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  1. On the averaging principle for stochastic differential equations involving Caputo fractional derivative
  2. On the relative controllability of neutral delay differential equations
  3. Faedo-Galerkin approximation of mild solutions of fractional functional differential equations
  4. Averaging Methods for Second-Order Differential Equations and Their Application for Impact Systems
  5. Data approximation using Lotka-Volterra models and a software minimization function
  6. Representation of Solutions and Finite Time Stability for Delay Differential Systems with Impulsive Effects
  7. Application of tan(φ(ξ)/2)-expansion method to burgers and foam drainage equations
  8. Asymptotically periodic solutions for Caputo type fractional evolution equations
  9. Iterative learning control with pulse compensation for fractional differential systems
  10. Periodic impulsive fractional differential equations
  11. Note on a parameter switching method for nonlinear ODEs
  12. Impulsive fractional differential equations
  13. Periodic Solutions of Symmetric Elliptic Singular Systems: the Higher Codimension Case
  14. Periodic Solutions of Symmetric Elliptic Singular Systems