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  1. Accident prediction model using exposure and geometric design variables
  2. Accident prediction models on Motorways in Portugal considering geometric design features
  3. Student performance in a structural analysis course before and after the COVID-19
  4. Accurate 3D modeling of highway guardrails to estimate the available sight distance
  5. Sag curve design criteria on undivided highways derived from reliability theory
  6. Virtual recreation of the glare exposure for drivers along a highway segment.
  7. Reliability-Based Safety Evaluation of Headlight Sight Distance Applied to Road Sag Curve Standards
  8. Integral calculus for engineering students with practical examples
  9. UAV-based platforms to obtain a cloud point of a highway and its roadisdes, covered by trees
  10. Effect of fixed and swiveling headlights on nighttime sight distance on highways
  11. 3D sight distance evaluation of highway underpasses
  12. Analysis of the sight distance reduction caused by barriers installed to separate driving directions
  13. Methodology to estimate 3D sight distance on highways
  14. Analysis of sight-distance-related accident risk on curves using reliability theory
  15. Modelling a highway and its roadsides in 3D for sight distance studies using a Lidar cloud point
  16. An index for sight-hidden dips assessment
  17. Combined analysis of design consistency and sight distance of higways in a GIS
  18. Sight distance on highways and effects on alignment coordination and traffic safety