues
  57. Future Directions
  58. Introduction to Fractional-Order Elements and Devices
  59. Multi-objective Dynamic Analysis Using Fractional Entropy
  60. Extended Algorithms for Approximating Variable Order Fractional Derivatives with Applications
  61. Bond graph and memristor approach to DNA analysis
  62. Stabilization of Fractional-Order Systems Subject to Saturation Element Using Fractional Dynamic Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control
  63. On exact traveling-wave solutions for local fractional Korteweg-de Vries equation
  64. The N -link pendulum: Embedding nonlinear dynamics into the multidimensional scaling method
  65. Editorial special issue: “Dynamics and Control of Fractional Order Systems” International Journal of Dynamics and Control
  66. An Efficient Operational Matrix Technique for Multidimensional Variable-Order Time Fractional Diffusion Equations
  67. An Extended Predictor–Corrector Algorithm for Variable-Order Fractional Delay Differential Equations
  68. Fractional calculus
  69. Challenges in fractional dynamics and control theory
  70. Legendre–Gauss–Lobatto collocation method for solving multi-dimensional Fredholm integral equations
  71. Numerical Solution of the Two-Sided Space–Time Fractional Telegraph Equation Via Chebyshev Tau Approximation
  72. Dynamics of the N-link pendulum: a fractional perspective
  73. Forecasting of random sequences and Prony decomposition of finance data
  74. FCAA Related News, Events and Books (FCAA–Volume 19–1–2016)
  75. Fractional Calculus: D’où venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Où allons-nous?
  76. Application of Fractional Techniques in the Analysis of Forest Fires
  77. Theory and Applications of Fractional Order Systems 2016
  78. A new fractional derivative without singular kernel: Application to the modelling of the steady heat flow
  79. On local fractional operators View of computational complexity: Diffusion and relaxation defined on cantor sets
  80. Visualizing control systems performance: A fractional perspective
  81. A new insight into complexity from the local fractional calculus view point: modelling growths of populations
  82. Fractional derivatives and periodic functions
  83. Analysis and visualization of complex phenomena
  84. Fractional Dynamics and Systems with Power-Law Memory
  85. Entropy Analysis of Industrial Accident Data Series
  86. Integer/fractional decomposition of the impulse response of fractional linear systems
  87. An extension of estimation of domain of attraction for fractional order linear system subject to saturation control
  88. What is a fractional derivative?
  89. Numerical calculation of the left and right fractional derivatives
  90. Fractional order description of DNA
  91. Integer and fractional-order entropy analysis of earthquake data series
  92. Pseudo Phase Plane and Fractional Calculus modeling of western global economic downturn
  93. A review of operational matrices and spectral techniques for fractional calculus
  94. Modeling vegetable fractals by means of fractional-order equations
  95. Nonlinear dynamics for local fractional Burgers’ equation arising in fractal flow
  96. Fractional dynamics and its applications
  97. Multidimensional Scaling Visualization Using Parametric Similarity Indices
  98. Dynamical Analysis and Visualization of Tornadoes Time Series
  99. An Efficient Numerical Scheme for Solving Multi-Dimensional Fractional Optimal Control Problems With a Quadratic Performance Index
  100. Analysis of a Fractional-Order Nonlinear System with Hysteresis Nonlinearity via Describing Function
  101. Fractional signal processing and applications
  102. A review on the characterization of signals and systems by power law distributions
  103. Fractional order describing functions
  104. Numerical Solutions for ODEs with Local Fractional Derivative
  105. Approximate Methods for Local Fractional Differential Equations
  106. Temporal Patterns in Earthquake Data-series
  107. Efficient Legendre spectral tau algorithm for solving the two-sided space–time Caputo fractional advection–dispersion equation
