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  1. Generalized heat diffusion equations with variable coefficients and their fractalization from the Black-Scholes equation
  2. Fractal Stochastic Processes on Thin Cantor-Like Sets
  3. Electrical circuits involving fractal time
  4. The Nonlocal Fractal Integral Reverse Minkowski’s and Other Related Inequalities on Fractal Sets
  5. On fractional and fractal Einstein’s field equations
  6. On stability of a class of second alpha-order fractal differential equations
  7. Stochastic differential equations on fractal sets
  8. Fractal Logistic Equation
  9. Random Variables and Stable Distributions on Fractal Cantor Sets
  10. Sumudu transform in fractal calculus
  11. Analogues to Lie Method and Noether’s Theorem in Fractal Calculus
  12. Statistical Mechanics Involving Fractal Temperature
  13. On the Fractal Langevin Equation
  14. Fractal Calculus of Functions on Cantor Tartan Spaces
  15. On artificial neural networks approach with new cost functions
  16. About Kepler’s Third Law on fractal-time spaces
  17. Diffusion on Middle-ξ Cantor Sets
  18. Noteworthy fractal features and transport properties of Cantor tartans
  19. Sub- and super-diffusion on Cantor sets: Beyond the paradox
  20. PSO and NN modeling for photocatalytic removal of pollution in wastewater
  21. Energy Straggling Function by Fα-Calculus
  22. On the Lipschitz condition in the fractal calculus
  23. Using ANNs Approach for Solving Fractional Order Volterra Integro-differential Equations
  24. On the calculus of parameterized fractal curves
  25. Fractal calculus involving gauge function
  26. Diffraction from fractal grating Cantor sets
  27. New Derivatives on the Fractal Subset of Real-Line
  28. Non-local Integrals and Derivatives on Fractal Sets with Applications
  29. Brand Dynamics: A Case Study
  30. Calculus on Fractals
  31. quantum mechanics on fractal time-space
  32. About fuzzy Schrödinger equation
  33. Solving fully fuzzy polynomials using feed-back neural networks
  34. On Bernstein Polynomials Method to the System of Abel Integral Equations
  35. On Fuzzy Fractional Laplace Transformation
  36. Local Fractional Sumudu Transform with Application to IVPs on Cantor Sets
  37. Synchronization in a nonidentical fractional order of a proposed modified system
  38. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics on Fractals Subset of Real-Line
  39. Analytic Solution for a Nonlinear Problem of Magneto-Thermoelasticity
  40. About Maxwell’s equations on fractal subsets of ℝ3
  41. On a new measure on fractals
  42. The Proposed Modified Liu System with Fractional Order
  43. Numerical solution of linear integral equations system using the Bernstein collocation method
  44. On the Fractional Hamilton and Lagrange Mechanics
  45. Structure of magnetic field lines
  46. Comparison of iterative methods by solving nonlinear Sturm-Liouville, Burgers and Navier-Stokes equations
  47. On nonlinear fractional Klein–Gordon equation
  48. The Fractional Virial Theorem
  49. Fractional Odd-Dimensional Mechanics
  50. On electromagnetic field in fractional space
  51. Fractional Newtonian mechanics
  52. On Fractional Dynamics on the Extended Phase Space
  53. Hamiltonian Structure of Fractional First Order Lagrangian
  54. Relativistic scalar fields for non-conservative systems
  55. Newtonian law with memory
  56. Fractional Electromagnetic Equations Using Fractional Forms
  57. The Dual Action of Fractional Multi Time Hamilton Equations
  58. Fractional Mechanics on the Extended Phase Space
  59. Fractional Nambu Mechanics