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  1. On the Numerical Computation of the Mittag–Leffler Function
  2. The failure of certain fractional calculus operators in two physical models
  3. Novel polarization index evaluation formula and fractional-order dynamics in electric motor insulation resistance
  4. Methodology of Electrochemical Capacitor Quality Control with Fractional Order Model
  5. Reducing bias in fractional order impedance estimation for lung function evaluation
  6. On the computation of the multidimensional Mittag-Leffler function
  7. Fractional-order circuit models of the human body impedance for compliance tests against contact currents
  8. Which Derivative?
  9. Fractional Definite Integral
  10. Fractional Calculus Applications in Modeling and Design of Control Systems
  11. A new look at the fractionalization of the logistic equation
  12. Exponentials and Laplace transforms on nonuniform time scales
  13. A multichannel time–frequency and multi-wavelet toolbox for uterine electromyography processing and visualisation
  14. Editorial special issue: “Dynamics and Control of Fractional Order Systems” International Journal of Dynamics and Control
  15. Recursive-operational method to solve fractional linear systems
  16. A recursive-operational approach with applications to linear differential systems
  17. Steady-state response of constant coefficient discrete-time differential systems
  18. Fractional Calculus: D’où venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Où allons-nous?
  19. An operational approach to solve fractional continuous–time linear systems
  20. Fractional derivatives and periodic functions
  21. Comments on “Discretization of fractional order differentiator over Paley–Wiener space”
  22. Integer/fractional decomposition of the impulse response of fractional linear systems
  23. What is a fractional derivative?
  24. An Alternative Method for ARMA(p, q) Model Characterization of Multipath Fading Channels
  25. From a generalised Helmholtz decomposition theorem to fractional Maxwell equations
  26. Discrete-time differential systems
  27. A generalized power series and its application in the inversion of transfer functions
  28. Fractional model of an electrochemical capacitor
  29. Fractional signal processing and applications
  30. On the particular solution of constant coefficient fractional differential equations
  31. Riesz potential versus fractional Laplacian
  32. On the “walking dead” derivatives: Riemann-Liouville and Caputo
  33. A simple approach to the particular solution of constant coefficient ordinary differential equations
  34. Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Coding for Multi-Tb\/s Optical Transport [From the Guest Editors]
  35. On the Recursive Solution to the Normal Equations: Some Other Results [Lecture Notes]
  36. Rhapsody in fractional
  37. A new look into the discrete-time fractional calculus: derivatives and exponentials
  38. A new look into the discrete-time fractional calculus: transform and linear systems
  39. Observability and Controllability of Fractional Linear Dynamical Systems
  40. ARMA Modelling for Sleep Disorders Diagnose
  41. A unified approach to fractional derivatives
  42. Comments on “The fractional Laplace transform”
  43. A real regularised fractional derivative
  45. A Relation Between the Fractional Derivative and the Hilbert Transform
  46. A New Approach to Rational Discrete-Time Approximations to Continuous-Time Fractional-Order Systems
  47. Preface of the "Symposium on fractional calculus and applications"
  48. Short Time Fourier Transform and Automatic Visual Scoring for the Detection of Sleep Spindles
  49. Two-sided discrete fractional derivatives and systems
  50. Complex Grünwald–Letnikov, Liouville, Riemann–Liouville, and Caputo derivatives for analytic functions
  51. Rising sun reticle seeker with matched filter
  52. Sleep spindles: Decomposition, parameterization and applications
  53. Fractional signals and systems
  54. On the fractional signals and systems
  55. A Travel Through the World of Fractional Calculus
  56. ARMA Modelling of Sleep Spindles
  57. Fractional Calculus for Scientists and Engineers
  58. Fractional Linear Shift-Invariant Systems
  59. Generalized Grünwald–Letnikov Fractional Derivative and Its Laplace and Fourier Transforms
  60. Integral Representations
  61. On a Unified Fractional Derivative
  62. The Causal Fractional Derivatives
  63. The Fractional Quantum Derivative and the Fractional Linear Scale Invariant Systems
  64. Two-Sided Fractional Derivatives
  65. Where are We Going To?
  66. On the Fractional Linear Scale Invariant Systems
  67. The fractional quantum derivative and its integral representations
  68. System initial conditions vs derivative initial conditions
  69. A Contribution for the Automatic Sleep Classification Based on the Itakura-Saito Spectral Distance
  70. Fractional Filters: An Optimization Approach
  71. MicroECG: An Integrated Platform for the Cardiac Arrythmia Detection and Characterization
  72. Railscan: A Tool for the Detection and Quantification of Rail Corrugation
  73. Time–frequency analysis methods to quantify the time-varying microstructure of sleep EEG spindles: Possibility for dementia biomarkers?
  74. Comments on “Modeling fractional stochastic systems as non-random fractional dynamics driven Brownian motions”
  75. Generalized GL Fractional Derivative and Its Laplace and Fourier Transform
  76. Fractional Central Differences and Derivatives
  77. On the HHT, its problems, and some solutions
  78. On the relation between the fractional Brownian motion and the fractional derivatives
  79. An introduction to the fractional continuous-time linear systems: the 21st century systems
  80. Identifying a Transfer Function From a Frequency Response
  81. Potential dementia biomarkers based on the time-varying microstructure of sleep EEG spindles
  82. A New Look at the Fractional Brownian Motion Definition
  83. Identifying a Transfer Function From a Frequency Response
  84. New quasi-orthogonal BCH-derived sequences for CDMA applications
  85. Pseudo-fractional ARMA modelling using a double Levinson recursion
  86. Riesz Potentials as Centred Derivatives
  87. A coherent approach to non-integer order derivatives
  88. A new least-squares approach to differintegration modeling
  89. Fractional calculus applications in signals and systems
  90. New PN Even Balanced Sequences for Spread-Spectrum Systems
  91. Which differintegration?
  92. A Fractional Linear System View of the Fractional Brownian Motion
  93. A new symmetric fractional B-spline
  94. Fractional signal processing and applications
  95. On the initial conditions in continuous-time fractional linear systems
  96. Digital-domain self-calibration technique for video-rate pipeline A∕D converters using Gaussian white noise
  97. The comb signal and its Fourier transform
  98. Introduction to fractional linear systems. Part 1: Continuous-time case
  99. Introduction to fractional linear systems. Part 2: Discrete-time case
  100. A new algorithm for the factorization and inversion of recursively generated matrices
  101. ARMA realization from the reflection coefficient sequence
  102. Eigendecomposition versus singular value decomposition in adaptive array signal processing
  103. A three step algorithm for ARMA modeling
  104. Global versus local minimization in least-squares AR spectral estimation
  105. A weighted min-norm method with a recursive implementation
  106. Fractional discrete-time linear systems
  107. Low-voltage low-power CMOS analogue circuits for Gaussian and uniform noise generation
  108. On the Fractional Derivative of Stationary Stochastic Processes