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  1. Spatial analysis of road crash frequency using Bayesian models with Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation (INLA)
  2. A Combined Approach to Address Road Traffic Crashes beyond Cities: Hot Zone Identification and Countermeasures in Indonesia
  3. Reliability-Based Safety Evaluation of Headlight Sight Distance Applied to Road Sag Curve Standards
  4. Evaluating Pedestrians’ Safety on Urban Intersections: A Visibility Analysis
  5. Framework for 3D Point Cloud Modelling Aimed at Road Sight Distance Estimations
  6. UAV-based platforms to obtain a cloud point of a highway and its roadisdes, covered by trees
  7. Effect of fixed and swiveling headlights on nighttime sight distance on highways
  8. 3D sight distance evaluation of highway underpasses
  9. A Method to Identify and Classify the Vertical Alignment of Existing Roads
  10. Linear visco-elastic behavior of asphalt pavements: 3D-FE response models
  11. Analysis of sight-distance-related accident risk on curves using reliability theory
  12. Highway Geometric Design Consistency: Speed Models and Local or Global Assessment
  13. Modelling a highway and its roadsides in 3D for sight distance studies using a Lidar cloud point
  14. An index for sight-hidden dips assessment
  15. Databases for Highway Inventories. Proposal for a New Model
  16. GIS Tools for Analyzing Accidents and Road Design: A Review
  17. Finding and characterizing hidden dips in roads
  18. Combined analysis of design consistency and sight distance of higways in a GIS
  19. Terrain Model Resolution Effect on Sight Distance on Roads
  20. A methodology to measure sight-hidden dips’ parameters
  21. GIS-Based System for Sight Distance Analysis of Highways
  22. Using smartphones as a very low-cost tool for road inventories
  23. Development of a local operating speed model for consistency analysis integrating laser, GPS and GIS for measuring vehicles speed
  24. Vehicle speed measurement: Cosine error correction
  25. Operating speed models for two-lane rural highways
  26. Sight distance analysis of highways using GIS tools
  27. Operating Speed and Speed Differential for Highway Design Consistency
  28. Analysis of the temperature influence on flexible pavement deflection
  29. Highway design software as support of a project-based learning course
  30. Automated GIS-Based System for Speed Estimation and Highway Safety Evaluation
  31. Estimation of asphalt concrete fatigue curves – A damage theory approach
  32. Vehicles' operating speed and highway safety analysis using geographic information systems
  33. Damage Based Model for Prediction of Asphalt Concrete Fatigue Curves
  34. Thermal Sensitivity and Fatigue Life of Gap-Graded Asphalt Mixes Incorporating Crumb Rubber from Tire Waste
  35. Geometric modelling of highways using global positioning system (GPS) data and spline approximation
  36. Fatigue and Healing of Asphalt Mixtures: Discriminate Analysis of Fatigue Curves
  37. Structural design of asphalt pavement on concrete bridges