  108. State space analysis of forest fires
  109. Analysis of Natural and Artificial Phenomena Using Signal Processing and Fractional Calculus
  110. Fractional Calculus: Quo Vadimus? (Where are we Going?)
  111. Fractional State Space Analysis of Temperature Time Series
  112. Fractional order junctions
  113. Power Law Behavior and Self-Similarity in Modern Industrial Accidents
  114. Condition-based diagnosis of mechatronic systems using a fractional calculus approach
  115. On the numerical computation of the Mittag-Leffler function
  116. Riesz potential versus fractional Laplacian
  117. Analysis of diffusion process in fractured reservoirs using fractional derivative approach
  118. Numerical analysis of the initial conditions in fractional systems
  119. The Persistence of Memory
  120. Dynamic Analysis and Pattern Visualization of Forest Fires
  121. Double power laws, fractals and self-similarity
  122. Diversity study of multi-objective genetic algorithm based on Shannon entropy
  123. Analysis of temperature time-series: Embedding dynamics into the MDS method
  124. Reply to: Comments on “Particle Swarm Optimization with Fractional-Order Velocity”
  125. A fractional perspective to financial indices
  126. Dynamical Stability and Predictability of Football Players: The Study of One Match
  127. Theory and Applications of Fractional Order Systems
  128. Rhapsody in fractional
  129. Fractional Dynamics of Computer Virus Propagation
  130. A Review of Definitions for Fractional Derivatives and Integral
  131. A Statistical Approach for Tuning the Windowed Fourier Transform
  132. Advanced Topics in Dynamics of Complex Systems
  133. Analysis of Forest Fires by means of Pseudo Phase Plane and Multidimensional Scaling Methods
  134. Analysis of Electricity Market Prices Using Multidimensional Scaling
  135. Fractional Particle Swarm Optimization
  136. Local Fractional Variational Iteration Method for Local Fractional Poisson Equations in Two Independent Variables
  137. Local Fractional Variational Iteration and Decomposition Methods for Wave Equation on Cantor Sets within Local Fractional Operators
  138. Mathematical Methods in Engineering
  139. Detection of quasi-periodic processes in complex systems: how do we quantitatively describe their properties?
  140. Entropy Diversity in Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
  141. Multidimensional scaling visualization of earthquake phenomena
  142. Complex evolution of a multi-particle system
  143. Fractional order modelling of dynamic backlash
  144. Dynamic analysis of earthquake phenomena by means of pseudo phase plane
  145. Fractional calculus: A survey of useful formulas
  146. Fractional dynamics and MDS visualization of earthquake phenomena
  147. Fractional model for malaria transmission under control strategies
  148. A fractional approach to the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem
  149. Symbolic Fractional Dynamics
  150. Fractional Model for Malaria Disease
  151. A Gallery of Root Locus of Fractional Systems
  152. Some Pioneers of the Application of Fractional Calculus
  153. On development of fractional calculus during the last fifty years
  154. Analysis of UV spectral bands using multidimensional scaling
  155. Fractional order models of leaves
  156. Fractional generalization of memristor and higher order elements
  157. Controllability results for impulsive mixed-type functional integro-differential evolution equations with nonlocal conditions
  158. Observability of Nonlinear Fractional Dynamical Systems
  159. Science metrics on fractional calculus development since 1966
  160. Stability of Fractional Order Systems
  161. Power Law and Entropy Analysis of Catastrophic Phenomena
  162. Fractional Dynamics of Genetic Algorithms Using Hexagonal Space Tessellation
  163. New Challenges in Fractional Systems
  164. Advanced Topics in Fractional Dynamics
  165. Analysis of the Respiratory Dynamics During Normal Breathing by Means of Pseudophase Plots and Pressure–Volume Loops
