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  1. Some misinterpretations and lack of understanding in differential operators with no singular kernels
  2. Fractional stochastic modeling: New approach to capture more heterogeneity
  3. Solitary wave solution and conservation laws of higher dimensional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation with nonlinear self-adjointness
  4. Error estimates of a semidiscrete finite element method for fractional stochastic diffusion-wave equations
  5. New two step Laplace Adam-Bashforth method for integer a noninteger order partial differential equations
  6. Numerical approximation of Riemann-Liouville definition of fractional derivative: From Riemann-Liouville to Atangana-Baleanu
  7. Analysis of a new model of H1N1 spread: Model obtained via Mittag-Leffler function
  8. More generalized groundwater model with space-time caputo Fabrizio fractional differentiation
  9. A new nonlinear triadic model of predator-prey based on derivative with non-local and non-singular kernel
  10. Modeling the potential energy field caused by mass density distribution with Eton approach
  11. Analysis of time-fractional hunter-saxton equation: a model of neumatic liquid crystal
  12. Modeling the spread of Rubella disease using the concept of with local derivative with fractional parameter
  13. On the modified groundwater flow equation: analytical solution via iteration method
  14. A possible modification of groundwater flow equation using coordinate transformations
  15. Exact solution of the time-fractional groundwater flow equation within a leaky aquifer equation
  16. On the stability of iteration methods for special solution of time-fractional generalized nonlinear ZK-BBM equation