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  1. Design of a fractional-order atmospheric model via a class of ACT-like chaotic system and its sliding mode chaos control
  2. Existence of measure pseudo-almost automorphic functions and applications to impulsive integro-differential equation
  3. Influence of interfacial electrokinetic on MHD radiative nanofluid flow in a permeable microchannel with Brownian motion and thermophoresis effects
  4. The general bilinear techniques for studying the propagation of mixed-type periodic and lump-type solutions in a homogenous-dispersive medium
  5. Closed-form wave structures of the space-time fractional Hirota–Satsuma coupled KdV equation with nonlinear physical phenomena
  6. Analytical mathematical schemes: Circular rod grounded via transverse Poisson’s effect and extensive wave propagation on the surface of water
  7. Some new extensions for fractional integral operator having exponential in the kernel and their applications in physical systems
  8. Novel numerical analysis for nonlinear advection–reaction–diffusion systems
  9. Determination of an impulsive diffusion operator from interior spectral data
  10. Comments on: “The failure of certain fractional calculus operators in two physical models” by M. Ortigueira, V. Martynyuk, M. Fedula and J.A.T. Machado
  11. Existence results for an impulsive neutral integro-differential equations in Banach spaces
  12. Some further results of the laplace transform for variable–order fractional difference equations
  13. An Avant-Garde Handling of Temporal-Spatial Fractional Physical Models
  14. Spatio-temporal numerical modeling of reaction-diffusion measles epidemic system
  15. A new and efficient numerical method for the fractional modeling and optimal control of diabetes and tuberculosis co-existence
  16. Asymptotic solutions of fractional interval differential equations with nonsingular kernel derivative
  17. A new fractional model and optimal control of a tumor-immune surveillance with non-singular derivative operator
  18. New variable-order fractional chaotic systems for fast image encryption
  19. A Competitive Numerical Analysis for Stochastic HIV/AIDS Epidemic Model in a Two-Sex Population
  20. A Competitive Analysis for Stochastic Influenza Model with Constant Vaccination Strategy
  21. Theory and application for the time fractional Gardner equation with Mittag-Leffler kernel
  22. Analysis for Fractional Order Predator-Prey Model with Uncertainty
  23. Magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection flow of Jeffery fluid with thermophoresis, Soret and Dufour effects and convective condition
  24. Fractional impulsive differential equations: Exact solutions, integral equations and short memory case
  25. Numerical solutions of the fractional Fisher’s type equations with Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivative by using spectral collocation methods
  26. Grey and black optical solitary waves, and modulation instability analysis to the perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger equation with Kerr law nonlinearity
  27. A uniqueness result for differential pencils with discontinuities from interior spectral data
  28. Fractional modeling of blood ethanol concentration system with real data application
  29. On Numerical Solution Of The Time Fractional Advection-Diffusion Equation Involving Atangana-Baleanu-Caputo Derivative
  30. Sturm-Liouville difference equations having Bessel and hydrogen atom potential type
  31. Inverse problems for the impulsive Sturm–Liouville operator with jump conditions
  32. On the boundary value problem in the nonlinear theory of dipolar elastic materials
  33. Two-strain epidemic model involving fractional derivative with Mittag-Leffler kernel
  34. Convolution theorems associated with some integral operators and convolutions
  35. Quaternion fourier integral operators for spaces of generalized quaternions
  36. Optimal chemotherapy and immunotherapy schedules for a cancer-obesity model with Caputo time fractional derivative
  37. Dynamics of optical solitons, multipliers and conservation laws to the nonlinear schrödinger equation in (2+1)-dimensions with non-Kerr law nonlinearity
  38. Adaptive Fractional Order Blood Glucose Regulator Based on High Order Sliding Mode Observer
  39. Optimal system, nonlinear self-adjointness and conservation laws for generalized shallow water wave equation
  40. Solving FDEs with Caputo-Fabrizio derivative by operational matrix based on Genocchi polynomials
  41. Lie symmetry analysis and conservation laws for the time fractional simplified modified Kawahara equation
  42. Dark–bright optical solitary waves and modulation instability analysis with (2 + 1)-dimensional cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  43. Optimal control of nonlinear dynamical systems based on a new parallel eigenvalue decomposition approach
  44. A reliable mixed method for singular integro-differential equations of non-integer order
  45. Application of ANNs approach for wave-like and heat-like equations
  46. Optical solitons, conservation laws and modulation instability analysis for the modified nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation for Davydov solitons
  47. Spectral technique for solving variable-order fractional Volterra integro-differential equations
  48. New analytical solutions for conformable fractional PDEs arising in mathematical physics by exp-function method
  49. A new iterative algorithm on the time-fractional Fisher equation: Residual power series method
  50. A new analysis for fractional model of regularized long-wave equation arising in ion acoustic plasma waves
  51. Schrödinger equation involving fractional operators with non-singular kernel
  52. Steady periodic response for a vibration system with distributed order derivatives to periodic excitation
  53. Analysis of a New Fractional Model for Damped Bergers’ Equation
  54. Existence Results for Fractional Evolution Systems with Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivatives and Nonlocal Conditions
  55. A novel difference schemes for analyzing the fractional Navier-Stokes equations
  56. Regular fractional differential equations in the Sobolev space
  57. An Accurate Approximate-Analytical Technique for Solving Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations
  58. Measurement of para-xylene diffusivity in zeolites and analyzing desorption curves using the Mittag-Leffler function
  59. Integral inequalities involving generalized Erdélyi-Kober fractional integral operators
  60. On combined optical solitons of the one-dimensional Schrödinger’s equation with time dependent coefficients
  61. On soliton solutions of the Wu-Zhang system
  62. Analysis of time-fractional hunter-saxton equation: a model of neumatic liquid crystal
  63. Fractional Calculus: D’où venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Où allons-nous?
  64. Non-local Integrals and Derivatives on Fractal Sets with Applications
  65. Exact controllability of fractional neutral integro-differential systems with state-dependent delay in Banach spaces
  66. On the Kolmogorov forward equations within Caputo and Riemann-Liouville fractions derivatives
  67. Lattice fractional diffusion equation of random order
  68. A highly accurate Jacobi collocation algorithm for systems of high-order linear differential-difference equations with mixed initial conditions
  69. Image encryption technique based on fractional chaotic time series
  70. A numerical approach based on Legendre orthonormal polynomials for numerical solutions of fractional optimal control problems
  71. A Numerical Approach for Fractional Order Riccati Differential Equation Using B-Spline Operational Matrix
  72. Some existence results on nonlinear fractional differential equations
  73. Fractional Newtonian mechanics