  166. Can Power Laws Help Us Understand Gene and Proteome Information?
  167. Dynamics of a backlash chain
  168. Fractional Coins and Fractional Derivatives
  169. Multidimensional Scaling for Orthodontic Root Resorption
  170. On Local Fractional Continuous Wavelet Transform
  171. Root Locus Practical Sketching Rules for Fractional-Order Systems
  172. Self-similarity principle: the reduced description of randomness
  173. A fuzzified systematic adjustment of the robotic Darwinian PSO
  174. A review of power laws in real life phenomena
  175. Delay Approximation of Fractional Integrals
  176. Accessing complexity from genome information
  177. Analysis of financial indices by means of the windowed Fourier transform
  178. Introducing the fractional-order Darwinian PSO
  179. Special issue: Fractional signals and systems
  180. Analysis of electricity markets using multidimensional scaling
  181. Hybrid adaptive control of a dragonfly model
  182. A multi-objective approach for the motion planning of redundant manipulators
  183. Analysis of Stock Market Indices with Multidimensional Scaling and Wavelets
  184. Analysis and visualization of chromosome information
  185. Application of Integer and Fractional Models in Electrochemical Systems
  186. Fractional Dynamics and Control
  187. Complex-order forced van der Pol oscillator
  188. Fractional dynamics of a system with particles subjected to impacts
  189. Is multidimensional scaling suitable for mapping the input respiratory impedance in subjects and patients?
  190. Shannon, Rényie and Tsallis entropy analysis of DNA using phase plane
  191. Special issue: Complex systems and chaos with fractionality, discontinuity, and nonlinearity
  192. A literature review on the optimization of legged robots
  194. Root locus of fractional linear systems
  195. Wavelet analysis of human DNA
  196. Fractional-order impulse response of the respiratory system
  197. Entropy analysis of the DNA code dynamics in human chromosomes
  198. Fractional dynamics in DNA
  199. Histogram-based DNA analysis for the visualization of chromosome, genome and species information
  200. Fractional signals and systems
  201. A fractional approach for the motion planning of redundant and hyper-redundant manipulators
  202. Recent history of fractional calculus
  203. Modeling of the Lung Impedance Using a Fractional-Order Ladder Network With Constant Phase Elements
  204. Representation of robotic fractional dynamics in the pseudo phase plane
  205. Nonlinear Science and Complexity
  206. Fractional Control of Legged Robots
  207. Application of Fractional Calculus in Engineering
  208. Evolutionary Trajectory Optimization for Redundant Robots
  209. Application of Computational Intelligence to Engineering
  210. Application of Fractional Controllers for Quad Rotor
  211. Application of Genetic Algorithms in the Design of an Electrical Potential of Fractional Order
  212. Fitness Function Evaluation Through Fractional Algorithms
  213. Fractional Control With a Smith Predictor
  214. Fractional Variable Structure Control
  215. Music and Evolutionary Computation
  216. Time-Delay and Fractional Derivatives
  217. Visualizing Fractional Control System Approximations by Means of Multidimensional Scaling
  218. Visualizing Non-Linear Control System Performance by Means of Multidimensional Scaling
  219. Dynamical analysis of compositions
  220. Fractional dynamics in liquid manipulation
  221. Analysis of financial data series using fractional Fourier transform and multidimensional scaling
  222. Complex order van der Pol oscillator
  223. Analysis of financial indexes with computational techniques
  224. Interactive Evolutionary Computation in music
  225. Identifying economic periods and crisis with the multidimensional scaling
  226. Maximin spreading algorithm
  227. Fractional central pattern generators for bipedal locomotion
  228. Application of fractional algorithms in the control of a robotic bird
  229. Dynamics of the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ stock indexes
