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  1. How Omani entrepreneurship educators conceptualize entrepreneurship
  2. Generative AI and Entrepreneurship Education
  3. Bringing together acquisition and participation approaches in Chinese entrepreneurship education
  4. Using case studies and mixed methods for applied business research
  5. Entrepreneurial interventions and the development of entrepreneurial intentions
  6. Chinese digital business innovation
  7. Entrepreneurship education and the moderating role of inclusion in the entrepreneurial action of disabled students
  8. Behavioural entrepreneurial mindset
  9. Female Entrepreneurship and the Role of Family Support in Oman
  10. Using equity crowdfunding to build a loyal brand community: The case of BrewDog
  11. Supporting Students and Society: Underpinning Entrepreneurship Education with a Humanistic Philosophy
  12. The Application of Concurrent or Sequential Mixed-Methods Research Designs and Their Methodological Implications: Investigating Tacit Knowledge, Its Use, and Application in Automotive Development
  13. The Effect of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Mindset and Entrepreneurial Alertness
  14. Leveraging the fear of missing out in equity crowdfunding
  15. The Use of Tacit Knowledge in Automotive Product Development
  16. Educational Philosophy and Theory Underpinning the Entrepreneurship Educator’s Toolkit
  17. Underpinning Experiential Entrepreneurship Education with Educational Theory
  18. Applying Value Creation Pedagogy to Entrepreneurship Education
  19. The role of creativity in forming entrepreneurial intention
  20. The process of transferring knowledge between Founder and Successor
  21. Constructivist Experiential Entrepreneurship Education in China
  22. Why and how do successful digital Chinese enterprises innovate their business models?
  23. The mediating role of inspiration and educational attributes in Chinese entrepreneurship education
  24. Predicting Entrepreneurial Intention in Different Subject Areas
  25. Dealing With Common Method Variance and Bias in Business and Management Research: The Impact of Basketball Coaches’ Cross-Cultural Communication Competence
  26. How the Father Supports the Son’s Business Knowledge Development in Vietnamese Family Business
  27. Educator Challenges in Adopting Active and Experiential Entrepreneurship Pedagogy in China
  28. Entrepreneurial Roles and Identity in the UK and China
  29. Nigerian Entrepreneurship Education Literature Review
  30. Moderating Effects of Emotions on Cognitive Skills
  31. NCAA basketball coaches and cross cultural communication
  32. Applying Enterprise in Higher National Diploma (HND) Classrooms
  33. Concerns and expectations of students before and during studying abroad
  34. Experiential student enterprise development
  35. A grassroots approach to replicating the benefits of university entrepreneurial centres
  36. Linking entrepreneurship and employability
  37. The role critical thinking plays on learning when using simulations
  38. Belarus, Marxism, and the Lender of Last Resort
  39. The role critical thinking plays on learning when using simulations
  40. Developing the next generation of entrepreneurs
  41. Social entrepreneur personality traits
  42. A more effective way to teach research methods