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  1. Why fractional derivatives with nonsingular kernels should not be used
  2. A practical guide to Prabhakar fractional calculus
  3. Some results on the complete monotonicity of Mittag-Leffler functions of Le Roy type
  4. FCAA related news, events and books (FCAA–volume 21–1–2018)
  5. On a generalized three-parameter wright function of Le Roy type
  6. On the time-fractional Schrödinger equation: Theoretical analysis and numerical solution by matrix Mittag-Leffler functions
  7. Grünwald–Letnikov operators for fractional relaxation in Havriliak–Negami models
  8. Fractional Prabhakar Derivative and Applications in Anomalous Dielectrics: A Numerical Approach
  9. SDS2014 Guest Editorial
  10. Properties of the Volterra functions and correlations to Ramanujan integrals
  11. Fractional Calculus: D’où venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Où allons-nous?
  12. Relaxation in dielectric materials according to functions that have a completely monotone property
  13. Model Optimization and Flow Rate Prediction in Electro-injectors of Diesel Injection Systems
  14. Modeling and numerical analysis of fractional-order dynamics in electro-injectors pipes
  15. On complete monotonicity of the Prabhakar function and non-Debye relaxation in dielectrics
  16. Solving the time-fractional Schrödinger equation by Krylov projection methods
  17. Suppressing chaos in discontinuous systems of fractional order by active control
  18. Trapezoidal methods for fractional differential equations: Theoretical and computational aspects
  19. Numerical Evaluation of Two and Three Parameter Mittag-Leffler Functions
  20. Fast evaluation of the Mittag-Leffler function on the imaginary axis
  21. Time-domain simulation for fractional relaxation of Havriliak-Negami type
  22. A pseudo-spectral scheme for the approximate solution of a time-fractional diffusion equation
  23. Exponential Quadrature Rules for Linear Fractional Differential Equations
  24. On some generalizations of the implicit Euler method for discontinuous fractional differential equations
  25. Editorial
  26. Sustaining stable dynamics of a fractional-order chaotic financial system by parameter switching
  27. Exponential integrators for time–fractional partial differential equations
  28. A family of Adams exponential integrators for fractional linear systems
  29. Model order reduction on Krylov subspaces for fractional linear systems * *This work is supported by the national project PRIN 2009F4NZJP “Non integer order systems in modeling and control”, funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MI...
  30. Pseudo-recursive Trapezoidal Rule for the Numerical Solution of Linear Fractional Differential Equations * *The work of A. Pisano, D. Nessi and R. Garrappa has been supported by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) under project “Non ...
  31. Nonstandard finite difference schemes for a fractional-order Brusselator system
  32. Evaluation of generalized Mittag–Leffler functions on the real line
  34. Generalized exponential time differencing methods for fractional order problems
  35. On accurate product integration rules for linear fractional differential equations
  36. On the use of matrix functions for fractional partial differential equations
  37. Study and improve stability of methods for FDEs
  38. Order conditions for Volterra Runge–Kutta methods
  39. On some explicit Adams multistep methods for fractional differential equations
  40. Explicit methods for fractional differential equations and their stability properties
  41. Fractional Adams–Moulton methods
  42. A Comparison of Some Explicit Methods for Fractional Differential Equations
  43. The use of geometric meshes in product integration Simpson's rules
  44. Some formulas for sums of binomial coefficients and gamma functions
  45. On Multistep Methods for Differential Equations of Fractional Order
  46. An analysis of convergence for two-stage waveform relaxation methods
  47. Convergence analysis of time-point relaxation iterates for linear systems of differential equations