  230. Automated design of microwave discrete tuning differential capacitance circuits in Si-integrated technologies
  231. Optimal approximation of fractional derivatives through discrete-time fractions using genetic algorithms
  232. Preface
  233. A Theoretical Study on Modeling the Respiratory Tract With Ladder Networks by Means of Intrinsic Fractal Geometry
  234. Particle swarm optimization with fractional-order velocity
  235. Modeling and Control of a Dragonfly-Like Robot
  236. Some Applications of Fractional Calculus in Engineering
  237. Fractional Order Calculus: Basic Concepts and Engineering Applications
  238. On Fractional Control Strategy for Four-Wheel-Steering Vehicle
  239. Control of Chaos via Fractional-Order State Feedback Controller
  240. An evolutionary approach for the motion planning of redundant and hyper-redundant manipulators
  241. Approximating fractional derivatives through the generalized mean
  242. Non Integer Order Operators Implementation via Switched Capacitors Technology
  243. IPMC Actuators Non Integer Order Models
  244. Comparing Numerical Methods for Solving Nonlinear Fractional Order Differential Equations
  245. Some Bounds on Maximum Number of Frequencies Existing in Oscillations Produced by Linear Fractional Order Systems
  246. Frequency Response Based CACSD for Fractional Order Systems
  247. A Fractional Order Adaptation Law for Integer Order Sliding Mode Control of a 2DOF Robot
  248. A New Approach for Stability Analysis of Linear Discrete-Time Fractional-Order Systems
  249. Air-Fuel Ratio Control of an Internal Combustion Engine Using CRONE Control Extended to LPV Systems
  250. Analytical Design Method for Fractional Order Controller Using Fractional Reference Model
  251. Controllability and Minimum Energy Control Problem of Fractional Discrete-Time Systems
  252. Fractional Derivatives with Fuzzy Exponent
  253. Fractional Differential Equations on Algebroids and Fractional Algebroids
  254. Game Problems for Fractional-Order Systems
  255. Generalized Hankel Transform and Fractional Integrals on the Spaces of Generalized Functions
  256. Hybrid Single Walled Carbon Nanotube FETs for High Fidelity DNA Detection
  257. Modeling Ultracapacitors as Fractional-Order Systems
  258. New Noninvasive Methods for ‘Reading’ of Random Sequences and Their Applications in Nanotechnology
  259. Novel Molecular Diodes Developed by Chemical Conjugation of Carbon Nanotubes with Peptide Nucleic Acid
  260. Nyquist Envelope of Fractional Order Transfer Functions with Parametric Uncertainty
  261. On Deterministic Fractional Models
  262. On Observability of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Fractional-Order Control Systems
  263. On the Implementation of a Limited Frequency Band Integrator and Application to Energetic Material Ignition Prediction
  264. Position and Velocity Control of a Servo by Using GPC of Arbitrary Real Order
  265. Quantum Confinement in Nanometric Structures
  266. Resonance and Stability Conditions for Fractional Transfer Functions of the Second Kind
  267. Synchronization Analysis of Two Networks
  268. Synchronization of Chaotic Nonlinear Gyros Using Fractional Order Controller
  269. Synchronization of Fractional-Order Chaotic System via Adaptive PID Controller
  270. Fractional Differentiation and its Applications (FDA08)
  271. Mechanical properties and impedance model for the branching network of the sapping system in the leaf of Hydrangea Macrophylla
  272. Evasion of instabilities caused by neglected subsystems and saturations in the control of a cart of asynchronous electric drives
  273. Fractional derivatives: Probability interpretation and frequency response of rational approximations
  274. Trajectory planning of redundant manipulators using genetic algorithms
  275. Implementation of fractional-order electromagnetic potential through a genetic algorithm
  276. Adaptive VS/SM controller based on robust fixed point transformations
  277. Filtering method in backlash phenomena analysis
