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  1. Inverse problems for the impulsive Sturm–Liouville operator with jump conditions
  2. Application of tan(φ(ξ)/2)-expansion method to burgers and foam drainage equations
  3. Differential Transform Method: A Tool for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations
  4. Analytical solutions of the Gerdjikov–Ivanov equation by using exp(−φ(ξ))-expansion method
  5. Application of $$\frac{G'}{G^2}$$ G ′ ...
  6. Fractional Lie group method of the time-fractional Boussinesq equation
  7. Fractional Subequation Method for Cahn-Hilliard and Klein-Gordon Equations
  8. Application of Lie Symmetry Analysis and Simplest Equation Method for Finding Exact Solutions of Boussinesq Equations
  9. Exact Solutions ofϕ4Equation Using Lie Symmetry Approach along with the Simplest Equation and Exp-Function Methods