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  1. Solving FDEs with Caputo-Fabrizio derivative by operational matrix based on Genocchi polynomials
  2. Stability of a finite volume element method for the time-fractional advection-diffusion equation
  3. Analysis of Riccati Differential Equations within a New Fractional Derivative without Singular Kernel
  4. Reduced differential transform method for partial differential equations within local fractional derivative operators
  5. Numerical Solution of Time-Fractional Klein–Gordon Equation by Using the Decomposition Methods
  6. Numerical solutions of multi-order fractional differential equations by Boubaker polynomials
  7. Reductions and conservation laws for BBM and modified BBM equations
  8. On existence results for solutions of a coupled system of hybrid boundary value problems with hybrid conditions
  9. Existence criterion for the solutions of fractional order p-Laplacian boundary value problems
  10. On comparison between iterative methods, VHPM and ADM
  11. Fractional Lie group method of the time-fractional Boussinesq equation
  12. Local Fractional Laplace Decomposition Method for Solving Linear Partial Differential Equations with Local Fractional Derivative
  13. Results for Mild solution of fractional coupled hybrid boundary value problems
  14. Fractional derivative generalization of Noether’s theorem
  15. On integral equations with Weakly Singular kernel by using Taylor series and Legendre polynomials
  16. A Numerical Approach for Fractional Order Riccati Differential Equation Using B-Spline Operational Matrix
  17. A decomposition method for solving diffusion equations via local fractional time derivative
  18. Partial Fractional Equations and Their Applications
  19. A comparison between the variational iteration method and the successive approximations method
  20. On a numerical solution for fractional differential equation within B-spline operational matrix
  21. Computational method based on Bernstein operational matrices for multi-order fractional differential equations
  22. Local Fractional Adomian Decomposition and Function Decomposition Methods for Laplace Equation within Local Fractional Operators
  23. Numerical Solutions of the Nonlinear Fractional-Order Brusselator System by Bernstein Polynomials
  24. Recent Development in Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications
  25. Analytical and Numerical Approaches for Complicated Nonlinear Equations
  26. Homotopy Perturbation Method to Obtain Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Order
  27. Recent Advances on Methods and Applications of Nonlinear Differential Equations
  28. A mathematical model for simulation of a water table profile between two parallel subsurface drains using fractional derivatives
  29. Numerical solution of fractional differential equations by using fractional B-spline
  30. Homotopy analysis method for solving Abel differential equation of fractional order
  31. A modified variational iteration method for solving fractional Riccati differential equation by Adomian polynomials
  32. Fractional sub-equation method for the fractional generalized reaction Duffing model and nonlinear fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver equation
  33. Exact solutions of two nonlinear partial differential equations by using the first integral method
  34. The Bernstein Operational Matrices for Solving the Fractional Quadratic Riccati Differential Equations with the Riemann-Liouville Derivative
  35. Fractional Subequation Method for Cahn-Hilliard and Klein-Gordon Equations
  36. A Comparison between Adomian’s Polynomials and He’s Polynomials for Nonlinear Functional Equations
  37. Application of Lie Symmetry Analysis and Simplest Equation Method for Finding Exact Solutions of Boussinesq Equations
  38. The variational iteration method for solving n-th order fuzzy differential equations
  39. Exact Travelling Wave Solutions for Isothermal Magnetostatic Atmospheres by Fan Subequation Method
  40. Exact Solutions ofϕ4Equation Using Lie Symmetry Approach along with the Simplest Equation and Exp-Function Methods
  41. Fractional variational iteration method via modified Riemann–Liouville derivative
  42. A new method for calculating general lagrange multiplier in the variational iteration method
  43. The Variational IterationMethod for Finding Exact Solution of Nonlinear Gas Dynamics Equations
  44. Numerical method for the wave and nonlinear diffusion equations with the homotopy perturbation method
  45. Solving a fourth-order fractional diffusion-wave equation in a bounded domain by decomposition method
  46. Solving fractional diffusion and wave equations by modified homotopy perturbation method
  47. Solving a multi-order fractional differential equation using adomian decomposition
  48. Analysis of a system of nonautonomous fractional differential equations involving Caputo derivatives
  49. Solving a system of nonlinear fractional differential equations using Adomian decomposition
  50. Revised Adomian decomposition method for solving systems of ordinary and fractional differential equations
  51. Solving linear and nonlinear fractional diffusion and wave equations by Adomian decomposition
  52. Positive solutions of nonlinear fractional boundary value problems using Adomian decomposition method
  53. Revised Adomian decomposition method for solving a system of nonlinear equations
  54. An iterative method for solving nonlinear functional equations
  55. Adomian decomposition: a tool for solving a system of fractional differential equations