  278. Fractional-Order Control of a Robotic Bird
  279. Biological Inspired Flying Robot
  280. Control and Dynamics of Fractional Order Systems
  281. Design Optimization of Radio Frequency Discrete Tuning Varactors
  282. Smith Predictor Embedded With Fractional Algorithms for the Control of a Heat Diffusion System
  283. Adaptive controller for systems of fractional dynamics based on robust fixed point transformations
  284. Design of Radio-Frequency Integrated CMOS Discrete Tuning Varactors Using the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  285. Automated synthesis procedure of RF discrete tuning differential capacitance circuits
  286. A Survey of Technologies for Climbing Robots Adhesion to Surfaces
  287. Application of Fractional Calculus in Engineering Sciences
  288. Fractional dynamics in the trajectory control of redundant manipulators
  289. Possible adaptive control by tangent hyperbolic fixed point transformations used for controlling the -6-type van der pol oscillator
  290. Calculation of fractional derivatives of noisy data with genetic algorithms
  291. Using Fractional Derivatives in Joint Control of Hexapod Robots
  292. Discretization of Complex-order Algorithms for Control Applications
  293. Preliminary sketch of possible Fixed Point transformations for use in adaptive control
  294. Fractional describing function of systems with Coulomb friction
  295. Development of fractional order capacitors based on electrolyte processes
  296. Kinematic and dynamic performance analysis of artificial legged systems
  297. Evolutionary computation in the design of logic circuits
  298. Fractional dynamics in particle swarm optimization
  299. Fractional Order Dynamics in a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  300. Fractional Order Dynamics in a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  301. A Historical Perspective of Legged Robots
  302. Editorial
  303. Performance of Fractional PID Algorithms Controlling Nonlinear Systems with Saturation and Backlash Phenomena
  304. Manipulator trajectory planning using a MOEA
  305. Suboptimum H2 Pseudo-rational Approximations to Fractional-order Linear Time Invariant Systems
  306. Riesz Potentials as Centred Derivatives
  307. Complex Order-Distributions Using Conjugated order Differintegrals
  308. Comparison of Five Numerical Schemes for Fractional Differential Equations
  309. Tuning Rules for Fractional PIDs
  310. Linear Differential Equations of Fractional Order
  311. Mesoscopic Fractional Kinetic Equations versus a Riemann–Liouville Integral Type
  312. Robustness of Fractional-order Boundary Control of Time Fractional Wave Equations with Delayed Boundary Measurement Using the Simple Predictor
  313. Fractional Dynamics in Mechanical Manipulation
  314. A Direct Approximation of Fractional Cole–Cole Systems by Ordinary First-order Processes
  315. Dynamic Response of the Fractional Relaxor–Oscillator to a Harmonic Driving Force
  316. Electrical Skin Phenomena: A Fractional Calculus Analysis
  317. Enhanced Tracer Diffusion in Porous Media with an Impermeable Boundary
  318. Enumeration of the Real Zeros of the Mittag-Leffler Function Eα(z), 1 <α< 2
  319. Flatness Control of a Fractional Thermal System
  320. Fractional Advective-Dispersive Equation as a Model of Solute Transport in Porous Media
  321. Fractional Damping: Stochastic Origin and Finite Approximations
  322. Fractional Derivative Consideration on Nonlinear Viscoelastic Statical and Dynamical Behavior under Large Pre-Displacement
  323. Fractional Kinetics in Pseudochaotic Systems and Its Applications
  324. Fractional Multimodels of the Gastrocnemius Muscle for Tetanus Pattern
  325. Fractional-order Control of a Flexible Manipulator
  326. Frequency Band-Limited Fractional Differentiator Prefilter in Path Tracking Design
  327. Identification of Fractional Models from Frequency Data
  328. Implementation of Fractional-order Operators on Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  329. LMI Characterization of Fractional Systems Stability
