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  1. Restrictions in a distributed complex fractional order linear constitutive equations of viscoelasticity
  2. On a Generalized Wave Equation with Fractional Dissipation in Non-Local Elasticity
  3. On a System of Equations with General Fractional Derivatives Arising in Diffusion Theory
  4. Monomer elution model of composite resin material
  5. Two compartmental fractional derivative model with general fractional derivative
  6. Zener Model with General Fractional Calculus: Thermodynamical Restrictions
  7. Internal Variable Theory in Viscoelasticity: Fractional Generalizations and Thermodynamical Restrictions
  8. Theoretical optimal shape of a longest reach cantilever
  9. Noether’s theorem for Herglotz type variational problems utilizing complex fractional derivatives
  10. Wave propagation dynamics in a fractional Zener model with stochastic excitation
  11. Modeling the rheological properties of four commercially available composite core build-up materials
  12. On the thermodynamical restrictions in isothermal deformations of fractional Burgers model
  13. Optimal Shape and First Integrals for Inverted Compressed Column
  14. Complex fractional Zener model of wave propagation in ℝ
  15. Properties of the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative and its distributional settings
  16. A Method for Prediction of Femoral Component of Hip Prosthesis Durability due to Aseptic Loosening by Using Coffin/Manson Fatigue Model
  17. Fractional Calculus: D’où venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Où allons-nous?
  18. Dynamics of a Fractional Derivative Type of a Viscoelastic Rod With Random Excitation