  330. Modelling and Identification of Diffusive Systems using Fractional Models
  331. On Fractional Variational Principles
  332. Quasi-Fractals: New Possibilities in Description of Disordered Media
  333. Robust Design of an Anti-windup Compensated 3rd-Generation Crone Controller
  334. Robustness Comparison of Smith Predictor-based Control and Fractional-Order Control
  335. Semi-integrals and Semi-derivatives in Particle Physics
  336. Solute Spreading in Heterogeneous Aggregated Porous Media
  337. Introduction to the Special Issue on Modeling and Control of Artificial Locomotion Systems
  338. Fractional Order PDαJoint Control of Legged Robots
  339. Complex dynamics in the trajectory control of redundant manipulators
  340. Time domain design of fractional differintegrators using least-squares
  341. Complex-order dynamics in hexapod locomotion
  342. Fractional calculus applications in signals and systems
  343. Fractional order electromagnetics
  344. Simulation and dynamics of freeway traffic
  345. Strategies for the Control of Heat Diffusion Systems Based on Fractional Calculus
  346. The Cooperation of Two Manipulators with Fractional Controllers
  347. Windowed Fourier Transform of Experimental Robotic Signals with Fractional Behavior
  348. Energy Efficiency of Quadruped Gaits
  349. Modelling and simulation of artificial locomotion systems
  350. Integer vs. Fractional Order Control of a Hexapod Robot
  351. Which differintegration?
  352. Fractional Order Control of a Hexapod Robot
  353. Dynamical Analysis of Freeway Traffic
  354. Neural network for error correction of pressure force sensor based on elastomagnetic phenomena
  355. Preface
  356. Fractional signal processing and applications
  357. Controllability analysis of biped walking robots
  358. Motion chaos in the pseudoinverse control of redundant robots
  359. Benchmarking computer systems for robot control
  360. Engineering design of a multirate nonlinear controller for robot manipulators
  361. Alternative measurement of software artifacts
  362. Gait selection for quadruped and hexapod walking systems
  363. Centralized and decentralized applications of a novel adaptive control
  364. Dynamics of freeway traffic
  365. A biologically inspired system for the detection of partially occluded objects
  366. A comparison of formalisms for electronic commerce systems
  367. A unified framework for dynamics and Lyapunov stability of holonomically constrained rigid bodies
  368. An agentbased modelling methodology for the investigation of complex adaptive production networks
  369. An extensible transport framework for CORBA with emphasis on real-time capabilities
  370. An introduction to a vision system used for a MiroSOT robot soccer system
  371. An island-based evolution algorithm for discrete-continuous scheduling with continuous resource discretisation
  372. Assessing software complexity from UML using fractal complexity measure
  373. Bond graphs for robust modelling of manufacturing systems
  374. Concept-based interactive evolutionary computation for multi-objective path planning
  375. Contribution to segmentation of digital images based on clustering
  376. Corner detection in digital images using fuzzy reasoning
  377. Customer analysis of monthly-charged mobile content aiming at prolonging subscription period
  378. Designing the fuzzy adaptive cache swapper for MDVM system
  379. Distributed intelligent systems: technologies and applications
  380. Dynamic path planning by fractional potential
  381. Dynamics of the fractional-order Van der Pol oscillator
  382. Hardware prototyping of boolean function classification schemes for lossless data compression
  383. How the database update must affect the responses being produced by the active continuous queries
  384. Human intent driven modeling of products by environment adaptive model objects
  385. Improved lsi-based natural language call routing using speech recognition confidence scores
  386. Joint segmentation of a set of piecewise stationary processes
  387. Left ventricle wall motion analysis using MRI tagging
  388. Logic testing of CMOS structures
  389. MSF-MUD and BA-MUD receivers: principles and comparison
  390. Model-based development of robotic control systems
  391. Monitoring data types in distributed real-time systems
  392. Multi-sensor, multi-source information fusion: architecture, algorithms, and applications - a panoramic overview
  393. Natural language question processing for hungarian deep web searcher
  394. New genetic-based design of a Pi-like fuzzy logic speed controlter for an induction motor
  395. On the performance of learning machines for bankruptcy detection
  396. Operators matching in dynamic data flow architectures
  397. Population size and processing time in a genetic algorithm
  398. Predictive direct stator flux control algorithm of AC induction motor in field weakening region
  399. Proposal and simulation for high quality local positioning and posturing system (LPPS)
  400. Reliability analysis for computer manufacture process
  401. Roby-go, a prototype for several MiroSOT soccer playing robots
  402. Security in a PKI-based networking environment: a multi-agent architecture for distributed security management system & control
  403. Semi-supervised learning techniques: k-means clustering in OODB fragmentation
  404. Simple stereo vision system for real-time object recognition for an autonomous mobile robot
  405. Simulation-based development of embedded sensor fusion applications
  406. Solutions for competition cases in C-language defined application specific hardware
  407. Stability of linear time invariant systems with interval fractional orders and interval coefficients
  408. The fractional order lead compensator
  409. Wavelets filter banks based on continuous-time asymptotic filters
  410. Position/force fractional control of mechanical manipulators
  411. Redundancy optimization for mechanical manipulators
  412. Kinematic evaluation of robotic biped locomotion systems
  413. Application of Genetic Algorithms to the Implementation of Fractional Electromagnetic Potentials